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  1. So I need more rps!

    Also I figured t was nigh time I made a thread to compile all my ideas in

    I'm up for any pairings, but I'm not much for monogamous malexfemale relationships. my limits are pretty much no furry (anthro's and nekos are cool though), no blood play, and nothing that could cause a character to have to go to the hospital. Other than that, have at it!

    Whether I am Dom or sub or switch or whatever, I do expect really intense hardcore bdsm scenes. The more intense the better! So if I'm Dom, your character needs to be able to handle what I dish out! And if I'm sub, your character needs to be really intense and strict with mine!

    Anyway, enough babbling. Time for rps!


    All to Ourselves (futuristic, fxf or fxnb (NB means neither male or female gender) (poly ships also acceptable); you can be Dom or sub)
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    The year is 2045.
    You wake up one morning to find that everyone in the world appears to be gone, as if they disappeared. Everyone, that is, except for at least one other person (we can do a polyamorous thing if you want or we can just have 1x1) around your age in the neighborhood.

    The fuck is going on? Technology and everything seems to be working just fine. But everyone in the world it seems has vanished without a trace.

    What will you and the only other human(s) left do? Will you attempt to find out what's going on immediately? Or perhaps enjoy the alone time with your partner while you can?
    But is your partner hiding something from you about where everyone went?

    God Among You (agender x any gender)
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    Enai has been training their whole life to take their place as monarch of the Gods. But Enai has to endure one final trial before they are allowed to ascend to the throne.
    They must spend three months as a slave to the demon monarch. The demon monarch is allowed to use Enai however they wish for the three months. If Enai can endure without the demon monarch breaking them ie "taming them" into being an obedient sex slave, this means Enai will have passed the test of ultimate humility and ultimate morale and may then take the throne.
    But if Enai fails and is broken by the demon monarch and turned into an obedient slave, Enai will have to retake the trial or abdicate the throne, or may have to remain the Demon's slave for eternity.

    As such, Enai is determined not to fail.
    Can you, the demon monarch, break this stubborn prideful to-be-Ruler into becoming your slave?

    The Maze (genderfluid x any gender, can be poly if you want, either of us can play any creature/plant that attempts to have sex with our characters) [taken]
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    Two or more people have been chosen to enter of a giant maze. They are each given a three month supply of water dried food to start with.
    They have up to a year to make it out of the maze.

    Scientists have been baffled by this huge maze that appeared seemingly out of nowhere one day. They sent in several scouts to explore it, but only one returned. Apparently, the plants and creatures inside maze captured the other scientists. The surviving scientist did not get to observe much of the maze before calling a helicopter to pick them up and managing to escape just in time. They have been unable to go back and search for the others, as creatures and plants always try to attack the helicopters. Besides, the format of the maze changes daily, and is unpredictable with no patterns.
    The walls of the maze are seemingly made of tall hedges, but all attempts at cutting the hedges have failed. Anything they cut just grew right back immediately and then tried to attack them!

    The scientist that survived reported that the issue with the plants and creatures were that they all were sexual. And there were plants and creatures in there seemingly from some hentai fantasy... Orc-looking-beings with giant dicks, plants that grab you and try to suck you into them like vore, plants with thick vines and creatures with slimy tentacles constantly trying to violate you...

    Some plants or creatures will fuck you and then let you go, while others try to impregnate you or enslave you. Some plants even excrete aphodesiac mist into the air to cause people who breathe it to become horny.

    The maze has been deemed "The Horror Sex Maze" until the scientists come up with a better name.

    The scientists, not knowing what else to do, turned to the public, offering a reward to group of people willing to face the maze and get through it, or at least bring back valuable information.

    Those selected must be able to handle almost-constant assault from the plants and creatures in the maze. The applicants may select from a bow and arrow or a gun as a method of defense from the plants, and will be given a dagger for emergencies such as running out of bullets or arrows or just needing to slice through something.

    Two applicants have been selected, and are set to enter the maze today! You are one of them. Can you survive?

    So Big (NBxfemale, femalexfemale)(willing to have two of this rp, one where I'm the Dom and one where I'm the sub)
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    I don't have a plot in mind for this, so we can work it out, but mainly I want an intense fairy or pixie x human rp, or like a succobusxgiant Rp. Basically, I want one character to be incredibly smaller than the other.

    The big character is the Dom and enjoys using the tiny one sexually.

    The Dom is very strict and intense and treats the smaller one as a sexual submissive. They love testing the limits of the smaller one, constantly thinking of new ways to use them sexually and test them.

    Stray (any gender x any gender) (I want to be the sub but after I get one rp of this I might be willing to change roles)
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    Meet Rex, a homeless Neko. He's rather short tempered, and finds it hard to keep down jobs due to being unable to handle irate customers.
    But one day as he was digging for food in the trash of a sub shop, he was grabbed by a man, who pushed him down, held a chloroform rag over his mouth, and began to pick him up to kidnap him for the slave trade, as Nekos were. But before he could pick him up, there was a BAM, and the man fell unconscious.

    Rex woke up in a bed, feeling foggy still. The person who saved him introduced themself, and gave him food. Rex at first refused the help, but then realized how dangerous being a neko on the streets was.
    He decided to offer the person a deal,or perhaps a bet. They have a month to break him into being their pet, and if they can't, he gets to live with her for free for a year. If he loses, he can still stay, but he has to stay as their pet!

    Who will win? Can the person tame this prideful, stubborn Neko?

    Check back for more soon!


    Rules: All I ask is that you not be offensive to oppressed groups. If I ask you to stop doing something that I feel is harmful, you need to stop. I want to be able to rp comfortably without contributing to the hurting of real people!
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  2. I would love to do All to Ourselves with you ^^
  3. Added a new plot! The Maze
  4. The Maze idea sounds pretty interesting! Could you pm me if you're still looking for a partner for it? :D
  5. I have a lot of different ideas and I do more Fxf than straight. I won't do Mxm. I am looking for a role play partner for this one idea I got. If you like to hear please pm me.
  6. Added a new idea!
  7. Open again! Feel free to suggest anything not on my idea list that you might wanna do?
  8. I'd be up for So Big with you being the dom.
  9. I wouldn't mind doing the All to ourselves. but could we modify it slightly?
  10. I added a new plot!
  11. I wouldn't mind doing All to Ourselves as the sub.
  12. Would you be okay with a polyamorous?
  13. Yes, I would be okay with that.
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