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      • Nieri Mahtar
        (pronounced: nee-EH-ree MAH-tahr)

      • 2392

      • Female

      • Half-Edhel (Mother)
      • Half-Uialie (Father)

    • Nieri Mahtar received a relatively balanced mixture of features from her parents. Her long, straight hair is white with touches of pale silver. Despite this, her rather straight brows are almost black, creating an almost too-stark contrast. Her eyes are unmistakably Uialie. Though they appear dark in low light, they are flecked with a rainbow array of colours that create an iridescence in the light, especially in moonlight, that makes it impossible to pinpoint the exact colour of her eyes. While her nose is straight, it is broad at the base. Her lips are moderately full and a dusky rose colour, several shades darker than her very fair skin. Her cheeks naturally have a slight flush to them. Her ears are small but unmistakably pointed. Despite most of her skin appearing to be flawless, she has deep scars blemishing her thighs and back from her time as a Fatanen prisoner. Though she is very fit, Nieri's body is slender and delicate in appearance. Her short height, at only five feet and three inches, further belies her physical prowess.


      • Pildae (Thief)
      • Rautoth (Ranger)

      • Agility
      • Aim
      • Archery
      • Concealment
      • Evasion
      • Poison Knowledge (effects, not creation)
      • Speed
      • Stealth
      • Surprise
      • Thievery
      • Tracking
      • Traps (Creating, Finding, Disarming, and Setting)
      • Use of knives, daggers, and lighter swords
      • Use of ranged weapons

      • Illusion Magic
        Within range, can cast glamour/illusions over herself, others, objects, and places

      • Shadow Magic
        Can summon existing shadows for concealment or confusion

      • Brown, Sturdy Leather Boots
      • Dark Green, Leather Vest
      • Dark Green, Leather Vambraces
      • Fletched Arrows
      • Recurve Bow
      • Quiver
      • Variety of Throwing Knives


      • Edhil Resistance

    • Nieri Mahtar was once gentle and nurturing while simultaneously being a prankster who loved a good romp. Life was once extremely beautiful to her, and while it still holds a great deal of meaning, it has become infinitely darker. Her pranking days are over. She struggles with an obsession to find more Uialien survivors in the hopes that half of her culture can be restored. She also struggles with the intense desire to seek revenge on the Fatanen, especially the High Royals of Eriston. She is logically satisfied that the man who ordered the genocide of her people died in the process, but she also wishes he had lived so she could kill him herself. After the Nogyth were driven from the mountain ranges of Stegros, she decided the entire family was the disease that should be eliminated.

      She has been counseled that the path of revenge leads to a darkness that will taint her very soul, and while she doesn't necessarily fear that darkness, she does fear never being able to find the light again. Instead, she does her best to aid the Edhil Resistance and help those who have been harmed by Fatanen rule. This helps to at least focus her mind away from desires for revenge while she's doing good work. In this way, she has become an excellent leader who would die for her followers as they would die for her. She does her best to make sure that whatever groups she leads are inclusive and fosters close knit relationships.

      Even so, she has lost so much that it has been difficult for her to form close relationships in the last forty-eight years. Even those trusted few who advise her are kept at a moderate distance.

    • It could be said that the first couple of thousand years of Nieri's life were peaceful and flew by quicker than anyone would have liked. Even though she was of two different people and often felt a bit like an outsider, she made friends with relative ease, and her family was always accepting of her dual-lineage despite her somewhat strange appearance. It was also true that she'd received her father's Uialie libido, for she took many lovers over the years even if she none of them were the ones with whom she wanted to spend her life.

      Nieri split her time between Aliudea and Inen, never spending more than a century in any one place. She often liked to travel to Eriston and Vonga and was occasionally permitted within the mines of the Stegros mountain ranges. While in Vonga, she met a wealthy Fatanen woman named Hui Ahn and the woman's greatest love, Vantze Syrus, a Calva man. The pair may have been different races, but they were in love. Having been the product of a mixed union, Nieri believed in their love and helped them join together as one.

      It was when she had situated herself in Aliudea for a time that she encountered her first true tragedy. Unexpectedly and without provocation, Eriston sent an army to intimidate the Uialien. Neither Nieri nor her parents were members of the inner Court circles, so they didn't truly understand what the Fatanen wanted. Instead, they found it strange and simply dismissed it. The Uialien were an old and powerful race, and facing the Fatanen felt much like playing a children's game.

      Underestimating the Fatanen was the Uialien downfall. When the war began, Nieri donned her armor and raised her bow to fight for her people. At first, it seemed they would win. Even with their superior numbers, they couldn't handle the magics the Uialien possessed until the High King stepped forward. She never saw him from her position, but there were whispers. Nieri's mother, Aeweth, and her father, Einrial, came for her. She tried to protest that she would fight, but they used force and magic to make her comply. They used a powerful spell to seal her within a Uialie-made cave. All Nieri recalls from that time is a chorus of agony accompanied by a blinding flash of light that knocked her unconscious. When she awoke, the cave's magic had been broken, and she was sore and sick feeling, but none remained in Aliudea but the corpses of Fatanen and Uialien alike.

      Nieri traveled to Inen where she told the Council of Elders what she knew about what had occurred. Once she had healed physically, she went with a group of Edhil to collect artifacts left behind by the Uialien. It appeared a small area had been looted, but there were old magics in place to deter non-Uialien from entering their homesteads without permission. She understood those magics, and she was able to help collect a large number of things, including heirlooms passed through her family. Many things were left where they were. It would have been dire to the health of the forests within Aliudea to move them. Instead, she and her group simply strengthened the existing magics that were in place. While they were there, they found no signs of Uialien survivors, so they believed Nieri was all that was left of that race.

      Twenty-nine years later, Nogyth came to Inen seeking shelter from Fatanen attacks. They had been driven from their mountains, and all of Stegros had been claimed by Eriston. It was then that the Edhil learned just what the Fatanen wanted - the Bracelet of Lim - and how they'd succeeded so successfully in the Uialien genocide - they already possessed the Bracelet of Duath. They put their best scholars to work searching for a way to stop the Fatanen from gaining the second bracelet, meanwhile continuing to take in refugees from Stegros and Vonga. Nieri joined groups intended to free many people from the rule of the Fatanen in Eriston, and it was in this way that they discovered more Uialien who had not been destroyed but enslaved.

      In her attempt to save as many captives as possible, Nieri herself was captured. She spent ten months being tortured by Fatanen soldiers, and while she wished for death, she did not break. They received no information from her. Part of this was simply her strength of character, and a part of it was that she wasn't truly alone for long. During her imprisonment, amidst all of the torture and even thoughts of suicide, a friendly presence touched her mind and kept her company with soothing thoughts. Her father had had magic that had felt similar despite the differences in execution, and she was able to recognize that these feelings in her mind were not a fabrication of her own but the mental touch of another person. It kept her as strong as she could be, the one light in the darkness.

      At the beginning of what would have been the eleventh month, the Resistance came for her. The motley group of Calva, Edhil, Nogyth, and one Fatanen saved her from the darkness and brought her back into the light. A few lost their lives in the effort, but they also managed to free more than just the Edhel-Uialie in the process. It took time, but as soon as she was healed and ready, she continued her efforts in helping free captives despite the initial terror she felt at being recaptured. One of her first missions was to return to that horrible place to rescue the light who had guided her through her torment. Unfortunately, her light was gone, and with the number of executions the Fatanen had ordered on the prisoners in that specific cellblock, she realized her former inmate was lost forever.

      Though she mourned, she felt it was important to help as many people as possible and to find as many living Uialien as she could. She could not give up. Though they were too few to ever be their own race again, they could at least pass their genes and knowledge through the mixing of other races so as not to die out completely.

      • Aeweth Mahtar | Female | 4,421 | Deceased | Edhel | Mother
      • Einrial | Male | 11,289 | Deceased | Uialie, Seelie Court | Father
      • Hui Ahn-Syrus | Female | Deceased | Fatanen | Friend
      • Vantze Syrus | Male | Deceased | Calva, Wolf | Friend

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      • Zora Gavro

      • 41

      • Female

      • 3/4 Fatan
      • 1/8 Calva, Fox
      • 1/8 Edhel

    • Zora Gavro resembles her mother with only hints of her father's heritage. Her black hair has grown to her shoulder blades and has a coarse texture to it. Her thin, black brows have a distinctive arch above her brown eyes. Much like her father, those eyes have very subtle touches of amber and gold that are only visible in direct sunlight. Also similar to him, her ears stick out just a little strangely, as if they could have almost been pointed but they are rounded like the average Fatan. Zora's nose is a little broad, and it sits above very full lips. Though her bone structure is rather strong, her oval face shape lends a more feminine softness to it. At five feet and seven inches, Zora could is average height for a woman, but she doesn't otherwise seem large with her slender and leanly defined musculature. Her warm-toned, brown skin is unmarked by scars. Likely due to her Edhel ancestry, Zora seems to age a little slower than most as she appears to look at least ten years younger than her true age.


      • Nestad (Healer)

      • Wielding a Short Sword
        Zora learned how to wield a short sword with some effectiveness, but she isn't an expert by any stretch of the imagination. She would rather take a body down from the inside with magic or potions than simply slash through it with a blade.

      • Healing
        Zora trained under her physician father to understand the human body in a way that not all people do. By tapping into the chi (energy) pathways in living beings, she can effectively gain a "visual" in her mind of every aspect. In this way, she can focus on damage and begin to heal it. The simplest methods involve herbs and surgery tools. The most difficult require her to push her chi into another being to give them a boost that helps the victim's body heal itself. She is only able to do this through physical contact, one person at a time, and it is a severe drain on her energies even with her ability to tap into the heavens and the earth. She cannot effectively complete overly complex surgeries, especially those dealing with brain damage/ailments or genetic disorders. She also has no real knowledge of how to save body parts that have been too badly damaged, but she does know how to amputate.

      • Imbuement
        Her mother taught her the arts of imbuement, and while it came rather easily to Zora, she still enjoys it. While she most learned to add protection spells to objects, her mother also taught her to add curses, luck, and other interesting effects. Unfortunately, such magic takes time and cannot be done in an instant or even at a moment's notice. Otherwise, the magic in the armor wouldn't last. Alternatively, attempting to fuse magic into objects too quickly would force her body to channel more energy from the heavens and earth than her body can feasibly handle. Imbuement can only be done properly by responsible parties.

      • Potions
        Zora's grandmother on her father's side was an apothecary, and the woman taught her a great many things about crafting proper potions and elixirs. Much like imbuement, potions crafting requires focus and patience. Some ingredients require more time to prepare than others, and completing a concoction is never about simply tossing a bunch of ingredients together to magically produce the right effect. While she grew up learning mostly about creating things to heal others' ailments, since she began working for the High King, Zora has learned a great deal more about not only poisons but also such concoctions that can cause weaponized effects such as explosions.

      • Power Sharing
        This form of magic doesn't require any kind of physical contact for Zora to properly do though it is above and beyond the most challenging because, unlike the patience her other areas of expertise tend to require, this one generally needs to be done in the span of a few seconds. As a result, she must channel not only celestial and earthly energies through her body but also the energy of the target(s) she intends to give or take energy from. Because of the speed it usually requires, it is the most dangerous, and she is at risk for overloading herself every time she does it. It's much easier if she can build it over time, but it's lasting time is short and therefore limited. However, she has been working for years on a way to extend the life of this ability.

      • Boots: Sturdy, black leather
      • Vest: Black leather, black fur trimmed
      • Belts: Black and red leather crossing over chest, back, hips, and thighs
      • Mantle: Multi-coloured strings of beads that can be attached/detached from cloaks
      • Short Sword
      • Pouches of Various Potion Concoctions

    The Person

      • Fatanen Rule (under false pretenses)
        Zora's heart doesn't lie with the Fatanen or the Edhil. Instead, she cares only for returning balance to the world at large by stopping both from acquiring the Bracelets.

    • Zora Gavro has learned to be whatever she needs to be to manipulate those around her, but one thing she's never hidden is her talent in her field. She takes great pride in her craft, and creating things brings her true joy. Unfortunately, there has been a tarnish on that joy for years as her works have been used to make the lives of non-Fatanen harder. The only consolement she has is that the loss of a few lives will put her well on the path to helping the entire world.

      Perhaps because she is not to be trusted by those around her, she doesn't give her trust easily. Being a part of the High King's court has put her in a position wherein she must always be alert and on her guard as she weaves a very delicate web of lies. She must be careful at all times to never allow herself to become tangled in her own web, or that will be the end of it.

      Because she's lived this way for so long, a part of her feels as if she has lost the joyful girl who once loved life with great passion. She feels as though a darkness has overtaken her that she'll never have enough light to banish, but she sees it as the price for the terrible things she's had to do to attain her goal of acquiring and hiding both Bracelets.

    • Zora Gavro was born from a long line of Nestad people. Her father focused primarily on medical care while her mother focused on imbuement. Both taught her their secrets. Unfortunately, her mother's side of the family disowned her when she married a mixed-race man, so Zora never got the chance to meet them. Fortunately, her father's side embraced them with great love and joy. Her home life in the small Eriston village of Ostlyn at the southern Vonga border was peaceful and fulfilling.

      There was a fable Zora was told as she grew about two gods, Duath and Lim, who battled over the world to bring it into chaos or into order. It was a popular myth in Eriston, but her Edhel great-grandfather told her a different version of events, one in which Lim took the bracelet of Duath to a group of varying races that she had gathered together. They were dubbed the Varnegwaith, a society of people who were given the task of keeping the Bracelet of Duath a secret at all costs, to keep it from the hands of those who had any notion of using its power for themselves.

      Zora loved the parts about how the Varnegwaith protected their secret through generations and select indoctrinations, how they maintained their cover through archiving the knowledge of the world to share with others. Because they were so forthcoming with all other knowledge, none suspected they kept a meaningful secret. The worst part to her was how they were betrayed and scattered, and how not only was their giant library destroyed but so was the location of Duath's Bracelet until Eriston's own High King was found with it.

      Zora's love of the the fable made it even more shocking when her great-grandfather, Urion, told her that she was descended from the Varnegwaith on her father's side. Great-Grandfather Urion was descended from two Varnegwaith who made sure their story was whispered through the generations. He urgently taught his great-granddaughter all he knew, hoping that she would use the knowledge to reclaim the Bracelet. After all, as a man of obvious Edhel heritage, he would never be able to get close to the High Royals to stop them, but as a woman who not only had strong Fatan heritage but who was also visually Fatan-passing, she could get close to Eriston's leaders.

      When Zora was eighteen, there were growing rumors that more and more non-Fatanen people were being sought out and murdered or imprisoned. As a result, her family moved to Inen, but she stayed behind. Her great-grandfather's words stayed with her, and she knew she couldn't stand idly by while the rest of the world burned around her. She buried her mixed lineage, and began to live solely as a Fatan woman.

      She managed to gain an apprenticeship from the Royal family's greatest Nestads, and she worked tirelessly to make a name for herself, to get noticed by the High Queen. Just before the High Queen's death, she received that notice, and it passed to the Queen's son who was crowned ruler of Eriston shortly after.

      It was much easier to get close to the High King, and because they were nearly the same age, it turned out they had a lot in common. It didn't take much secure a spot as the High King's courtesan, and because she had true skill within her class, she quickly became the head Nestad. While she may not have been his right-hand, their closeness has enabled her to become an advisor of sorts to him. However, she never could figure out how to secret the Bracelet from him, and without knowing how to also keep its twin from him as well, she knew she needed to have patience to form her plan.

      Unfortunately, the last ten years showed Zora a change in the High King that made him more and more difficult to manipulate. She couldn't pinpoint the change, but while he still relied on her, he became more demanding. He wanted armor that would disperse the side-effect of using the Bracelet through his entire army so that no one person suffered too much from the vitality-drain. The idea of making such armor horrified her, but she's been doing her best to create armor that just barely couldn't work.

      Once word of the second Bracelet's location was found, she knew she'd found a better way to stall while making true change in the world.

      • Dwennon Ulmer, High King | Male | 42 | Living | Fatan | Lover
      • Miriam Loros | Female | 59 | Living | Fatan | Mother
      • Tirnon Gavro | Male | 82 | Living | 1/4 Calva, Fox; 1/4 Edhel; 1/2 Fatan | Father
      • Rusceth Gavro | Male | 112 | Living | 1/2 Calva, Fox; 1/2 Edhel | Grandfather (Father's father)
      • Leona Mullin | Female | 97 | Living | Fatan | Grandmother (Father's mother)
      • Urion Ocarnil | Male | 4,195 | Edhel | Great-Grandfather (Father's grandfather)

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      • Sano, Saiyuri
        (Sometimes called Sayu by close friends and family)

      • 15

      • Female
    • Saiyuri stands at the average height of 157.48 inches (5'2") and weighs approximately 51.3kg (113lbs). Her long, pale blonde hair extends to her lower back, and she typically wears it half-up with a large, typically red, bow in her hair. Her large eyes are a vibrant blue, and her skin is very fair. A faint, natural blush seems to perpetually colour her cheeks. Her skin is largely flawless, without a scar or blemish to speak of, but she does have a series of small freckles beneath the left collar bone that vaguely resemble the star constellation Hokuto Shichisei (the Big Dipper).

    • [​IMG]





      • Year 2

      • Sewing
        - She learned the skill from her grandmother who was once a professional seamstress, and she's been doing it for so long that she can make complete outfits. She generally uses this skill to create beautiful cosplays of her favorite characters. Not only can she sew things from straight fabric, but she can also alter pre-made clothing to resemble something entirely new.

      • Prop Building
        - While her older brother was always best as disassembling objects, Sayu was always best at putting them together. Much like her love of sewing cosplay outfits, Saiyuri can also build the props for them whether it be Warbla or Craft Foam armor, weapons, or other gear. She can also make props out of everyday, household items on the fly. Her mom once used the term "MacGyvering" to describe the talent, but Saiyuri never really understood what exactly that meant.

      • MakeUp
        - Sayu's mom first taught her the magic in makeup. Interestingly enough, she's become quite adept at both everyday make-up and special effects makeup, often combining tricks from both to transform herself into an entirely new person. She loves practicing the art and trying new things.

    The Person

      • Cosplay Otaku
      • Wannabe Magical Girl

    • Sayu would describe herself as both dedicated and passionate. Others might classify her as obsessive and overly intense. She just loves what she loves, and those things just happen to be comic books, movies, novels, television shows, and above all cosplaying. She adores having in depth discussions about her favorite media, and she loves coming up with new cosplays. The more complex the better. Unfortunately, once she settles down and focuses on what she's building or sewing, the rest of the world tends to fade away, and she can become rather unresponsive. Worse yet, if someone manages to disrupt her creative flow or focus, she can be pretty snippy.

      On a lighter, or perhaps a more wishful-thinking, note, Saiyuri is certain she's special, and not just when it comes to her skill with cosplaying. A part of her has always believed she's destined for more than the life of the average citizen. Why else would she have been born with a star constellation on her chest? She isn't sure exactly what degree of specialness she holds, but she's pretty sure it's related to magic and/or protecting the universe.

    • Sano, Saiyuri was born to a single mother who already had one child, a son. The three of them lived under the same roof as Sayu's grandparents, and she never really found out who her father was. Her brother used to tease her and tell her that she was adopted and that their mother found her in a spaceship that had crash-landed on Earth. For years, she believed it because she was so fair and light compared to the rest of her family. They all had brown hair and brown eyes. Even their noses were broad compared to hers. It wasn't until she was a preteen that she started to believe her mother when the woman told her she just happened to look an awful lot like her father who had been American. That was the most information she could get from her mom.

      It was hard on her mother, having to raise two children without a man of the house. Thankfully, Saiyuri's grandparents were loving and supporting, and she never felt like she truly lacked for anything. Sure, it would have been nice to meet the man who had contributed half of his genetic code, but her grandpa was pretty much a father figure to her, and her brother was pretty protective, too. Besides, what young girl could compete with her when she basically had two moms?

      While Sayu's mother worked odd jobs here and there, her grandfather was lead manage over a string of successful movie theatres, and that's where her true passions began. The perks of being able to watch new releases for free really enabled the match that was struck within her. She realized that she wanted to be a heroine just like the ladies in some of her favorite films, and she knew she had it in her. The constellation on her chest wasn't an indication that she was an alien; it was an indication that she had a powerful destiny far removed from the normal, everyday lives of other people. Her father probably wasn't just American. He was probably someone amazing who had to leave to follow his true path of heroism, defeating the evils in the universe. One day, Saiyuri believed she'd be awakened to her destiny, too.

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    • Name:
      Steorra Wíglic




      Steorra Wíglic looks very nearly like a young doppelganger of her mother. Her straight, white hair extends just past her shoulder blades with sideswept bangs to create an asymmetrical frame for her face. Her brows are thin and white, but they are nearly impossible to see against her ashy, grey skin. Her nose is small and very straight, and while her lips are incredibly full, her mouth is relatively small.

      Purple tattoos extend over her forehead, around her brows, and sweep down over her high cheekbones and around her icy blue eyes to emphasize her features. In addition to the upper half of her face, the tattoos also mark the slope of her chin. At the nape of her neck, Steorra has a tattoo depicting the triple moons that represent the three goddesses to begin the sharp designs that extend along her spinal cord on her back.

      At five feet and three inches, the one hundred and eleven pound Albita is relatively slender, but she has honed her body to make it strong and agile.

      Ajutor; Maica

      • Boots - black, sturdy leather edged with silver
      • Chest Plat - black leather edged with silver
      • Pauldrons - black leather edged with silver
      • Vambraces - black leather edged with silver

      • Fletched Arrows
      • Quiver
      • Recurve Bow
      • Short Sword

      Steorra comes across as abrasive and blunt, but this doesn't mean she's cruel. She won't point out flaws a person cannot change, but when someone requests her advice, she isn't prone to sugarcoating things. When it's time to deliver difficult news, she isn't one to beat around the bush.

      Perhaps because she understands the effect her harsh-sounding words have on others, she prefers to keep quiet and simply listen to those around her. She has a lot of difficulty knowing how to properly interact with her peers though she craves their companionship. Unfortunately, being the "strong, silent type" combined with her generally dour facial expression does win her many friends. Many feel she is unsettling and unfriendly which aren't altogether unfair descriptors. Sometimes, her attempts to counteract this stigma have left her and those in the vicinity feeling distinctly awkward.

      Though socializing may not be her best skill, Steorra is incredibly serious about her work and about perfecting what she does. She wants to become the best archer to have ever existed among the Albita.

      Steorra is the second of three children. Once she and her older sister reached one hundred years of age, respectively, they served as Maicas to their Preot mother. They worshiped under the White Moon, Nevinovat. The intent was always that the two would become Preot of Nevinovat themselves. To show her devotion to the Three Moons, she and her sister each underwent their own form of sacrifice. To show resilience in the face of pain and to sacrifice her natural beauty, Steorra's act was to have her face and body tattooed with thick, purple knotwork. The technique was accomplished through a cutting technique wherein bone chisels (first a sharp edged one to slice the flesh then an ink-dipped, tooth-edged one to apply the color) were repeatedly struck with a mallet to apply the designs. The process was incredibly painful, but she managed to accomplish it with no sign of the agony just as she had vowed.

      While her older sister desired nothing more than to be an exceptional Preot, Steorra had never had the same drive to worship. She wanted to do more, to be more.She couldn't understand why she couldn't be both an up-and-coming Preot and the greatest archer to ever soar the skies. Her mother tried to stifle her youngest daughter's increasing drive to become a warrior, worried that the young woman's ambitions to become a Preot would fade into nothing.

      Instead, Steorra trained in secret for a very long time, choosing to conceal her growing skills and her waning desire to be a Preot. It wasn't that she no longer wished to worship the Moons. In fact, it seemed like her faith grew stronger whenever she took up her bow or her short sword because she felt that she was fulfilling a truer purpose in her life. Even so, her mother would never abide by it, and her sister would never keep the secret. She has told only her younger brother who sometimes trains with her.

      Her life has consisted of improving her skills while pretending she still wishes to be a Preot when in fact she feels she'd be better suited to becoming a Huntress or a Soldier - both of which are of a lower status than Preot. Eventually, she confessed her feelings to her mother who promptly threatened to disown her. Should she remain in her lofty position but stifle her true nature, or should she fulfill what she feels is her destiny and lose both her family and her social standing at the same time? Steorra has battled with the potential decision ever since.


      • Feorlyn Wíglic | Female | 313 | Living | Mother
      • Léotwen Wíglic | Female | 225 | Living | Half-Sister
      • Hlehhan Wíglic | Male | 187 | Living | Half-Brother

    • Name:


      Bryttar is a mid-sized Lilieci with a body that appears relatively small compared to his huge, translucent wings. His tail has the same look and texture of his wings and even appears to connect to them between his legs. His body is round with silky-soft, tarnished-gold fur along his back and buff colored fur along his underside. His ears are remarkably wide and long, so much so that they extend to the middle of his body when laid back flat. When he is roosting, they curl to resemble horns, and when he is flying, they point forward and stand completely upright. He can rapidly extend and contract his ears to better hear things around him. His deep-set eyes are small, black, and beady, and his nose is broad and squashed looking with two glandular lumps on either side of it.

      Bryttar is rather intelligent and fiercely protective of his Albita. Even so, he's very playful in a direct opposition to Steorra's normally stoic demeanor. He loves to cuddle and to be groomed, and he loves to play games with his rider. His favorite thing to do is to learn new things with her.

      Bryttar is less of a simple mount and more of a familiar to Steorra. While he is the second mount she's ever had, she specifically requested him because he is a direct descendent of the mount that she'd fasted and prayed to find. She knew in her heart that Bryttar was the one for her as she was the one for him, and she lost no time in doing whatever she could to convince his handler that she should be chosen for him.

      She has so closely bonded to him that it feels as if a piece of her soul resides within him and a piece of his soul lives within her. Their relationship is rather intuitive. He's learned how to move through the air with only the slightest movement from her muscles even if that movement comes before the thought is fully formed in her mind. She is very affectionate with him, often bringing him treats and playing with him. She will even take over grooming duties frequently, much to the frustration of his handler. It isn't that Steorra doesn't trust the handler so much as it serves as a way to keep her bond with Bryttar strong.

      He is one of the few beings who can bring a smile to her face, and he can do so consistently.

  2. [​IMG]


    Naomi Archer


    March 4th



    California, United States

    Health Ailments
    • Anxiety
    • Depression
    • Mutism
      - complications from vocal trauma




    Part-Time Cover Job
    Antique Store Manager

    • Basic Self-Defense
    • Building Computers
    • Coding Software
    • Multilingual
      - American Sign Language
      - British Sign Language
      - English
      - Spanish


    Eye Color

    Hair Description
    • Dyed Bright Red
      - Naturally Black
    • Long
    • Naturally Curly
      - Sometimes Straightened or Styled Wavy

    5' 8"

    123 lbs.

    • Left Ear
      - Lobe, Triple Pierced
    • Right Ear
      - Double Pierced Lobe
      - Tragus



    Outwardly, Naomi is a bubbly person who is very welcoming to those around her. Where life is concerned, she becomes bored easily, so she always wants to discover new things and have new experiences. She's perceived as being very extroverted because she loves to be around people and help them feel good. Making others feel great makes her feel good. However, she struggles with feelings of self-loathing. This is sometimes caused by hurting others, and it's also caused by some terrible things she's done in the past. She tries very hard to banish these feelings, but they haunt her most when she's alone without something to preoccupy her mind.

    In order to get out of her head when she's alone, she loves to hone her computer skills. Hacking with music blaring in her ears is her favorite thing to do. She doesn't like when secrets are kept from her, and her chosen path of discovery is incredibly fun to her. It fuels her adrenaline in the best of ways when she encounters a real challenge, and she has yet to meet a wall she couldn't climb with some well placed taps on her keyboard.


    • Adrenaline Rushes
    • Body Modifications
    • Learning
    • Make-Up
    • New Experiences
    • Technology

    • Boredom
    • Her Own Voice
    • Loneliness
    • Pain
    • Too Much Quiet
    • Weak Internet Connections

    • Collecting Antiques
    • Exploring Cities
    • Practicing New Languages

    • Empathetic
    • Great Listener
    • Intellectually Intelligent

    • Little to No Sense Concerning Money
    • Mental Illness (Anxiety/Depression)
    • Too Trusting

    • Going to jail.
    • Injections.
    • Never finding her mother.

    Secrets (open)

    • She's never been in love.
    • She inadvertently committed treason, and her mother took the fall for it.
    • She may or may not have murdered three men, but she definitely covered it up.



    Naomi Archer was born to Luna and Marcellus Archer, two mixed-race parents, in San Francisco, California. They helped her develop two passions: coding and singing. Her education began before she ever entered school, and she always loved filling her head with more knowledge. Her childhood was one filled with love and exploration.

    By the time she was ten years old, Naomi was a wiz with code and had some amazing talent as a singer as well. Both had come naturally to her, and it wasn't uncommon to find her humming or singing while she clacked away at a keyboard. Unfortunately, she was very cocky about her skills. She fancied herself a master at both breaking through firewalls and covering her tracks. Wanting something big to boast about to her friends, she hacked her way right into the Pentagon and printed some of what she found as proof even if she couldn't understand what it was she was looking at.

    Within hours, her house was surrounded, and her mother was arrested for treason. With her job as a professional hacker paid to tell businesses where their firewall weaknesses were, Luna King-Archer was the most likely candidate for the breach. When Naomi tried to tell the truth, her parents silenced her. She hasn't seen or heard from her mother since.

    That wasn't to say she didn't try despite the many obstacles. Though her father removed all computers from their home as a desperate attempt to dissuade his daughter from causing further harm, Naomi made it her mission in life to find and to free her mother from the government's clutches. She found a group of people who had their own hardware who were willing to take her under their wing and teach her all they knew. By the time she was sixteen, Naomi was an expert, but she still consumed all she could learn about her craft and tested her limits in very dangerous ways.

    This attracted the attention of another group, one that was willing to pay big for her services and provide her with the most advanced tools on the market to enable her accomplishments. She knew these people were dirty, but she had never seen half of the tech presented to her, and she knew it could aid her quest to find out what the government did to her mother. While she helped them, she squirrelled away many of the devices they'd loaned to her.

    Much like she'd done six years earlier, Naomi miscalculated. She'd had no idea how to cover her tracks with the theft of physical merchandise. One night, while she was out on a night on the town, the then sixteen-year-old was struck from behind, and when she awakened, she was strapped to a chair while drugs were injected into her system. After a while, she blacked out, and sometimes she wishes she'd never awakened.

    There was pain like fire radiating from her throat, and the scene that met her was gruesome. The bodies of the men who'd harmed her had been gutted, and she was covered from head to toe in blood. She had no idea what had happened, but she worried that the drugs in her system, whatever they'd been, had caused her to go berserk. Instead of going to the police, she dug graves.

    Despite the agony she felt in her throat, she refused to go to the emergency room, and she hid the bruises rather artfully. By the time her bruises had healed, her throat had spent too much time in its wounded state. Her voice was permanently damaged and weak. Speaking above a whisper had become unbearable, too.

    In order to adapt, she learned American Sign Language and changed high schools to go to one that accommodated those who were deaf or mute.

    Even with all of the trouble it had caused her, Naomi couldn't let go of her hacking passion, the only one she now had left since her voice was stolen. Most of all, she couldn't give up on her mother.

    Two years after she graduated from high school and had settled into university, she received a message with an ultimatum: join Fairytale in London, or have her misdeeds given to the FBI and spend life in prison. It hadn't been hard to convince her father that she'd been filled with Wanderlust, and she took a flight across the pond a week later.

    She's been working for the Fairytale Empire for four years.


    • Luna King-Archer | Mother | Missing
    • Marcellus Archer | Father | Living
    • More pending player communications...

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    • Name
      • Estela Nieves

      • Stella

      • 24

      • Cisgender Female

      • Bisexual

    • Stella cares about people. It doesn't matter how they were born, whether they're human or not, she simply has empathy for Beings in general, whether they're human or not, whether they're magical or not. She abhors racism, and she has a distinct distaste for actions or magic that explicitly harm others. She has always been one to stand up for others whether she brought ill fortune onto her head or not. It was simply how she was raised to be, and she takes the Muggle golden rule to heart.

      That being said, if someone harms those she loves, they would bring down the full weight of her ire. Though her methods of revenge are more subtle, she does consider herself someone who, from behind the scenes, protects others. Pulling strings here and there, she often uses her abilities and her money to keep the light from reaching her though this often results in the darkness threatening to engulf her entirely. It's a burden she will bear in her quest to end Voldemort's reign of terror a little at a time. She only hopes she'll be alive when his downfall comes.

      • Learning about Those around Her
      • Respect
      • Thwarting Death Eaters
      • Studying All Things Divination

      • Baseless-Hatred
      • Dishonesty
      • Idea of Nothingness
      • Physical Violence

    • Height
      • 5'6"

      • 125 lbs.
      • 56.699 kg

      Body Frame
      • Slender
      • Fit & Flexible
      • Slightly Pear-Shaped

      • Long, wavy, black hair
      • Heart-shaped face
      • Almond-shaped, brown eyes
      • Black, rounded brows
      • Full lips
      • Prominent jawline and chin
      • Naturally light-tan skin

      Clothing Style
      Stella's preferred style of dress has always been classy and distinctly feminine. Tasteful pumps, flattering-but-modest cuts to her outfits, and statement jewelry pieces. It's how she was raised to dress, and it's what feels most like home, most familiar. Because of her monetary worth, she's able to continue dressing in this fashion, but she will dress down when the setting calls for her to blend into a specific situation and/or setting.

    • Blood Type
      • Half-Blood

      Though most would classify Stella as a Pure-Blood due to her family's not having had a muggle in their ancestry since time out of mind, the Nieves' have never cared for the negativity that being a "Pure-Blood" implies, so they self-identify as Half-Bloods.

      Wand Details:



      Genetic Peculiarity
      While Stella has not mastered her gift as a seer, she has a strong understanding of the feelings she gets. She'll occasionally have the urge to be in certain places at certain times. She doesn't know why until she happens upon that place and events unfold. A few times, she's gone to places where nothing happened at all, and she never really did learn why she felt the need to be there. She's also felt similar urges to leave specific places with comparable results to the ones that bring her to new areas. It feels a bit like a tugging sensation in her mind, the way one might imagine a recovering addict would feel when the opportunity to partake arises unexpectedly. She hopes to one day understand these urges more clearly before she happens upon places, but so far, she hasn't figured out how to master it.

      Stella will occasionally feel "vibes" or "impressions" from the people she encounters. She doesn't know if she's reading the aura/energy permeating from them or what it is, but she can acquire a vague sense of whom a person is by being in their presence. This sometimes manifests simply as a feeling that she wants to be around them more, and on very rare occasions, this has triggered a fight-or-flight response in her despite nothing out of the ordinary happening. She may also get a very vague sense of the feelings another person is experiencing, but she cannot always distinguish this as their emotions and not hers. In large crowds, she has difficulty pinpointing which individual is giving her whatever vibe she's reading, especially if she isn't familiar with an individual's "signature."

      As far as premonitions go, Stella has only had two visions in her entire life. She recalls the imagery from her prophecies vividly, but she is unaware of what words leave her mouth during those times. Only those within earshot of her during those moments know the cryptic phrases she may have spoken.


    • Birthplace
      • Alaska, United States

      Fourteen days into a particularly chilly January, a baby was born in Alaska to the Nieves couple. This was remarkable only because it was the only child Emiri Nieves had been able to carry to term. Her parents named her Estela for the stars that had aligned just right for this miracle to occur. Though they were not originally very well off financially, they had a lot of love to give.

      Magic was not uncommon for the Nieves family for one was a witch and the other was a wizard, and it wasn't long before Stella began showing signs of having inherited their gifts. As an infant, she would sometimes summon things that were too far out of reach. More subtly, she was able to avoid simple accidents by stopping in just the right spot or by quickly moving away from a location where an accident would occur. This was more surprising than the other types of magic she showed, for it spoke of her having inherited more than simple wizardry, for Stella was the great-great-great granddaughter of a seer on her mother's side. The gift was quite rare, but it seemed to have been passed down four generations later.

      At the age of seven, Estela Nieves made her first prophecy, foretelling the demise of light at the hands of darkness. Both parents heard the prophecy, but they couldn't understand what it meant until they heard the news that Lord Voldemort had finally killed "the Boy Who Lived," ensuring his power over Britain.

      Though dread settled in them, Voldemort's reign of terror seemed to only be in that one country, so no one in North America seemed overly worried for many, many years.

      When Stella was eleven years old, she began to attend Atlantis Academy of Applied Magic. This prompted her parents to adopt a gorgeous kneazle-cat mix for their daughter which Stella named Atka. By this time, the Dark Lord's influence had spread through Europe and was threatening to touch other continents.

      Two years later, Emiri managed to invent a life-changing device for the medical field that

      When the young witch was fifteen, she had another prophecy right in the middle of a full classroom. The professor had her taken to the Headmasters' offices where they all tried to make sense of the cryptic words that had left the teen's mouth. The imagery had terrified her. Stella's parents were notified, and she was given leave to go home for a short time due to the traumatic experience. In that time, most of her friends stopped talking to her.

      Emiri and Tadlo knew they could not change a prophecy, for the mere attempt could cause it to self-fulfill. Instead, they came clean about a secret they'd kept from her for a long time: they'd joined an underground resistance force meant to block Voldemort's reign from expanding even more. They wouldn't let their daughter help until she graduated from the Academy, and even then it was only under the agreement that she take their higher education courses rather than stopping her education in favor of the resistance.

      When she was nineteen, her mother was murdered by Death Eaters. Voldemort's influence had spread across the ocean. Stella dropped out of Atlantis and dove headfirst into a less clinical study of her Seer abilities. She sought to better understand them. She was determined to make sure she could have a proper control over and understanding of her inherited abilities.

      She began to use them to her advantage as a full time member of the resistance.

    • Family
      Tadlo Nieves | Male | 41 | Living | Wizard | Father
      Emiri Garza-Nieves | Female | Deceased | Witch | Mother

      - 2/3 Kneazle; 1/3 Oriental Shorthair Cat
      - Bright green eyes
      - White Fur with Black Spots along the face and body and black stripes along the tail
      - Less of a pet and more of a familiar
      - Protective of Stella
      - Helps Stella focus her vibes


    • At the age of ten, Stella took a difficult test that would determine her candidacy for becoming a student at Atlantis Academy for Applied Magic, a school that sought to understand how magic and Muggle-science could work together to enhance a Being's understanding of the world around them. It also served as a campus for those who wished for continue their education beyond their seventh years and for those who wished to work together with the greatest Muggle and Magical minds the world had to offer.

      Emiri had attended the school as a young adult when it first opened, and it had enabled her to prosper when her magical-mechanical inventions hit the market. The Nieveses were delighted when Stella was accepted, and they prepared her the best they could.

      Of the five Academy Clans, the young girl was accepted into Clan Kotori which was widely regarded as the most spiritual of the Clans. Though Emiri had been accepted into Clan Lushen, she was pleased that Kotori had called so strongly to her gifted daughter.

      Favorite Classes:
      - Charms
      - Divination
      - Potions

      Least Favorite Classes:
      - Care of Magical Creatures (Atka gets jealous when he smells other animals on her)
      - Herbology
      - History of Magic
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    Yumi Kang






    Personality tendencies

    Kinetic Energy Manipulation
    Yumi is able to charge the kinetic energy in inanimate objects, causing said objects to explode on impact or after a controlled amount of time.





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