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  1. Cody was standing by his locker, getting a few books out whilst his friend Alyssa was talking to him. Cody became friend with her after she broke up with her boyfriend. He felt super worried about her, and decided to be her friend, as nice as he was. Not because he only felt sorry for her wanted to be seen as doing something good, he needed some new friends as he was always hanging out with his girlfriend and needed to branch out and meet new people.

    Since he had been friends with Alyssa, he found it hard to juggle his time with being with her, and his girlfriend.
  2. Kennedy was walking to her locker with a friend of hers. Her friend kept talking about something, but she wasn't paying much attention. She was too busy looking at her phone, waiting for Cody to return her text message.
    He's been spending less time with her lately and she wasn't liking it. It was as though he found interest in someone else.
    Kennedy was finally too her locker, which was just around the corner of Cody's.
    After putting her stuff away, she proceeded on with her walk and turned the corner, to see Cody with Alyssa.
    She stopped in her tracks, hoping that whatever she was seeing was no more than needing to copy a homework assignment or something.
  3. Cody smiles as he spoke to Alyssa, laughing and just seeming genuinely happy. So far, they had been pretty close friends, and he was glad to have her as a friend. He had been about to reply to Kennedy's message but he had been so caught up in he and Alyssa's conversation until he saw Kennedy standing there.
  4. Kennedy looked over at Cody and Alyssa. She must have been there for at least thirty seconds before she rolled her eyes and turned away.
    She was heading home without him. It was pretty obvious he'd rather hang out with some other girl, rather than his own girlfriend.
    Alyssa looked between the two and bit her lip. "Um maybe I should leave you two," she suggested, not wanting to get in anybody's way.
  5. Cody briskly says goodbye to Alyssa and then hugs Kennedy from behind, wrapping his arms around her.

    "Hey.... Wait up! I'm so sorry, I forgot to reply to your message, are you free after school? I am if you want to do anything!" He says in a cheerful manner and places a head onto her shoulder, kissing her cheek.
  6. Kennedy stopped walking away once she felt Cody's arms around her. After hearing his apology and was given a small kiss on the cheek, Kennedy smiled softly. "You are forgiven. How about we go for dinner?" she suggested as she turned around to hug him.
  7. Cody nods and then held onto her hand, leading her out of school, kissing her on the cheek. "Sure, anywhere in particular you want to go? What do you want to eat?" He asks.
  8. "Surprise me," Kennedy answered with a smile, glad her boyfriend was paying more attention to her. She walked out the school building with Cody, holding his hand. She wasn't sure exactly where they should go for dinner and only hoped that he would pick a nice place.
Thread Status:
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