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  1. Kadence | 16 | Female

    Kadence sat in the passenger seat of her dad's red Audi A5. They were moving to a new house and new town, wanting to start over. Kadence's mother died in a car accident a couple years ago. Her father has been depressed about it and has just now decided it was time they started fresh.
    It was summer break, so Kadence was still able to finish her the year of her last school and not have to start at a new school in the middle of the year.
    "We're almost there," her father stated while looking on the road.
    Kadence continued looking out the window on her side, looking at the streets she would soon need to become accustomed to.
    Twenty minutes later the two finally made it to their new house. "Home sweet home. Maybe you could make friends with the neighbors," Kadence's father stated.
    "Oh please," she said back, sarcastically.

  2. Mike|17|Male
    Mike was walking down the street when he saw a car turn into the sold house down the street a ways down. He started walking that way hoping to meet them, maybe make some new summer friends. He always liked making new friends, especially when they live two houses down from your house. When he arrived they weren't outside, so he kept walking maybe when he came back they would be.​
  3. Kadence helped her father set down the few boxes they brought with them. Her uncle was driving the moving truck to bring in the furniture and larger boxes. After taking in the box from the car, Kadence's father stopped her from helping to get things out the moving truck.
    "Why don't you go on and get to know the place. Know the neighbors, or go buy something nice." he gave Kadence fifty dollars, knowing it'd take her some time before she had the guts to actually introduce herself to the neighbors. Kadence thanked her dad before walking off.
  4. Mike saw her walking away from the house so he sped up his pace but didn't run, until he somewhat caught up with her. He didnt say anything for a while. Then he said, "Nice weather for a walk, aint it?"
  5. Kadence noticed a guy walk up to her. For some time, he didn't even say a word.
    Once he did, Kadence looked at him and raised an eyebrow. "You can say that." she continued on walking, but wasn't exactly sure where she was heading off to.
  6. "I'm guessing your new." He said with a smile. "Theres a mall up the road and to the left a ways" He said pointing. He was now walking beside her. "Whats your name?"
  7. "You've guessed right," Kadence said back to him before he pointed out where the mall was. She looked to where he was pointing and nodded.
    "My name's Kadence. What's your name?" she asked the boy besides her.
  8. "The names Mike" He shook her hand. "Nice to meet such a beautiful lady." He said being the kind of suck up that he is. " I think I will walk with you. Is that all right?"
  9. Kadence smiled at Mike's compliment as she she shook his hand. "It's nice to meet you too." she said to him. "I don't mind," Kadence allowed Mike to walk with her to the mall.
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