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Welcome to the first SINGLES MIXER here at Katrinka's Dating Service! Our entire first floor has been redesigned and decorated just for these new weekend events. Here in the lobby, you'll find the Front Desk where you can have your profile updated or conduct any business that must be done. The bulletin boards is also posted here in the front! All of our events are tacked to the board and you can view the entire guest list. Want to check our the profiles of other singles? The Website has everything you need to know. We have a few computers in the lobby AND unlimited Wi-Fi service!

Once ready, take yourself through the french doors to view our grand "Ballroom" as we like to call it. Created for a comfortable socializing environment you will find both group and private seating areas with plush and delightful sofas or chairs. We have dining tables as well as a bar area. Guess what? All refreshments are on the house!

We're so glad you could join us. Please mingle, meet, and here's to meeting your future love! <3

[align=right]~Katrinka Carrel[/align]

Katrinka's was open and already there were many people crossing through the threshold of the double doors. The bottom floor of her business now looked like a fabulous hotel lobby. Everything was designed to have a luxurious and romantic feel. A place that invigorated the senses and made people feel like they were somewhere special and experiencing something really unique. People always rolled their eyes when she suggested that all relationships needed a little dramatic setting, but Katrinka knew that people love to be swept away by their environment!

Speaking of Katrinka Carrel, the owner and namesake of the building... She was dressed in a simple fuchsia and black cocktail dress, with rose flowers belted along the waistline. It was simple, classic, and attractive, but didn't draw too much attention to herself. What she wanted was to blend in with the crowd like a ninja. Katrinka was on a mission and she was watching all of the party guests like a momma-lion watching her pride. People's body language, the way they spoke. Every little detail processed away in her head. She knew each one of these people, even if they didn't realize it. Their profiles she memorized. They came here to find love, and by golly, she was going to do her job with the care and expertise as any professional!

So as people mingled and met new faces, Katrinka stepped through the room. Occasionally she would intervene. But for now? The party was just getting started!
Murray's Senior Home, 5:59 PM

"Excuse me, Mr. Taylor? It's time to go to the bathroom, then get to bed." Murray nodded, rising with a veritable symphony of cracks and pops. Even the trained assistant winced. Not that Murray noticed, he was engaged in a story at the time.
"...and sho we told dem'," He leaned towards he, conspiratorially, "You shee, dey shought for shom reashon, dat me n' Bill were gay. We wash jusht little guysh, and it wash a comfort shing. Anyway, we shed 'Oh no, Mr. Ben, shir, we wash jusht going down to the arcade.' Yesh, dey wash jusht gettin' popular back den..." He trailed on, the assistant nodding and giving the occasional 'Uh-huh' as they walked at an abominably slow pace through the lobby of the senior home.

Its a nice place. But it smells like lemons. Kinda like that bathroom at the theater. Yep, we, me n' Bill, we used to go every single Saturday. To the theater, not the bathrooms. Nope, that's these days. Bladder ain't the same... Anyway, We both went to the same school, so we got out the same time. Yep, us n' the other boys, we'd walk home, but we'd do it like Buddy Griffon and his gang, all out in a line. We felt cooler that way. Maybe cause it was like those fighter pilots, eh, what is it....hmm, oh, yeah 'formation' it was. Pretty sure. Yep, cause a couple years back, that movie, 'Pop Gun' or something like that. Which reminds me, back in 65', was it? Yes....

The old man rambled on, what was left of his brain recalling some ancient story before the wheel. He wasn't the worst, in fact, he could be rather lucid sometimes. He remembered so many stories, each time he got going, he'd go through the start of four different stories(And get tracked onto the next one halfway through the first). The attendant pulled him towards the wards.

"Sofia!" She turned, a man dressed in street clothes entering through the swingy glass doors (Like the ones from the grocery store. Yep, dey was real fancy, everyone got all impressed. Started a trend, I'd say, cause Betty's place had some installed some four weeks after! Over the next month, almost all the stores had some kinda swingin' mechanism on theirs...) of the nursery home.

"Brad!" The attendant hissed, "I'm working, get out of here!" He kept coming.
"Sofia, I just wanted to say, I'm sorry..." He began a rehearsed apology. She kept trying to brush him away, but he kept doggedly at it. Soon she began to refute him, got involved in the conflict. The rest of the attendants were with the folks, getting them ready for bed. The desk clerk was on an errand. Murray stood off to the side, rambling to himself.

Yep, dat candy machine, whole supply was gone by the end of the week. Murray stopped, nostalgia temporarily forgotten. Huh, is it trip time again? The doors open. Maybe it had a stand. Betty's store had a stand, which made it better than the Robinson's... Murray wobbled over to the door. The attendant was lost in a furious tirade at the nice young man that had come in. Murray strode(Well, walked hunched-ly) right out the doors, into the setting sunlight.

Where's the bus? Oh, they left a car for me. Maybe it's a special trip. I wonder where? I wanted to go to the theme park, but they wouldn't let me. I tried to tell them to take a right, but they went straight ahead and got lost, so instead they took us to a petting zoo. I can't imagine why. It wasn't as good as old Tyler's mini-zoo. He had a parakeet, and it could say his name n' everything. Me n' Bill would throw it potato chips when the guy wasn't looking... He got into the idling car, left by the young man. It was a manual, just like the old Bentley he had back in 66'...

The old man backed out of the lot without looking over his shoulder, sending men who were unloading a van scrambling out of the way. He put it in drive and coasted out(If turtles coasted)

It must be one of the "Choose Your Own Adventure" trips. That was odd. It was like those old books that Penguin Books would make, the little ones with the funky page numbers. You had to turn to the other page depending on what choice you made. Bill tried to start collecting them, but he had to use his lunch money, and his mother found out cause he was hungry all the time...

Some thirty minutes later...

...right as we was playing marbles. Ms. Gables was pretty mad... Would you look at that. Mercy's hotel! It's still there! Well, I'll be damned. That thing must have been standing for forty years now. To think they thought it'd go under in a week. Well, she sure showed them! She even renovated it. Almost garish, but I like it... He pulled into the parking lot of Katrinka's Dating Service, parking in a handicapped slot.

Some kinda party? Sounds like Mercy... Murray got out of the car and started for Frenchy doors. He wondered what time it was.

Hah! Beer o' Clock, Bill used to say. Right after they got of drinkin' age, was it...
Sean Cullens was not normally a morning person. As he lay in his bed just before dawn, bare chested and clad only in shorts with the covers thrown hastily off to the side, he was deep in thought. Today was not like any other day of his life. Today he would be attending a "singles mixer", a dating service held in a grand ball room and headed by the legendary match maker Katrinka. While most of his thoughts lingered around how exactly a singles mixer was conducted, he also had his mind on the slight chance of meeting a girl -The Girl- who may change his life forever. Among other things, Sean was a hopeless romantic constantly chasing the dream of true love.

The coastal morning sun slipped through the drawn curtains and pried Sean's eyes open with the force of a two man crow-bar. Any other day he would have silently cursed the morning for interrupting his sleep and forcing him off to another day of work at "Higher grounds", the local coffee shop he worked at. Instead he welcomed the sun with nervous anticipation and jumped out of bed.

"First things first", he thought to himself as he cranked the shower on and looked in the mirror. Staring back at him was a handsome young man with shaggy dark brown hair. His eyes, which were often referred to as "dark and intense" had a light brownish hue to them in the morning sun. His early morning stubble gave way to a cut jawline and broad cheek bones. Overall, Sean was happy with his facial features. He shot a quick smile at his reflection and jumped into the hot, steaming shower.

After the shower, and feeling oh so fresh and clean, Sean looked at the clothes he had laid out the night before, nothing to fancy, but just nice enough to draw an appropriate amount on attention. There was a crispy white tee that would be worn under a light blue polo shirt and a pair of faded dark blue denim jeans. He dressed, taking his time to admire himself in the mirror after each article. Once he was satisfied with his appearance he sprayed on a quick shot of CK1 and headed out the door.

~W a l k i n g to the B a l l R o o m~

When he rounded the last corner all his nervous tension was gone. He looked great and smelled even better, It was his time to shine and undoubtedly impress. He walked up to the glass french doors and pushed them open. Inside was a very luxurious, and romantically themed Ball room. Much more impressive than Sean had expected. He noticed the computers lined up with a sign reading "Unlimited WI-FI service", however he was not here to check for new posts on his favorite forum, he was here to meet and mingle. With that thought in mind, Sean stood at the bottom of the staircase and waited, preying that today would be the day he meet the girl of his dreams. He laughed at this thought then added, or at least the girl who I'll wake up next to tomorrow morning.
Sitting at a cluttered desk in a small apartment was Linda Natelli who had a towel wrapped around her body as typed away on her laptop. She had begun to get ready for the day but ended up distracted by the many e-mail notifications popping up on the computer screen. As much as she would have loved to check them all the laptop was quickly abandoned as Linda caught sight of the time, remembering she had a date with destiny. Well, that is what she kept telling herself. If it was not for her friends and their constant hints that she should find someone, she would not have signed up for the dating service. The whole thing seemed like a joke to her but she made a promise to go out and try to mingle.

With a frown slowly forming on her face it took twenty minutes of standing in front of the closet before Linda picked out a short green dress that hugged her figure in all of the right places. No matter what happened today she still wanted to look her best. Maybe there would be someone there who was from fashion industry and would be interested in helping her grow. She could only hope, seeing as how what she currently made barely covered rent. Pursing her lips Linda sat on the edge of the bed and let out a long sigh, trying not to feel nervous.

Linda tapped an index finger against her cheek as she thought about all the things that could go wrong with today. On one hand she could meet the guy of her dreams that would sweep her off her feet. On the other, there could be a creepy stalker lurking in the shadows fawning over her. Not to mention she was not good when it came to the whole "communicating" aspect with other people. It was one thing to communicate with others online; they had no real idea to who she was. But to actually meet someone and start a conversation left her feeling anxious.

It took Linda a few minutes to apply make-up, going for a simple clean look for today as he let her hair fall around her face. Slipping on her heels and throwing random items into her purse Linda did her best to hurry. Turning around to face the empty apartment, aside for her dog that was in the bath tub, she took a deep breath and closed her eyes for a moment. Ok, you can do this! she thought to herself, reopening her eyes with a wide smile and heading out.

After an hour of attempting to find the location Linda was standing outside chewing on her bottom lip. Repeating to herself that it would be all over soon, she pushed the door handle open and stepped in cautiously. She squared her shoulders back and walked through the lobby quickly, trying to ignore the computers that she caught sight of. Computers would only distract her further and draw this day out, something she did not want to do. Once Linda stepped through the front doors she froze, eyes scanning the area in awe of how beautiful the ballroom was. Tucking a strand of hair behind her ear she walked over to the bar.

"A martini, please," she ordered with a nervous smile.

It was 5pm somewhere… she thought to herself.
Recent work had brought him to Washington state, to help put the finishing touches on a University production of A Winter's Tale. The first day on the job had turned out challenging as the role of both sound designer and sound engineer were what they had in mind for him. But to get that paycheck Leonardo, or 'Leon' as he let people call him, managed to rise up to the occasion. At least their sound equipment was not on the verge of death and needing replacement as other Universities did across the nation. Gigs like these were practically his training aside from classes he had taken here or there to keep a studious edge.

But now it was over, allowing Leonardo to catch a brief vacation two years in the making. A nice island city which implicitly meant away from the mainland. Yet another reason for coming other than a vacation was the promise of romance. Katrinka's dating service somehow gave a gut feeling of offering more promise than other services. Not to mention the form lacked the time consuming repulsiveness held by eHarmony.

Leonardo walked out of the local coffee shop called Freedom of Espresso wearing clothes he hoped struck a balance between stylish and casual. Down the street Leto went with black covering most of his body in a decent looking suit, while over that he wore a black double-breasted trench coat. Rainy weather was supposed to be the norm in this part of the country right? On his shoulders a crimson scarf rested casually to try offsetting the lack of color in the rest of his outfit. Also a strap that was connected to a water-proof laptop case was there holding one of his most useful possessions. Not to mention he was clean shaven for tonight. Tonight he did not feel like dressing in a way that, if possible, said he could not afford nice clothes.

Finally arriving at the Mixer, he walked in with confidence about him while looking around to take everything in as quickly as possible. Green eyes surveyed the surroundings until coming to rest on the bulletin boards. Deciding to start there, he walked over and began to read off the various bits of information it held. Most of all he wanted to make sure that no one he worked with was here for the sole reason that dating someone he worked with was not at the top of the list. It had ended. . . awkwardly once before.

After that he went over to the Front Desk, inquiring if he had to sign in or something to that effect. Once all the business there was finished he entered the "Grand Ballroom" through the fancy french doors. Seeing the amount of effort that had actually been put into making this place feel cozy caused Leto to feel even better about choosing to wear the black suit.

Just one moment was spent cracking his neck both ways before walking past a man at the bottom of the staircase toward one of the private seating areas to put down his laptop case. No one needed to carry one of those around the whole night. Leonardo sat down in a cushy chair next to his laptop, letting a relaxed sigh escape his lips while briefly closing his eyes.

Maybe when he opened them again in a few seconds some girl would be standing there?

Yeah right.
Oh dear. How did that lost old man get in here. Did he have a profile? ...oh wait, that was Mr. Taylor! That poor old man, he must of gotten past his nurses again. Katrinka tapped a finger to her chin, trying to consider what to do about him. He must have been the oldest person there, and certainly not of a good mind for her to hook up with anyone. Not unless they were really in to old geezers! The thought brought a grin to her face.

Well, she would take care of him in a few moments. No reason why she couldn't let the guy have a little fun until the Nursing Home came to pick him up.

Katrinka made a beeline for the bar, where Linda was currently ordering up a drink.

"Ms. Natelli! I'm glad you could make it. You're looking fabulous today! Ooh, those shoes are so cute!" Katrinka didn't need to fib when it came to Linda Natelli. The woman was incredibly attractive. Unfortunately, she was also really high maintenance! It was so hard to find a man willing to deal with it!

"You know, I was wondering if you've mean Sean of Leonardo?" It was amazing how fast Katrinka could pick up a name and profile and instantly put them away in her brain. Of course, having a few spies up at the front desk sending her signals helped the process!

"Oooh, there you go." Katrinka took Linda's elbow gentle, pointing a subtle finger towards the staircase. Sean Cullens was standing there eying the room and by chance Leonardo Leto passed by heading towards one of the private seating areas. "Handsome, don't you think? I think you should talk to both of them!"
Drake walked into the loby, he was late but who would notice. His palid skin looked sickly in the bright light as he bade his way along the wall so the corner into one of the more private areas where he sat alone. There was no need to go out just yet while it was early though he felt a pang of loneliness watching everyone. It was familiar feeling and he cursed his low self esteem and wish he could just go and talk to people. but it was never that easy, not for someone so unique and miss understood.
Nicole walked into the hotel lobby, red heels clicking on the tile. The black dress she was in hung softly on her tall frame. She shrugged her red handbag back up on her shoulder and slowly pulled off her sunglasses. This was definitely the place.

She casually strolled up to the doors and pushed one open, surveying the room. She noticed the bar right away and walked up to it, ordering a Red Bull and vodka. Nicole was going to need the alcohol in her system to get her through today.
After work Gary rushed home to shower and change. He through about going in his usual Zepplin T-shirt and ragged jeans but decided against it. He chose a dark button down shirt and slacks, for shoes he'd wear his converse, because he really couldn't stand to wear anything else.

He surveyed the area as he entered, noticed the bar, several couches and many beautiful women all around....only one word ran through his head, Perfect.
At the sound of Katrinka's voice, Linda tighten the hold on her drink as she tried to hide her surprise. Turning to face the woman with a wide smile, she quickly scanned the ballroom before meeting Katrinka's gaze. "Why thank you! A designer gave them to me as a gift for a review on his fashion line." She explained with a chuckle.

With pursed lips she glanced over at the two guys that the other woman pointed on as she took a sip of her drink to calm her nerves. Nothing like a little liquid luck to help push things along!

"Ah yes…yes yes yes," Linda muttered mostly to herself. Flashing a brilliant smile at Katrinka, Linda walked over with her drink in hand to greet the man by the stair case first. With her free hand she tucked a loose strand of hair behind her ear before holding out a hand to the man in front of her, smiling.

"Hello, my name is Linda."
Calm, cool, collected and confident; The four Cs that Sean knew would never fail him. No matter how much his insides twisted and jumped, he would remain steadfast in is mission. He looked to his left and on the wall of the beautifully decorated ball room was a mirror. Sean gave himself one last check, "Hot like fire", Sean thought to himself before turning around as he overheard his name being mentioned. As he fixed his eyes on the location of the voice he noticed that several others had arrived, however there was little time to appraise the other guests as a Girl with dark hair was walking towards him.

"Hello My name is Linda"

Sean could have sworn he had seen her somewhere before. Could it have been at the coffee shop where he worked? Or maybe he'd seen her on the beach? Whatever it was, Sean was lost, so as not to come off as a stalker he simply said, taking her hand as he did so.

"Hi, Linda nice to meet you. My name is Sean." He noticed she had a drink in her hand and located a cocktail waitress with a tray of drinks walking towards them. As she walked by Sean reached over and grabbed a mixed drink that turned out to be a 7 and 7 without the waitress noticing. He took a healthy swallow and instantly felt a calming sensation as the liquor warmed his body.

"So do you live on the beach?" Sean asked still trying to figure out where he recognized her from.
"OH MY GAWDS! THAT IS SUCH A CUTE OUTFIT!" April cried out as she rummaged through her closet, ignoring the ticking clock telling her that she was a little bit more then fashionably late. She giggled and swirled picking pieces of outfits out and then rejecting them with a pout before giggling and grabbing another off the rack. Finally she grabbed a cute backless plum top that hung nicely on her and a black skirt that accentuated her legs nicely. She grabbed a pair of nude peep-toe heels off the shoe rack she had in the back of her closet and strutted all 5 feet 4 inches (5 foot 7 in her heels of course) out into her living room and did a twirl for Mikey, her Chihuahua.

"Do you like it? Isn't it just super delish?" She laughed to the response of Mikey barking. Entering the bathroom April applied her makeup, just a bit of eyeliner, some lipgloss and just a little bit of blush. No sense in overdoing things right? She exited the bathroom and walked over to the little kitchen in her flat and mixed herself a little vodka and cranberry. "Never too early to pregame!" She gave a little fist pump much to her own amusement before drinking the drink in nearly one gulp. She stopped back in her bedroom to take one final check in the mirror. Hair up in a nice way, just like in the picture she had sent in to the dating agency? Check! Cute top? Check! Cute skirt? Check! Cute shoes? Check! Purse? Check! And she was out the door, giving Mikey some kisses first naturally. "Be a good boy while Mommy's gone okay?" She waved as she shut the door, turning and heading right to the elevator.

~At the ballroom~

"Oh my gawds! This place is soooooooo nice!" She giggled, cooing to herself a little. She gave a quick scan of the room, looking for someone to catch her eye, and there he was! The guy that seemed to be roughly her age over by the staircase...talking to another woman! April smiled a little deviously and shrugged it off. "Oh, that won't be a problem, not at all!" She giggled again before making a beeline directly to the bar.

"One vodka and cranberry please!" She fluttered her lashes real nicely. Just because the drinks are free doesn't mean you can't practice flirting for them! She thought to herself, taking a sip of the drink after it was handed to her. She slipped over towards a seating area nearby the staircase to watch and make her move. He's too cute, and probably can get him to be mine... She thought again to herself. April crossed her legs very lady-like and smiled, oh she was going to enjoy tonight very very much.
Sean walked back towards the bar, after a more or less awkward situation with the girls he was talking to. He didn't let it get to him though, nope, no time for that. He was here to find a date/romantic engagement, he was determined, in his eye was a flare that was commonly referred to as the eye of the tiger. Honestly, a minor set back was just what he needed to get back on point. He put his hands, palms down, on the smooth cherry wood bar and looked the bartender straight in the eye.

"Give me a whiskey sour....hold the sour!" The words left his lips and the barkeep's hand shot down below the bar.

"So, just a whiskey then.?" Replied the slightly confused Bartender

"Yup, straight up." Said Sean, taking a moment to inspect his reflection in the mirror behind the bar.

He took down the shot like a champ, no chase. Then he turned around and leaned against one of the brass handrails. Looking out over the crowd, which was actually a bit smaller than he had expected, he saw a girl sitting on the stairs. She was very pretty, but what caught Sean's eye more than her beauty was her shoes. Yes, always the shoes. Sean had no idea what a style like that was called, but they were the heels that had a little hole in the front, revealing the tips of her toe. They we're hot, no doubt about that. He traced his eyes from shoe to leg, from leg to chest, after that the only place left to go was to her face. She was one of those girls that could wear just a little make up and get away it; natural beauty. Without any hesitation Sean approached her with his award winning smile in full effect.

"Hi, my names Sean" He said giving a small wave " I like your shoes." The words were still hanging in front of his mouth when he realized how weird that probably sounded. He turned the slightest shade of pink while he awaited her response.
Sat, nursing her drink, taking a sip every now and again, shooting glances at the guy on the stairs. She turned her gaze away and scanned the ballroom. There weren't many guys that stood out. The only one that she really noticed was a shy looking guy in a private area. But that wasn't any of her concern, her concern had seemingly struck out with the ladies that he had attempted at wooing and had headed back to the bar. Strikes one and two huh? Come over here and I'll help you feel better! She thought to herself as she took another drink of her vodka and cranberry, feeling the warming sensation entering her a little bit more. "Oooh liquid courage, you never let me down!" She giggled as she switched her leg crossing over subtlety as to not give anything away. She took another sip of her drink as she heard a voice next to her.

"Hi, my name is Sean. I like your shoes." He said. It was him!

"You like them? Really? You're so sweet!" She giggled, setting down the drink on the stair and standing up, her whole legnth extended, which was still pretty short. "I really like your polo, very cute." She smiled as she reached up to the collar and felt the fabric. "Oooh, very nice!" She cooed softly and let go. "Oh my gawds, I'm so sorry, I'm April by the way." She extended her hand to Sean and fluttered her eyes, just for a moment. Yep, this one's a hottie for sure! She thought to herself, and April felt a small flutter in her heart, something that hadn't happened for a very long time.
His eyes opened and without much surprise a woman was not suddenly standing there right in front of him. The expression on Leonardo's face hardly flinched to continue maintaining the relaxed appearance which he felt in this solitary little moment. After all not having a woman magically appear didn't really bother him much since his expectations had not been raised at all. For that much fortune to smile upon him all at once? It would have been amusing but it was also probably a bit too fanciful. Everyone had to make their own luck. . . especially when it came to romance. Whether it was through conscious effort or mere chance.

Turning around he watched as Sean just kind of. . . walked away from Linda. Although he wasn't entirely aware of just how long the guy might have waited for a reply either. Since Leonardo didn't have Kal-El's hearing, the fact that Sean seemed to have struck out probably got lost on him. Well, it would have if the guy hadn't started to talk with the newest female arrival at the bar. Now just who was she? By the way she moved in response to Sean, grabbing the collar of his polo briefly and then seeming to introduce herself. . . he got an idea.

Looks like someone's already a little tipsy. . .

Green eyes looked away from those two, glancing over at Linda for a few seconds before turning back in his seat. Leto thought for what might have appeared as a very short time before getting up from that cushy seat in the private area. Walking toward the bar and leaving his laptop case behind, his strides moved with a confident determination that only a woman would be able to stop him from reaching that destination. If he made it all the way to the bar however, what he said next had the potential to gain a 'huh' from those within earshot paying attention. An arm concealed in black rested on the smooth cherry would as he put only half of his weight onto it while leaning. One might wonder if Leonardo was doing this on purpose just to see if anyone would 'bite'.

"Bartender, do you have anything that won't get me drunk?"
With the moment of truth over and the strong drink settling nicely in his stomach, Sean felt totally at ease in this girls company. Something about her cute, slightly goofy, attitude just made him feel good. Not to mention she was beautiful. Sean had waited a long time for this, and he was not about to let it go.

"You like them? Really? You're so sweet!"

Sean just smiled, and slightly nodded his head. "Yea, they're the perfect mix of sexy and classy."

Then she reached over and felt the cooler of his shirt, Sean was not surprised that it sent shivers down his back. He had been alone so long that just that simple touch got him more than a little hot. He tried to think about ice cubes to cool himself down; an old trick he used from time to time. He only hopped his face wasn't turning multiple shades of red.

"Oh my gawds, I'm so sorry, I'm April by the way." She said extending her hand. Sean took her hand in his and gave it a soft shake, her skin felt great on his; soft and cool. This girl was hot, and her "bubbly" personality was a pleasant break from the brain dead bimbos he usually met on the beach. He really wanted to get to know her. Noticing her drink could use a refill, he offered her his arm and said.

"So, would you like another drink. We could go sit at the bar if you want?" Part of him hoped she would take his arm and follow, but the "tiger" inside him KNEW she would. Once at the bar they could get to know each other better.
Nici eyed the man coming up to the bar.
She could spot ethnicity from a mile away. Even if they were trying to hide it. He seemed pretty smooth, and not bad looking.

"Bartender, do you have anything that won't get me drunk?"

Nici smiled as she took another sip of her drink. Younger, eh? She turned to him and smiled.
"Getting drunk is half the fun, sugar," She said, in a sultry tone.
April pretended not to notice the small flush on Sean's cheeks as she had touched his collar. It was cute, endearing almost. She was pleasantly surprised when she felt his shake her hand. It was good, not limp but gentle, which completely obliterated the thought that had popped in the back of her mind based on his shoe comment. He's digging me for sure! April smiled widely at Sean, a genuine smile.

"So would you like another drink? We could go sit at the bar if you like?" Sean asked, offering his arm to her like a true gentleman. A nice refreshing change from the jerks she dated. Why did she always go for the most masculine meat-headed guys around? Sean seemed different, more intellectual if anything.

April flashed another quick smile, turned to pick up her empty glass and purse before she turned back to take his arm. The walk to the bar she would purposely make slow, she enjoyed the feeling of being on his arm, it just felt nice. As they walked she caught a whiff of his cologne.

"Oooh! You smell wonderful, who are you wearing?" She asked, looking to his face, if he'd look back she'd make complete eye contact, after all no boy wants a self-conscious girl right? That and she was dying to know his eye color, it was something guys didn't expect girls to care about, at least that's what she thought.
Things were going great. Sean had made his move, and it had been a complete success. As April took his arm, he made sure to give her hand a little squeeze, added affection was always a good thing. They started walking towards the bar when Sean noticed another couple, well not really a couple, but two more patrons of the dating service. There was a guy, who appeared to be Italian, leaned up against the bar and a girl who looked really classy like she might have been a model of something. Sean was anything but intimidated by the presents of others he shot a quick smile in their direction then found two empty seats about three seats down from where hey were.

He gently pulled his arm free from Aprils, at the same time pulling a chair out for her. "After you." He said trying to be a perfect gentleman. He always did his best to be a perfect gentleman, at least on the first date. Some people called it old fashioned, but it always worked for Sean.

After he sat, seeing as the Bartender was for the moment busy making up other drinks he turned to April and said.

"So tell me about yourself, Do you live around here?" He suspected she probably did, but there was no harm in asking.
April had felt the little squeeze which made her giggle on the inside. She scanned the room as they reached the bar, noticing a couple of other people who could, quite possibly be hitting it off just as well as her and Sean. She waved to the woman, who seemed familiar to her but she couldn't quite place her where she had seen her before but she had certainly seen her. April shrugged the thought and turned her attentions back to Sean, who was pulling out a chair for her.

"After you." Which prompted a slight blush to her cheeks, which either could have been from him or the alcohol, she couldn't be certain. She graciously took her seat, crossing her legs, one knee over the other as is proper in a skirt like that. She set her empty cup on the bar so once the bartender was free he could refill her drink. She turned her attentions once again to Sean, only stealing a glance at the woman that looked familiar. Maybe she had a dog that came through the salon? She shook off the thought again.

"So tell me about yourself, Do you live around here?" Sean asked. It was a valid question.

"Of course! I live in this cute little flat over by the water's edge, with my puppy Mikey." She nodded, reaching across the gap between them and gently brushing her hand against his knee flirtatiously. "What about you? Do you live around here as well?" She batted her eyes a couple of times, making sure to keep eye contact.