Katyusha is dead

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Warmaster Death

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most likely, due to my cars age, Katyusha will be crushed rather than repaired.

i crashed her around four thirty yesterday, how and why is form all intents and purposes useless.
i ran up the arse of another car. their car is hopefully fine, it looked fine. Katyusha however had her radiator and most of her forward engine parts smashed in.

so if I explode, if i crack the shits, this is why.

I killed Katyusha, her machine spirit will live no more because of me, i cant even pay for repairs if i was able to persuade my dad to have her repaired as i have no job.

rage and sadness levels rising equally.
Shit, if I were on hand I'd help pull the engine out and we'd do the manly task of shopping for scrap parts.

I'd get my uncle involved and we'd make a day of it, ripping the engine out, fixing what we could, hitting up AutoTrader for a new body, throw together some scrap parts, hit up O'Reilly Autoparts (or whatever the Aussie equivalent is), and do manly things.

But since Katyusha was totalled, the only thing we can do is pay our respects and drink some 10W30 in Katyusha's honor.
well, there is a slim chance that she can be repaired apparantly, and since my old man's a mechanic, its all down to him.

in any case, thanks ryker, it means alot to me.
Katyusha may be dead in body, but her machine spirit will live on!
I will toast Katyusha's machine spirit as it joins with the omnisiah. You have my condolences WMD, its always dab to lose something you love.