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"Hello there! I am Katrinka Carrel, owner of Katrinka's Dating Service. Has your romantic life dried up? Are you missing the joy of another's company? Would you like an opportunity to find true love? Never fear, for the Angel of Love is on our side!

We are currently opening our doors to do special Singles Mixers! Every weekend come and get to know other people that are also seeking more opportunities to find love. Signup is for a low fee and all drinks and snacks are free.

To reserve your presence at the next mixer, please fill out our form and drop it off at the front desk. You'll see out Attending List on the bulletin board and on our website.

It's our pleasure to help you find the man or woman of your dreams!"


Age: (You must be AT LEAST 18 to Sign up!)
I'm Looking For: (Males, Females or Both!)
Returning Member: (Have you used Katrinka's Services before?)
My Picture: (A picture OR a physical description.)
I Describe Myself As: (Your personality from your point of view!)
Others See Me As: (Your personality from OTHER people's point of view!)
My Interests Are: (Things you enjoy doing!)
A Bit About My Life: (A little background history about you!)
PLAYER NOTES: (This would be anything important about your character that they would not want to list on their "application". This could be a formal character bio if you wish or just any brief notes. :D)[/noparse]


Genre: Present Date Modern Social Romance!
Location: Elswen, Washington (A small island city off the coast of the state.)
Rating: M (Graphic Smuttiness!)
Joining: Currently only taking new STRAIGHT MALE or BI/GAY FEMALE characters!
Atmosphere/Mood: A take it serious roleplay with potential to be as dramatic or as comedic as players care to make it. No LOLSORANDOM please!

YOU are someone looking for someone. Most people are here looking for love. Some are looking for a hot piece of ass. Others might even have unexpected motives. Your reasons for attending the Singles Mixer are entirely up to you. Players can get as creative with their characters as they like BUT keep setting in mind. There is NO supernatural or magic in this roleplay. It is "modern technology" so no crazy tech stuff either. As long as it is possible in the present day, you can do it for your character. If I dun like it, I'll just let you know. As soon as I say your bio is cool, you can go and post! The plot is entirely dependent on YOU, so make sure you have an interesting character and an idea of what you want to do/accomplish with it.

Anything might happen, so lets have some fun... >:3


The Grand Opening of the remodeled Dating Service did not go well. There was a murder the first night, rape the second night, and more murders since. The Owner of the service is being stalked, while every client is a suspect and potential victim. Even though the service itself was doing a brilliant job of bringing lovers together, after another client was harmed, Katrinka shut down the service.

It's been a month. Katrinka has decided to reopen the service, starting with a new mixer. The party is a decadent Hollywood style mixer. A very expensive tribute to her loyal clients!

But the serial killer is still out there. There were three other murders all connected to the Dating Service, and yet the police aren't sure they were done by the same killer. He could still strike again at any moment. Can those brought together by the Service live through the trauma?


The owner of the Dating Service. Ms. Carrel is a workaholic that cares a lot about her business and clients. She makes the effort to be actively involved in everyone's life. Katrinka had the misfortune of being in the wrong place at the wrong place and was raped by the serial killer! He now sends her messages about the people he is going to kill.

Working at the Dating Service, she is Katrinka's second in command. Deborah is protective of her boss, not keen on romance, and is being vexxed by her friend Malcom and his dramatic life!

Fresh in to college, Paris volunteered to work at the Dating Service because it's a place her crazy grandfather likes to end up when he escapes from his nursing home. She is unaware that she's the object of affection for the serial killer.

A twisted young man that has a BIG secret. He joined the service "at urging of his friends" but in reality was scoping out people to murder. His behavior has gotten increasingly worse ever since he became infatuated with Paris. He is very good at hiding himself and his intentions. No one outside of April suspects him.

A rambunctious party girl who joined the Service looking for some hot booty! Having met Sean, they are currently dating. She's meddlesome , fancies herself a little detective and is deadset on trying to catch the serial killer herself. April is the only one that has been suspicious of Drake from the start.

Having joined the Service just to meet some temporary booty, he has accidentally fallen in love with the vivacious April!

Only needing a place to stay, he was going to temporarily crash at Deborah's until he had his life worked out. Malcom never expected to roll in to a whirlwind romance with Adare.

A client of the Service who inadvertantly met and fell for Malcom when they met by chance at the Service. He ended up being a target for attack and one of the few that lived!

April's older brother, all he really wants to do is keep an eye on his younger sister. By chance, he has gotten involved with Vincent, one of the Service's clients.

Once of the Service's clients, he met and got involved with Jonathon during the Park event!

A zookeeper that has recently joined the service, hoping to meet a nice woman. He has an interest in Paris and is Avani's friend.

A beautiful newspaper intern looking to meet some nice women through the service.

A mystery novel writer who is looking for inspiration for her next novel as well as a companion!

A fashion model that is Malcon's exgirlfriend. She's obsessed with trying to get him back!

Former Japanese model looking to meet men!

Brandon Bathis: Dated Katrinka and it didn't work out. Has left town.
Murray Taylor: Paris' Grandfather. (NPC)
Gary Khaine: DEAD! Murdered by serial killer!
Nicole Holland: DEAD! Murdered by serial killer!
Jake Murray: DEAD! Murderer unknown!
Linda Natelli: DEAD! Murderer unknown!
Leonardo Leto: DEAD! Murderer unknown!
Kenneth Lim: - 23 Male Poker Player
Name: Murray Taylor

Gender: Male

Age: We forget, estimates as high as 75, and as low as 62.

Job: Pimp Retired Janitor

I'm Looking For: Some lovely bitches Women

Returning Member: That's a negative, rubber ducky.

My Picture:

I Describe Myself As: Eh? What's that? Shpeak up, I can't hear you. Uh? Oh, pershonality? Ehhhh. Well, I'll summarishe it for you wish jusht a couple wordsh. You shee, back in Nineteen forty-shree, I wash at a car wash. Yesh, we shtill had thoshe back then...(Murray begins to ramble: He's a happy-go-lucky guy, quite witty. As a not pretty fellow he had to develop a interesting personality. He read a lot of books on the subject, so he has 40- year old women's views on dating, which are contradictory. As a result, he'll be very mixed up in his approach. He can get lost in what he's doing too, and fall asleep into deep reflection.

Others See Me As:
Neighbor 1: What do you think about that new dodger, eh.. what was it, Murry? Murray?
Belinda: Oh, heem?(*Head shake* In a African-American woman only way) He's batty, milky in the head, ya know what I'm sayin'?
Neighbor 1: I guess so. *head scratch* He seems kind-spirited.
Belinda: Oh, dat don't stop him frum bein' crazy, ya know what I'm sayin?
Neighbor 1: Sure, I get you.

My Interests Are: Eh, I like to go golfin' once in a while. Me n' Bill, back in the day, we yooshed to go out on the wide greensh, n' dig our own puts. Doesh were deh daysh. You shee, they wouldn't let ush into the ordinary onesh caush we were sho young, n' sho we would...(Murray enjoys golfing, driving at abominable s(h)peeds. He also likes metal jazz music, and to lay back wi(sh)th a good book as well. Napping is pretty high on his list)

A Bit About My Life: Eh? My life? Well, I guess I could tell you a shtory that would shum it up pretty good. Maybe, Nineteen Fishty-shix...(He was born in Orange County, some long time ago. He frolicked in the greens, rode his Schwinn, was a good little boy. He used a lot of gel, and had that eager puppy love approach, which worked, back then. He got a job as a janitor and said "gee" and "golly" a bit too much. His teeth fell out around 15 years back. (Yep, dey shure did. I wash jusht watchin' shome telly, and I felt a short of looshness....)

PLAYER NOTES: Cirque De Soleil is catnip for Murray.


Name: Jake Murray

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Job: Student

I'm Looking For: The babes.

Returning Member: No

My Picture: Super wavy, long, long hair(, dude.), Megadeth t-shirt(under Hawaiian t-shirt), Bermuda shorts.


I Describe Myself As: Well dude, you can see I'm not a ladies man. I mean I try man, I try, but I guess the ladies don't go for 80's rockers anymore. I can't betray Mustaine, dude, I just can't. Do you think if I wore a tuxedo, I could ever face another rocker again? No way, man..

Others See Me As:
Drama Queen 1: Jake? Hah! I have never seen a buffoon of the like before!
DQ 2: I know, like, seriously? I can't believe him! He follows us around like...like..uh.. some sort of creep!
DQ 3: Yeah! A creep!
Drama Queen 1: I am quite agreed with you both. It is most disconcerting the way in which he tails us.
DQ 2: *is texting, therefore unavailable for further comment*
DQ 3: *currently waiting for someone to say something so she can agree*

My Interests Are: Oh man, Metal, dude. I can't even say. 80's my favorite, back when music was real. Well, I like a book, and some shooters. I guess I'm a semi-nerd, too. Some Warhammer here, a bit of DnD....yeah.

A Bit About My Life: Well, I was born here in rockin' California, right at the end of the Golden Age of Metal. My dad showed me the light when I was 10, with some jammin' glory, dude. Never had success with the ladies, yeah. You could say I was a bit of a stalker, but I just, you know, couldn't approach 'em, dude. Just lacked the guts. Still do, dude....yeah.

PLAYER NOTES: Plays Guitar like a maniac. Ever since I was seven, dude. *Hand of Rock*
Name: Sean Cullens

Gender: Male

Age: 20

Job: Barista in a local coffee shop.

I'm Looking For: Females

Returning Member: No. One day while working he saw a flyer on the door of "Higher Grounds" that advertised the dating service.

My Picture:

I Describe Myself As: Fun and outgoing, but at the same time a little shy in new situations. Once he meets and feels comfortable around people he can be a very funny guy. Is respectful of peoples feelings and always is there for a friend in need. Sean has a great sense of humor that sometimes gets mistook for cocky arrogance.

Others See Me As: Shy, honest, caring, sarcastic, funny, When people first meet Sean he comes off as slightly withdrawn, but opens up after he feels comfortable.

My Interests Are: Music, Cars, Girls, Nature and eating exotic foods.

A Bit About My Life: Sean was born on the beach, well not "on' the beach, but in a small house two blocks away from the coast line. His father was a fisherman, who shortly after Sean's birth, vanished at sea. Since he never really knew his dad, he never really missed him. He was raised by a loving mother and grandmother and his childhood was more or less happy. After high school Sean got a job at the local Coffee shop "Higher Grounds" where he works at present time. He enjoys his job very much because of the opportunity it gives him to meet new people.

PLAYER NOTES: Sean has never been in a relationship. He did, however, have a few awkward hook-ups at parties while he attended high school.

Sean is picky when it comes to girls, he is always looking for that perfect combination of brains and beauty.

He believes in true love and finding that one special person.

While working as a barista, he lost contact with his old friends as most of them went off to college.
Name: Gary Michael Khaine



Construction Worker

I'm Looking For:

Returning Member:
Negative Ghostrider

My Picture:
Tall, Wiry, blond hair, hazel eyes, Dress code is Metal

I Describe Myself As:
Fun, somewhat outgoing, somewhat shy. very charismatic once I'm out of my shell.

Others See Me As:
A goof, somewhat domineering, but always Lively

My Interests Are:
Metal, Partying, hanging out.

A Bit About My Life:
I moved around a lot when i was younger, dad and mom split up when I was 6, hated school, tried to quit in 8th grade, mom wasn't happy about that, went back graduated (somehow) and been working as a framer since then.

is generally attracted to smaller statured females
gary has never been in a serious, long term relationship and finds the idea somewhat terrifying, the bass is as natural as breathing is to a normal human being, he is also a fucking genius.
Name: Nicole Holland (Nici Rouge is her stage name)
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Job: Model
I'm Looking For: Males
Returning Member: No
My Picture:

I Describe Myself As: A fun-loving girl. I suppose that's a good way to put it. I try to live each day as it comes, and try not to worry about anything. My life has always been pretty hectic.
Others See Me As: Fun, Sexy, Feisty, Independent.
My Interests Are: Modeling, Kayaking, watching B-movies, Downloading useless iPhone apps, Watching bad VH1 reality shows
A Bit About My Life: I'm a model, so I get a lot of people that recognize me. I tend to live a very fast-paced life. I like to be doing something all the time.
-Hates to be reconized for her side career as a Fetish Model
-Tends to mold to whatever her interest wants her to be
-Very spacey sometimes.
Name: Linda Natelli

Gender: Last time I checked this morning, I had a vagina.

Age: 25

Job: Fashion Blogger....its a real job!

I'm Looking For: Males, please!

Returning Member: I can't believe I'm doing this! That would be a no.

My Picture:

I Describe Myself As: Amazing. No, seriously! Once you get to know me, you'll realize just how wonderful I am. Before you run off thinking "she's an egotistical psycho bitch", take a minute to get to know me! I mean, I understand that I might scare you by coming off so strong, but there is no need to hide from me. I can be fun, and uh...cuddly? Yeah, cuddly. Like one of those sweet stuff teddy bears. You know, the one you buy for Valentines day and is so cheap that the moment someone hugs it, it's eyes pop out and the threading is...ah, I'm just going to stop there. I'm rambling, aren't I?! Gosh! So very sorry about that!

Others See Me As: A bundle of joy. One of my best friends said I was like a cracker jack box once. Like hell if I know what she was talking about...

My Interests Are: Oh, this is difficult! Let's see...Blogging for sure. I have a wonderful bunch of little fans that depend on my advice concerning the latest trends in fashion. I enjoy food tasting, exotic wine, rock climbing, talking! I love talking. It's always good to talk, vent, get things out there! I have a beautiful voice that people love to listen to.

A Bit About My Life: I was raised in Los Angeles by my mother. I almost died at the age of 8 when I decided to take a swim in the neighbors pool, even though I had no idea how to swim. Life was - ...Oh I just hate writing these things out! The only real important thing I feel like mentioning is that I have a toy poodle dog named Titi. She is a precious doll and if you do not like dogs, then please, walk on out that door!

PLAYER NOTES: Linda is crazy. She goes through relationships quickly and no guy can seem to put up with her for too long.

Name: Katrinka Carrel
Gender: Female
Age: 30
Job: Dating Consultant
I'm Looking For: A man. A -real- man. One that's not going tell me stories, ignore me on my birthday or sleep with my room mate. I'd like him to be tall, good looking, health conscience, but not one of those crazy vegetarians. He needs a good job, like a doctor or lawyer, or maybe international spy so I feel like I'm in an action movie. Not married or with kids, and loves animals. Preferably dogs. A man that wears boxers.
Returning Member: Why, yes!
My Picture:
I Describe Myself As: I am a fun and intelligent woman that can keep you on your toes! I haven't had a lot of dating myself lately, being so busy with work, but it's not like I'm desperate for anything. IO really love to go OUT and do things. I don't care for a boring life, so we really should be getting together and going places.
Others See Me As: A great friend, responsible and well put together. Everyone says they just couldn't get along without me!
My Interests Are: Reading great books, watching scary movies, and yoga!
A Bit About My Life: Well, I spend most of my time at work. Okay, ALL of my time at work. Helping everyone meet their one true love! Seeing everyone so happy, it really makes me feel good. I mean, at least SOME people out there are able to find somebody, right? I'm kinda pushing it on the age here, I seriously need to meet a man soon!

PLAYER NOTES: Katrinka did type up her own singles ad, but never posted it cause it made her look like a desperate psycho. :/ She'll just stick to match making.


Character Name: Katrinka Carrel
Gender: Female
Species/Race: Human
Age: 30
Birthplace: Olympia, Washington
Occupation: Owner of a Dating Service


General Appearance: Shoulder length dark brown hair, hazel eyes, 4'10". Fair skin and a very small frame. Katrinka looks more 22 than 30 thanks to being obsessive about her health and some well done makeup.
Strengths: Being LOUD.
Weaknesses: Being too short to reach things.


Current Goal/Purpose: Bring LOVE to the lonely masses!
Talents: Reading People.
Inabilities: Minding her own business.
Fears: Sharks, jelly fish, crabs...er... Most ocean life. Katrinka can't swim and thus hates most bodies of deep water.
General Personality: A bubbly socialite! Katrinka likes to see and be seen. She is constantly interacting with people, getting to know new people, reconnecting with friends, chatting, gossiping, networking. She is "on" ALL the time. Close friends thinks she meddles too much in other people's business and not enough on her own life. On the bright side, most people get along with her and she hides her temper VERY well.
Inner Personality: Busybody much? Katrinka has no desire to look at the failings of her own life, so it's easier to focus on everyone else's. She clearly doesn't take her own advice. Most of her issues stem from a past relationship that she just can't get over.
Secret: Katrinka filled out her own dating profile once, but she's never posted it in the service. She'll kill someone if anyone finds it. (She also keyed someone's car once, but like hell she's going to admit who or when or why.)


General History: An only child with a pretty average life growing up. Katrinka went through all of the typical things in her childhood and teen years. Divorced parents, teenage dramas, college failings, and major heartbreak! Her college career didn't go over too well, but her advice for friends? Golden. After someone's crackpot suggestion of her starting a dating service, Katrinka considered the idea seriously. It took a lot of work, but now Katrinka's Dating Service is a GREAT business. She's helped many couples find their love and her life is right on track!
Name: Drake Herman McCrey
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Job: Lives with mother.
I'm Looking For: Both
Returning Member: no
My Picture:

I Describe Myself As: I wish they would leave me alone, no one can understand me or the way I feel. No one is like me but I wish there was.
Others See Me As: Withdrawn, quiet, drooding. (Funking EMO asshole)
My Interests Are: Collecting dead fish, listening to death metal, you know the usual/
A Bit About My Life: Has been arrested for stalking, though this has been mostly forgotten.
PLAYER NOTES: This is not the application, a "friend" wrote that.

Bitches and their knowledge of hitting the right buttons all the time.

No wait, there's 5 guys and 3 girls, screw you guys.

Name: Marcos Beltran

Gender: Male

Age: 29

Job:Spanish teacher.

I'm Looking For: Females.

Returning Member: Yes, came in once, biology teacher needed a wingman, I was bored enough, and he's a good friend.

My Picture:


I Describe Myself As: Funny, smart, active. Can I get a million dates now? Oh wait, I'm a teacher, I'm so screwed.

Others See Me As: A good listener, friendly, hilarious, and the guy who gets hit on by the students, don't worry, it was just a quickie. Wait that's now what I wanted to say.

My Interests Are:
Learning languages, checking funny crap on youtube, reading, playing rugby and listening to The Rolling Stones.

A Bit About My Life: My folks are from Spain, but we moved to Argentina when I was around 5, stayed there for some time, listened to lots of music because we travelled a lot, I got good at english with that, I suppose. Some or other time later, I got a job in the States with a friend of mine as a Spanish teacher, and so here I've been toiling away telling teenagers how to speak a language they'll never use or understand for the past 8 years.
Fearing a Spainard? Pfft. . . I'M ITALIAN!!

Name: Leonardo Leto
Gender: Male. Just ask your girlfriend, SHE'LL TELL YOU.
Age: 20
Job: Sound Designer.
I'm Looking For: Females
Returning Member: No. But once sent in a copy of The Ring to a video dating service.

My Picture: Tanned skin. Natural black hair. Jade green eyes. Decent shape, somewhat handsome but not exactly to the degree that requires an Edward Cullen amount of details. Doesn't sparkle either. Maybe a real picture will show up later.

I Describe Myself As: Quiet and withdrawn to strangers. Hidden sense of humor, starting with corny jokes or dark humor depending on who's around. Serious when life calls for it. Enjoys cheering people he likes up. Willing to actually help people out and not just stand around like it's not his problem.

Others See Me As: Probably as quiet and boring. But they're WRONG. Adventure is only an impulse away~

My Interests Are: Telling jokes. Reading stories. A girl who is both interesting and funny. Not afraid to date a girl taller or shorter than him.

A Bit About My Life: Born in the USA from Italian parents who came directly from Italy. Knows English more than Italian though. Parents both still alive back home. The whole family is hilarious & supportive. Made it out of all standard schooling and now just trying to find a place in the world.

PLAYER NOTES: At a stage where he's moving around a lot, Leonardo isn't exactly looking for someone who wants to settle down. . . but neither is he doing this just to chase tail.
Name: April Harvard

Gender: Bitch Female

Age: 21 (3 in dog years)

Job: Canine Stylist

I'm Looking For: Men

Returning Member: No

My Picture: View attachment 925

I Describe Myself As: I am a fun loving girl! I'm always nice to everyone until they're mean then I just totally ignore them. I can be kind of forgetful and clumsy sometimes too but if people can see past that they can tell I have a great personality and am really caring and loving. I have a big heart and I hope someone will be able to see that!

Others See Me As:
Co-worker #1: Oh April? I heard she makes out with her dog…
Co-worker #2: I heard that too! Oh my gawd, do you think it's true?
Co-worker #1: Yeah totally, she's nuts about her dog, maybe she shouldn't work here, like there's, like a lot of dogs…
Co-worker #2: Yeah but she always buys us drinks…we should, like, be nice to her!
Co-worker #1: Yeah, she's cool I guess. Totally needs a man though, she'd be great for that dating service thing!

My Interests Are: I love having girl's night margaritas and going dancing at the clubs! I also love spending time with my dog, he's a Chihuahua and his name is Mikey and he's the most adorable thing ever! I also like watching romantic comedies and shopping for cute outfits and helping my girlfriends pick out underwear for their boyfriends! I love listening to music too! I love that Ke$ha girl, she's soooooo singing about my life!

A Bit About My Life: So, I moved to Washington from So-Cal! Sometimes I miss the beach and all those hot guys walking around. I grew up with my mother and my step-dad in total California rich bliss, it was like I was on 90210 or Clueless or something it was awesome. I know I've been rich for a long time but like, getting a job and having to move to Washington has really like, grounded me and stuff! But I love it here, now I just need someone to share it with me and of course Mikey!

PLAYER NOTES: Always the party girl get her a few drinks and she tends to drift into bisexuality. She loves her dog and isn't as vapid as she…no she's pretty vapid. She means well, so just have to give her a chance to show her intelligence (even if it isn't the greatest mind)
ALRIGHT! Diana requested rape.


Name: Hans Bells
Gender: Male
Age: 45
Job: ....Private Security.
I'm Looking For: Females
Returning Member: No
My Picture:

I Describe Myself As: *Alexander clutches a fat cigar between two plump ringed digits, stares off into distance...* Ton-ee got me started, in ze pri-vat zecurity beez-neez. It haz made me a quite prozperouz man. I vould dez-cribe myself as a sopheestocated mahn. I eenjoy fien whiiiii-nez, *He waves the cigar for emphasis* parties. My friendz say I look quite good in a tuxeedo. I vas raized in a clozed German family. In zee Bronx, you zee...
Others See Me As: Zey do not so much zee az, zey feel, zee bat, ahem*Hans coughs vehemently here* I mean, my perzonality. It iz....quite vibrant.
My Interests Are: Blanket partiez Pretty women.
A Bit About My Life: Like I zaid, I vas raised in ze Bronx, in a closed German family. I did not leev the houze very much. I vas quite unpopular, mostly because I would *Hans pauses, thinking hard* azk zee boyz for their money. Perhaps zey just did nawt like...beggars....
PLAYER NOTES: Hans is a thug.

He likes rape for dinner.

Name: Brandon Bathis
Gender: Male
Age: 31
Job: Freelance Spy currently working with the CIA
I'm Looking For: A woman.
Returning Member: No.
I Describe Myself As: A man with goals, and principles. A knightly kind of man who values self respect, honor, and self esteem from myself, and from others. I'm often the one you'll be calling late at with your life changing crisis, and I'll often be the one trying his best to give solid advice. I tend not to pry unless I find something or someone very interesting.
Others See Me As: A hard worker, philosophical, deep, caring, and generally positive.
My Interests Are: Jogging, playing with my dog, bird, and the neighborhood kids, writing, and watching movies.
A Bit About My Life: I work for various organizations as a profiler, security adviser. I'm not a workaholic, but I do tend to take long business trips at various times of the year depending on the work loads. I grew up in Houston, Texas, and I'm proud of my roots. My parents live out in Louisiana, and have retired from their careers as teachers. I have one sister who passed away from a car accident during highschool, and I've developed an overprotective personality when it comes to automobile safety.


Character Name: Brandon Bathis
Gender: Male
Species/Race: Human
Age: 31
Birthplace: Houston, Texas
Occupation: Freelance Spy, though this is unknown


General Appearance: Shoulder length dark blond hair, sky blue eyes, 5'10". Tan skin with a very toned medium build.
Strengths: Attention to detail, photographic memory, hand to hand combat, firearm training, and general espionage tactics.
Weaknesses: Analytical thinking..


Current Goal/Purpose: Finding a lady whom I can settle down with, and enjoying the family life.
Talents: Reading People, CQC, firearm training, good balance, quick thinking, and being a good dancer.
Inabilities: Ignoring his curiosity..
Fears: Drowning, botching a job, and not being able to balance work, and a social life.
A second character to add a little more FEMALE to the mix! XD

Name: Paris Taylor
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Job: College Student
I'm Looking For: I'm not looking to meet men, I'm trying to find my granddad!
Returning Member: Hell no!
My Picture:
I Describe Myself As: A down to earth, fun and friendly person. Maybe a little sarcastic sometimes, and I guess I'm not all that comfortable with lots of people, but... wait a second, I'm not filling this stupid thing out!
Others See Me As: As a stranger! Because I don't like chit chatting. Can I please get in now?
My Interests Are: Sigh. Studying, listening to music, and tv shows about aliens.
A Bit About My Life: I am HERE looking for my GRANDFATHER who has escaped from the nursing home again. Let me in!
PLAYER NOTES: Paris is not signed up for the dating service, and is clearly looking for her slightly batty grandfather. Mister Murray Taylor. :D
Name: Deborah Raleigh

Gender: Female

Age: 26

Job: Bounty hunter/one of the girls at Katrinka's/part time college student!

I'm Looking For: None of the above ... Okay, males. Really I don't see why I'm filling something like this out ...

Returning Member: Uh ... no. *suspicious look*

My Picture: Damnit, do I have to ...?! Fine, fine. Five foot five. Approximately 125 lbs. Slight tan to the skin. Dark brown hair and jet black eyes. My dad says I inherited my mother's "full set of lips" which creeped me out a bit but he means well. It just comes out the wrong way. Slim and fit. I could run circles around most jerks. I'll try and find a picture around here ...

I Describe Myself As: So I'm not your average girl and I suppose some guys would think I'm high maintenance but life is too short to care what they think. I've got a busy schedule and I like to keep up with things. I like to get the job done efficiently and on the first try so I might spend a little more time than people would want me to. I'm not a bad girl when you get to know me but I guess I have a few ... insecurity issues about the opposite sex I have to work out. And don't you dare tell me it's because I haven't met the "right guy" and the "right guy" happens to be you!

Others See Me As: A tomboy. A workaholic. A chick who'd rather spend more time with her cats than the rest of the human race. Each of my brothers (and on one occasion, my mom) asked me if there was a slight chance I was a lesbian and hadn't told them yet. Seriously. They need a life.

My Interests Are: ... Not that it's anyone's business, of course. Studying. Listening to music. Hanging out with my two cats. Shooting at the firing range or just playing those FPS down at the arcade when I really want to get stress out. Swimming down at the community pool.

A Bit About My Life: So being a bounty hunter is actually a family business. My dad met my mom while he was a bounty hunter. She thought it was neat so she became his office manager slash research girl. Then they had my older brother who thought it was the coolest job in the world and so did the son after that and the son after that ... Then they had me. I also thought it was pretty cool at first but then I told the family I wanted to find my own way and they were cool with that. I figured I go to school and my mom suggested I look Katrinka up, maybe she had a part time job I could work at while going to school ... And here, I am.

I hope you're still accepting. If not, then I guess you can discard this ;P

Name: Adare Liffey
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Job: Bartender (The Tiger's Bite)
I'm Looking For: A man who isn't afraid to be seen in public with me, who isn't ashamed that we're both men, or that I take life as an opportunity to truly live. I want someone who can put me in my place, or soothe me when the need arises.
Returning Member: No, he used to be surrounded with potential dates. Until now.
My Picture:
I Describe Myself As: A great time. Sometimes a little hot-tempered, but loyal.
Others See Me As: Quick to fight and even quicker at making merry with plenty of alcohol involved, a devoted friend to those that can stand the moods.
My Interests Are: Making everyone feel good about the world, keeping people from taking life too seriously. Singing, no matter the occasion, and dancing also.
A Bit About My Life:
My mother and father moved from our home near Galway, Ireland when I was a child. Since, the homes have dotted the United States, finally settling in Washington where Da suffered a massive heart attack, dying in his sleep. My gentle mother soon followed, but by then I was a teenager and saw myself through finishing school and becoming a bartender.
PLAYER NOTES: No one too severe, or trodden down in the tracks of life will appease Adare's desire to make the most of life, because he knows how short it can be and believes life is to be lived.
Name: Malcolm Thomas
Gender: Male
Age: 28
Job: Professional photographer (on hiatus)
I'm Looking For: Both, actually!

Returning Member: Nope! Guess you could say this is my "first time"!
My Picture: 5'11 ... Yep, just missed the 6'0" mark! Oh well. I'm about 130 lbs., give or take. Black hair is a bit long, almost to my shoulders now and I have a goatee. I have a really nice smile, a bit of a tan from wandering around the place. My eyes are a light brown, hazel. I got that from my mother. God rest her soul. I like to wear boots, jeans, a t-shirt, and my favorite leather jacket.
I Describe Myself As: A laid-back guy, looking to get away from the busy life of being a professional photographer. I like to smile and laugh a lot and yeah, I don't take things very seriously. I used to be the kind of guy who had to run on a strict schedule but not anymore! I am a simple man of simple pleasure who had the taste of the so-called "high life" and decided it wasn't for me. I make friends pretty easily and I sometimes come off as a party animal, when in fact, a quiet night at home with someone special is better than any party I've ever been to.
Others See Me As: Hehe ... Well, let's see. To some, I'm a real good friend to play pool with and get drunk with. Debbie's mentioned multiple times that I'm a pain in the ass to have. (She's quite a flirt.) Affectionate, caring. Pretty popular with people. A real people person. A decent guy you can take home to meet your parents if you want.
My Interests Are: Photography! Traveling around! Cracking jokes and having a good time!
A Bit About My Life: I'm an only child and like an adopted son to the Raleighs. I'm best friends with all three sons and even Debbie, although she might say otherwise. My dad is a mechanic who didn't think too much of his son liking photography. Mom encouraged it so much, I managed to get a scholarship and go to school for awhile. I got myself an internship with a modeling company and after that, I was a real busy guy. Took pictures of models and celebrities, helped make them famous. But I decided to go on hiatus when I got the news mom was developing cancer. She died shortly afterwards but I took what she told me to heart. To live my life but find someone to share it with when I was ready. And ... here I am!
Name: Jonathan Harvard

Gender: Male

Age: 25

Job: Lawyer

I'm Looking For: Pan-sexual

Returning Member: No, my sister signed me up

My Picture:

I Describe Myself As: I'm a laid back kind of guy. I go with the flow and just let things happen to me. I'm kind and well mannered and know how to treat people with respect. I watch over my sister while I can because she's quite a handful but other then that I like to go out and have fun on my own as well.

Others See Me As:

April: Like, ohmigosh, I love my big brother so much, he's totally nuts. Like this one time I was drinking, right, and he was all "April, get off the limo! Mom and Dad are totes going to kill you!" then he pulled me off and I was like "awww thanks big bro" and he was all like "no prob" and then we went shopping and I totes got him the CUTEST outfit and I got myself...

My Interests Are: Photography, surfing, horseback riding, driving nice cars, nights out at clubs, meeting people, intelligent debates

A Bit About My Life: April should have covered most of this in hers for our childhood. I went to Harvard Law (My parents thought it was funny) and moved out to Washington state to begin work at a firm, been here ever since.

PLAYER NOTES: April's big brother. Not as dumb, not as wild.

Nickname:Jacks of all trades
Name: Kenneth Lim
Hometown: Santa Clara, CA
Win ratio:10/18 professional tournments; International Poker Champion final 3 four tournments in a row; lasts year's Platinum Jacket winner at World Hold'em Nationals.
Playing Style: Slow plays with a nasty agressive streak towards the end games.
Motto: "Poker is War. And all is fair in war."

A native to the picturequse Santa Clara, Platinum Ring Winner Kenneth Lim was practically raised with cards in his hands. At the age of 6, Kenneth had sat in on his father's tobacco clouded home sessions of Hold'em, learning how to count from just sitting in the games! It wasn't too long before he picked on the rules and how to play the game, soon helpping his dear old Dad win games with uncanny nack to read the other players. He picked up the cards himself at the games at the age of 14,dominating his father and his father's friends games. That winning streak didn't change too much when he was old enough to enter the professional circits, topping in the final 3 at his very first local International Poker Champion tournment. Sucess has seemed to grown with him as the years goes by, with Kenneth becoming the youngest Platinum Ring Champion just last year with his fabled hand of 4 of a kind Jacks. Who knows what lies in store for the young star of the Hold'em word, but anyone that knows the game surely knows that that ring of his won't be lonely for long.

Player notes: I am dragging in a character outside of the dating service into the situation as he has the misfortune of stumbling into crazy Rapist mess by just being in the same hotel room as Dating Service gang is staying at.
Vincent Rogan
I'm Looking For:
Returning Member:
My Picture:
I Describe Myself As:
Honest, sensitive, passionate and protective. I'm also a hardcore badass. ;)
Others See Me As:
Picky, intimidating and uneducated. That's just 'cause they don't know me... I don't get close to just anybody!
My Interests Are:
Going to concerts, having a few drinks, late night walks, trying new food and dying peoples' hair.
A Bit About My Life:
I graduated high school with flying colours and dropped out of college after the first year and a half. I was more interested in being with my band mates (I was the drummer). It was the time of my life while it lasted; we always had great gigs. It came time to move on, though. Some of them had better things waiting for them, so I was left in this city alone. My parents never talk to me and I never talk to them; I think they're still ashamed of me. So I work at a very nice bar where I listen to mediocre bands, bringing me back memories of the good old days. Making drinks earns me plenty of tips and I enjoy it a lot more than going to school.
Vincent's longest relationship was juuust under a year. He's picky, but enjoys flings still. He knows he'll know when he finds the right one.