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  1. Kate's law was defeated yesterday (or the day before, not sure).

    The purpose of this law is to make sure that illegal immigrants that commit crime within the US aren't merely deported, but actually face sever jail time.

    This is being pushed through because last year a young lady name Kate Stienlie (sp?) was murdered by an illegal immigrant who was simply deported 5 times for committing various crimes.

    Shit-heads like Harry Reid was calling this a racist law. Of course, its really just about political bullshit.

    This sort of common sense shit being ignored for political gain is really frustrating, especially when its legislation that has to make politicians follow ALREADY established law. This shit ain't right.
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  2. Yes, because I don't want to talk about something like this with reasonable people.

    Reddit is dumbasses; Iwaku isn't.
  3. Oh well. There's always /pol/.
  4. I simply don't get it.

    "Oh noes! Disagreements!"

    Boo hoo.

    This is simply my learning process.
  5. ...Something Awful, maybe?

    Or perhaps the comments section of Vice News. Those are all options too.
  6. I am sorry. But if you want a "sensible discussion". Try not declaring someone against your view of things "A shithead" before it even started. Second. Provide good factual evidence, sources and other forms of information. Once you are past these rather daunting tasks, proceed to realize that calling the entirety of a massive site for dumbasses, while your current preffered platform of discussion shows blatant personal basis. Iwaku isn't your political soapbox you know. I seen the way you react to people disagreeing with you, it ain't pretty.
  7. I've never flung an ad hominem or personal attack at anyone on this site in a discussion or debate forum.

    Did you mean bias, per chance?

    I have before. Hasn't really changed how others approach the topic. Unfortunately.
  8. I think you fail to realize that I simply don't want or care about opinions from people I have nothing in common with.

    At least here, I know that I am dealing with people who have similar interests with me.

    I get it. You simply don't like debate. You possibly don't like me.

    Doesn't mean I shouldn't be able to talk to people around me about things to find out what and how they think.
  9. Yeah no. Gonna have to side with @Grumpy & @Hellis here Kakumei. This is just lookin' to pick a fight. Just Watch this movie instead and chill out.

    You wanna talk something broad, like religion or politics? Sure. Something this specific and then taking an obvious stance where you declare anyone who disagrees a shithead? Yeah no. There's civil ways to start discussions, this isn't one of them. :ferret:
  10. I didn't call anyone here a shithead. I was speaking to/about Harry Reid specifically.
  11. It was attached to a controversial bill that would withhold federal funding from sanctuary cities to pressure them into compliance. The opposition was, as far as I've read, mainly against that main thing rather than the Kate's Law attachment. Welcome to politics, shit like this happens all the time.
  12. Who is in charge of doing that though? Is it the Majority leaders job? I don't understand how that happens.

    And if I am not mistaken, Harry Reid was specifically speaking to the Kate's Law portion of it. Which is why I specifically pointed that out. I do realize that it was about more than that law. But what Reid said in particular bugged me.
  13. Also,

    I am sorry if (for some reason) somehow people thought I was looking to pick a fight or thought I was (somehow) trying to sling personal insults at anyone here.

    That wasn't my attention at all.
  14. Yep, majority leader. Blame McConnell on this one.

    As for Reid, I dunno, haven't seen anything he said about it. I haven't gone out of my way to research this.
  15. I don't like McConnell either.
  16. Ad hominem

  17. Seeing as how I came to you to try to make peace, and you used that opportunity to report me for harassment,

    I am giving you a fair warning that anything else that you try (these silly beat-around-the-bush personal attacks) will be treated the same way. Stop bothering to harass me or talk to me or even allude to anything that has to do with me.

    If you want to make peace and come to an understanding, I am open to it.

    Harassment due to a hateful nature or bias towards me, stop.

    Have a nice day.
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  18. ............Facebook groups?
  19. 4Chan?
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