Kawaki Island.

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  1. Welcome to Kawaki Island.

    Welcome again, I know we have already went over my conduct rules, island procedures, Item finding and other things but I'm afraid you may forget so let's go over them again.

    Conduct Rules;
    1. Do Not disrespect anyone in this rp.2. Do ask questions about the rp in the ooc (i don't bite, much)
    3. Items will only be declared found by me or my co-mod(if I get one)
    4. Be fare in fights, not everybody wins
    5. Though it is there I will not force charecters into relationships
    6. There is no internet or working labtops. ( through you could find a broken one now now and then)
    7. Have fun with this.
    8. No finding a food source out of the blue with out telling me
    9. Do leave responding time for finding and fight scenes.
    10. Remember everything you do is being watched

    Island Layout;
    The island isn't gigantic, but it is still big enough to explore around. To make things interesting, new resources will appear and move around. Ruins will open and close up.
    The island itself is surrounded by beach except on side which is the east face of the mountain. Forest boarders the bottom and middle of the mountain and goes a bit further on to a small plains with a river running through it. Things like the river may not change but small things like a berry bush will move around. Things then come to the natives but those won't be around till later so ill explain that later.
    Resources Available (open)
    Resorces vary from different areas but some can be found almost everywhere on the island.

    Fish: great source of food someone might want to be a fisherman.
    Wild Birds: these can include ducks, geese, smaller birds, wild chickens and other small birds.
    Berries: these can include strawberries to blueberries to poison berries to blackberries.
    Small wild animals: rats, mice, rabbits,etc.
    Larger wild animals: deer, wolves, horses, etc. Somehow no bears.

    Charecter Sheet (open)
    things with* need to be filled out.

    Age and birth day*: (just to help you, a person in there twenties would have been born in 2000.)

    Hair color*:
    Hair type*:(straight, curly, etc.)
    Hair style*:(pony tailed, braided, everywhere, etc.)
    Eye color*:
    Skin tone*:(cream, freckled, etc.)
    Clothing they had on when they came*:

    Personality in a paragraph*:
    Job Preference*:

    Crush:( filled out when we start rping)
    Relationships:( filled do it when rp gets going.)

    Fell free to add more if you need it
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