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  1. Wren finished unpacking her last box of items and then flopped back onto her bed. "Wow.. Moving sure was hard but I'm glad the unpacking is over" She says and then glances over at her alarm clock that was resting on her bedside table. It had taken her three hours to get everything in ship shape and she hadn't had time to get to know the new neighbourhood. Her family had recently moved to a new environment. Apparently it was time for a change. She was an only child and lived with both her mother and father. She glances out of her small window and noticed it was raining. Oddly, she loved the rain. She took her camera and started to snap pictures of her room and the house. She also loved photography.

    Even though it was raining, Wren decided to take a walk outside and around the neighbourhood. Maybe she'd see a couple of people her age and could get to know them. She was nervous about being the new kid but this was a fresh start and she'd at least try and make some friends. She slipped on some shoes and then headed out of the house before calling to her parents, "I'll be back later" She said and they both nodded. They were busy unpacking too. She pulls the hood up of her jacket and felt the rain pelt down on her but she didn't mind.
  2. Thup .
    Thup .
    Thup .

    Droplets of water had began to meet his window pane with a light 'Thup' , as if someone was throwing pebels at his window to gain his attention . Malachi , sighing , pressed the red 'Off' button to his laptop before turning himself in his father's old office chair .
    "What do you wanna do , Venus ?" , the shaggy brown-haired male asked the Golden Retriever that was lying on his bed .

    Seeing as his canine companion had its eyes close , he presumed she had fallen asleep . Or probably ignoring him . Malachi sighed for the umpteenth time before walking over to his window , pushing it up slowly so that the coolness from the rain could ventilate his surprisingly warm room .
  3. Wren decided to go down to the beach, even though it was raining. Although she liked the rain she couldn't take any pictures as she didn't want her camera to get wet. She got as a birthday present and was very grateful for it and used it very often. She sat on a rock and stared out into the ocean as it rocked back and forth. She felt some rain drop onto her nose and she wiped it off. She stood there, staring until she decided to go and explore the woods. Her family moved into a wooden house, it was small but had a kitchen, two bedrooms, bathroom, front room and even a small office/study. Her room was bare but she was still deciding what colour to paint the walls or maybe she'd keep them as they were.

    She took a look around. Since she had a lot of body heat the cold and gloomy weather wasn't an issue for her. Even though she was warm she wrapped her arms around herself. Wasn't there a home about? Not even one person except her. This was probably a small neighbourhood.
  4. To play or not to play ?

    Malachi had been staring hard at his violin case for about 10 minutes now , trying to reason whether or not to play or not to . His ultimate decision left it at himself being lazy and slightly lethargic . No , I have to maintain my physique , the shaggy-brown haired male told himself before pulling off his white fleece shirt and into a maroon sweater .
    "I'll be back , Venus ." , he said to his canine companion , but obviously it was still sleep , or ignoring him .

    The window he had opened gave him ample space to jump out off and he grabbed at the opportunity . Landing with a 'Thump' , Malachi didn't even bother using his hoody , letting the rain soak through his hair . He turned his direction to the woods , slowly at first before picking up his pace , willing his animal self to emerge .
  5. That was when Wren heard a thump. She looked around and didn't see anyone there until she saw a guy nearby. She slowly made her way toward him but she was at a distance away from here where she stood and looked at his appearance. He looked good looking with shaggy brown hair. She pulled a strand of hair behind her ear. Should she say hi? Or maybe just go back home? She was nervous good at making friends. Guys weren't a main priority for her either. She went with option one and stuck her hand up waving at him.

    "Hey!" She called out.
  6. Just as Malachi was about to transform , a soft-toned voice reach his ears . "Hey!" , a brunette said as she waved towards him . What was she doing here at this hour ? "Hi." , was all he willed himself to say before he took a few steps towards her in the rain .
    "What are you doing here ?" , he asked while raising an eyebrow .

    After hearing his reply come out of his mouth , sounding rude , he raised up both hands before saying quickly , "I didn't mean it wrongly . It's just that no one comes out here . Besides , it's raining ." . He then looked up to see the droplets of rain getting heavier a bit as his clothes got throughly soaked . Not that he minded .
  7. Wren wipes another droplet of rain that landed on her nose. The figure she saw in the distance was a lot more closer now that he walked towards her. He looked a lot clearer too. "Oh, I wanted to take a look around. I'm new here. My mom said the weather was bad. She sure was right" She says and fixed a small, warm smile onto her lips. "Well! I'd better get going, see ya!" She called and then began to walk in the opposite direction.
  8. The shaggy-brown haired male blinked a few times beforw registering the fact that this new 'girl' was to leave . Not wanting to come off as unapproachable or plain mean , he cupped his hands over his mouth before saying , "I'm Malchi , by the way . Welcome to the neighborhood ." .

    Thup .

    The rain was getting heavier now . He had to do something before his clothes were thoroughly soaked , if it wasn't already . He raised his hand , giving a small wave before running due East from where he stood . He was pretty confident that the other female was on her way back home and out of the rain , so he was willing to take the chance . The temperature of his body raised and he could feel his heart rate accelerating with each step he took , willing his animal side to come out yet again .
  9. "It's nice to meet you!" Wren called back after stopping in her tracks, hearing his voice. When the rain got heavier and she was getting even more soaked than she already was she jogged straight back home and got inside. She went up to her room and changed into some clothes, leaving the soaked ones to dry out. She got into bed and then looked up at the ceiling, hearing the rain patter nearby. She probably fell asleep because she didn't wake up until later that night.
  10. The last thing Malachi remembered was him meeting a girl around his age at the entrance of the forest . He now looked a the ground he was lying on . Fur . Oh right , he changed . Considering it was raining , he probably felt a bit ill after getting drenched in the rain , even if he was a wolf .

    He turned his head to find his clothes still wet but his shaggy-brown fur was some what dry . "Better than nothing ." , he thought to himself as he stood up before walking deeper into the forest he was used to .
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