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  1. Hey all! As the title says, I'm Kattekerma, but you can just call me Katte! Anyway, as we all know, summer is coming really soon! How exciting! ANd what's better to do in the summer other than roleplay for all hours of the day, right? Haha, yeah! So that's what I'm here to do. I'm going to request for some roleplays!

    I don't have much to say in terms of rules and whatnot. They're mostly normal, but if you've got special rules, you can go ahead and tell me once this is over. Okay, so now I guess it's time for me to list what I'm into roleplaying, right? I think so.

    Alrighy, so I don't only do fandoms. We can make up a really cool plot or something too, but I do have a list of fandoms I'd love to do at the moment, so I'll just list what I've got going on down below.

    As for my preferences with fandoms if it isn't an AU, I usually do doubles (E.G. my OC x Canon and your OC x Canon.)

    World Trigger: ((I'd rather do an AU within this world where there aren't an of the canon characters, however if we do a canon, then it'd have to be an AU too.))
    Kuroko no Basuke
    Fire Emblem: Awakening
    Young Justice
    ((For this I have a really cool idea...))
    A Fusion-Fall-esque crossover.
    JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
    ((I am completely in love with this right now oh lord))


    Character A is a serious person and is the only one to have survived the massacre of Rye village. They are a no-nonsense type and regarded as one of the very best warriors this side of Kaeria. They are looking for something that could change the world's fate that very few people alive now remember called the Rorina spears. This person catches wind of someone who mihgt know exactly what they're looking for but this person happens to be very slippery and hard to catch. Finally, though, Character A manages to find this person in a tavern and sees that it's a smooth-talking, lazy and obnoixously loud self-proclaimed 'Master Theif'. Reluctantly Character A pairs up with this person after they say that they'll only tell what they know if, and only if, Character A enters into Hell's Paradise, a tournament held every five years, as the Character B's partner. However it doesn't stop there, Character B also wants Character A's help in tracking down a mercenary group called "Phantom Night". This RP would follow their adventures as Character A tries to collect the spears and stop a major calamity from happening.

    More to come soon!​
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  2. Hello! Is it alright if we give Fire Emblem: Awakening a try? :3
  3. Hello! I can totally do a FE:A or Pokemon RP with you, as well as a Jojo's RP though probably nothing past Stardust Crusaders, Im still catcing up ^^;;)
  4. C R A V I N G S
    UPDATED 5/18/15
    ******Bleach (AU/Canon)
    Ichigo Kurosaki // Kensei Muguruma
    **Fire Emblem: Awakening (AU/Canon)
    Chrom // Frederick // Lon'qu
    ******Pokemon (Games)
    **Kuroko No Basuke (AU/Canon ???)
    Kagami Taiga
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