Katyusha is dead

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  1. most likely, due to my cars age, Katyusha will be crushed rather than repaired.

    i crashed her around four thirty yesterday, how and why is form all intents and purposes useless.
    i ran up the arse of another car. their car is hopefully fine, it looked fine. Katyusha however had her radiator and most of her forward engine parts smashed in.

    so if I explode, if i crack the shits, this is why.

    I killed Katyusha, her machine spirit will live no more because of me, i cant even pay for repairs if i was able to persuade my dad to have her repaired as i have no job.

    rage and sadness levels rising equally.
  2. Helen

    She reaches up to pinch my cheek and in spite of myself I smile. I wipe away some of the blood from her face gently, grimacing at the color that stained my fingers. I was going to need to double up on those therapy sessions. But on the bright side at least we were still able to go to them.

    "I'm proud of you too Dem. I shouldn't have let you down the first time, when I let the bastard get to me. You are unbelievably strong, and I couldn't be prouder to have a friend like you." She manages a weak hug and I hug her back gently, shifting most of her weight so it's on me. I help her up and I look at the unconscious man. "He may still have some rope on him. We can use that..." I swallow nervously "he's not going to wake up until I tell him." I bite my lip and turn to Demi

    "L-listen. We need to get you patched. O-oh I don't know i-if there is even a healer here..." I set her down for a moment and inspect the unconscious man. With what rope I can find I go and put his hands behind his back. I return to Demi. "L-let's find Penny. T-then we c-can go get you some help."
  3. (I sort of see it)


    She grinned "I get that a lot. You should have seen me back when my hair was brunette."
  4. Katyusha may be dead in body, but her machine spirit will live on!
  5. Sakamoto
    I laughed at her joke then turn to go back inside. Although I then froze as I heard fighting and screaming...and also gun shot?
    "Winnie...did you hear that as well?" I say not believing this I get close to Winnie just in case to protect her. I slowly peeked inside wondering whats going. When I saw blood my faces pails...
    (Is anyone around them?)

    I was about to go inside with them when i also heard the shout
    "What the heck happened in the couple of minutes we were gone." I comment. The guy Sakamoto looks inside
    "Well what do you see?" i asked raising an eyebrow
    "The place...its chaos in there." He says

    He grabs my hand and I smiled back. It then looks like Andre saw something as his eyes widen and his breath caches in his throat
    "You alright?" I asked worried wondering what happened, what he saw. I bite my lips...I thought there was no spirits here?

    "Oh my gosh..so you purposely mess with me. A girl who has the power to poison you... Knowing how annoying it is just to see me blush." I say shaking my head and rolling my eyes.