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Not everything I checked will apply.

Heyy! For those of you who don't know me...I suggest you get to know me.
Most people call me Kay, but I don't mind being called anything else, more common would be 'Love' or 'Kay'.

There's nothing to fear, just everyone's favorite demonic ninja, so why don't you stop for a bit and maybe gain a role-play partner.

Now lets get serious. When it comes to how often I post, sometimes it could be pretty quick, other times it could take a day or two for a reply. If you're cool with that, continue reading. If not....that's okay...I'll be okay....I'm totally not crying behind this screen.

I'm trying to try new things, usually I do slice of life more often, and a bit of horror, but I'm giving other things a shot.
And don't worry about writing abilities, I don't mind if it sucks, or if it's really good (unless you ten times better than me)
Now onto these plot ideas!

There's a serial killer on the loose. Everyone knows about this guy.
He doesn't necessarily have a pattern to his kills. Most believe it's just for his entertainment.You hear a lot about this guy on the news. You're warned not to stay out too late. Oh but you just couldn't listen, could you?
You've been kidnapped by the killer himself and soon enough, you'll be put in his little game as well. There's no way you could survive this... but... there's someone else here... they tell you that they have been there for months now. They know everything about this killer by now, due to the killer getting lonely and needing to talk to someone, so why not his best player? But now you both have an opportunity to escape. Can you do it? Or will you both die?Or maybe there will only be one survivor.

Been inspired by the Saw movies, and The Collection.

Something doesn't seem right...The king and queen were visited by an old lady in a cloak that covered her face. After that visit, the king and queen has been getting more and more sick as the days go by. You're called by the King to find this lady and figure out what her deal is. On your journey you find a young lady, no older than her teens, she was a mystery, but if there was one thing you found out, it was that the old lady wasn't working alone.

I want to play as the mysterious girl in this one....
Fantasy has been taken

You have moved into a new house. Starting fresh. You complained and complained about how this was a bad idea, and boy were you right.
Your parents told you to hush up, that you were only saying that because you didn't want to leave behind your friends, and they were right of course, but they should've stayed away.
If only they knew....they had a little demon staying in their basement. One by one, that little demon killed your family and sent them straight to Hell. Will you have the same fate? Will you kill the demon? Or will you...befriend the demon?

I'll gladly play as the demon in that one.

You're starting a new school. You were against it due to being one of the most popular kids in school at the last. Your home life was already shit, but now your school life will be the same.
At least that's what you think. You meet another kid, she seems to be distant from other people. She's the type of person you would usually bully at your last school, but you keep bumping into her and can't help but get to know her. You learn you both are going through problems, and you help each other out to get through those problems.

This will be taken place during civil rights era. You and your brother or sister are both black and white. You get bullied by both races. Blacks hate you because you're white, white Americans hate you because you're colored. Friends die, friends aren't allowed near you, could you and your sibling get through this?

I may or may not add more later.
See you later peeps, come see me if you're interested in being my partner.

All your life you have lived in secret. You have these special powers that not even your parents could explain. You're now a teen and you want answers. Why are you the only one with these powers? Why should you hide them? What are people hiding?
Your parents finally decide to give you at least a bit of information....which is to find someone else who may have answers. On your way to finding this person, you find another one with powers. She warns you not to go where your parents tell you to....but curiosity has gotten the best of you.
Fantasy 2 is taken

You've always been known as outgoing and curious. You're out late at night with a group of friends, hanging out and getting yourself in trouble.
But while you're out there, you see a girl(or guy). S/he fascinates you, and is almost like a mystery. Every night you go back to that same spot in hopes of seeing her again. She knows you're looking, but doesn't show herself until a couple days later....and she's not happy.
I'm cool with MxF MxM FxF. I'm mainly going to be more comfortable playing female in MxF though.
But I want my partner to be happy so don't be afraid to ask for otherwise.
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Guess who's looking once again!!

Fantasy 2 may or may not be still taken...I dunno what's going on there.


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Hello Kay,
I would more than happily start a Roleplay with you. Drop me a message so we can get started.
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