KavaKell says "Kell-o"

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  1. Well, hey there everyone! A hearty, and warm salutations to all of you lovely internet peoples out there. I have chosen the username KavaKell at random, so you may use that, or my lovingly chosen moniker "KzaCrack". You may also call my be my true and ancient name: Squirty McFurHaus.

    I am not necessarily new to the whole RPG thing, but it has been a number of years (roughly four to be relatively accurate), but it should also be noted that my encounter was very brief as my friend shut his site down for a number of reasons. So it may take me a while to acquainted with how this whole thing works. My biggest reason for starting up again is to help get my creative juices flowing, but I also think that this will be a fun experience.

    I'm looking forward to the wonderful times that will be shared! :rum:
  2. KavaKell, welcome to Iwaku!

    Since you're trying to get back into the swing of things, stop by the
    Academy, hopefully it'll help.

    Or you can do some
    Challenges, they'll surely get your creative juices going!

    And if you need anything, just let someone know!

    Enjoy your stay!
  3. Kello, KavaKell, and kwelcome to Iwaku!

    I'm Selenite, pleased to meet you!

    Now, onto some very important initiation ritual.
    So that you can post some awesome posts.


    Have fun with these, and see you around!
  4. *Taps the bottle of rum with her orange juice cup*

    Ay ay! Welcome to Iwaku, Squirty McFurHaus! I am the Goddess of Fire, Iliana. This is the best place to go to fufill all of your role playing needs! More than that, we're a community that does nothing but make sure you're getting the best of the Iwaku experience! Just...remember to give Tetsuri his daily smoothie and all will be fine!

    If you need anything, do not hesitate to ask me. I only burn when angered. :3