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  1. Hello, I'm Katey. I like to do commissions! Prices are negotiable. Payment will mainly take the form of digital gift cards (probably for amazon- the gift card I need varies depending on my needs at the time). I will give you the email to send it to after I decide to accept your commission.

    Pallet of my Prismacolor Premiere pencils:
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    Pallet of my Prismacolor Softcore pencils:
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    Pallet of my crayola Pencils (<------ it's a link)

    For examples of my art, see here.

    Prices/Types of Commissions Available

    Need a full body drawing on paper?
    Uncolored: $9
    Colored (Crayola Pencils): $10
    Colored (Prismacolor Pencils (Higher Quality)): $12

    Need a full body digital drawing?
    Uncolored: $18
    Colored: $20

    Need a shoulders-up drawing on paper?
    Uncolored: $5
    Colored (Crayola): $6
    Colored (Prismacolor): $8

    Need a shoulders-up digital drawing?
    Uncolored: $15
    Colored: $18


    I'll need you to give whatever specifics you can, and reference image(s) (if you have any). If you order a color commission, I'll show you the uncolored version so that I can make sure that I've met your needs before I color it.
    I will try to keep you updated on your commission status, ESPECIALLY if you buy a digital one.
    If at any time you wish to know the status of your commission, just ask. If there's a deadline you need your commission by, please specify it BEFORE I accept your commission.

    I cannot do fanart of copyrighted characters.
    I can still do OCs though (I'm especially good at adventure time ones!).

    Rules- by commissioning me you are automatically accepting my rules, so make sure you read them!
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    I reserve copyright to my works. If you are unsure if you can use my work for something, just ask. If you violate these rules, it will be considered a breach of our agreement and you will lose all rights to using my work. No refunds will be granted, and if you continue to use my work after I inform you you have broken our agreement, I will report you. Whether a rule is broken or not is subject to my discretion.

    1. No using my works for offensive purposes (including, but not limited to, ableism, racism, transphobia, homophobia, and more. ("Cisphobia" and "Reverse racism" do not count)). Again, whether your use of the work(s) breaks this rule or not is subject to my say-so. I will inform you that you are breaking a rule and I will warn you to stop and take down the offensive thing, and if you refuse, I will report you and you will lose your rights to the work(s).

    2. You are not to use the work(s) in a manner defamatory to me or my other works.
    3. If you post the work(s) on a site other than Iwaku, tell me. This is to ensure that you are not going elsewhere and breaking these rules.

    4. You are NOT by any means allowed to remove or obstruct my signature. You are allowed to resize the work(s)- with that being said, if the resized work(s) are too small for my signature to be clearly seen, you MUST give me clear credit elsewhere on the page in which the work(s) are on.

    5. You MUST obtain my hand-written-and-signed permission in order to use my work(s) for commercial purposes.

    6. If I find your use of my work(s) otherwise offensive or unnacceptable in any way, I will inform you of the issue, and if you refuse to listen, you will lose any rights to the work(s).
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