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  1. Location: Verona, Italy.
    Date: November 7, 2013.
    Weather: Cloudy/Chilly with a slight breeze.
    Time: 11am.
    Verona's sky was painted gray with fluffed clouds that coated over the province as far as the eye can see. The brick paved roads driven over by stylized vehicles driven by the populous roared their engines by the pedestrians. The streets were walled off by adjacently placed housing and shops. Bells ringing as people entered and exited with a stoic face hiding the glee of making off with an impulsive or compulsory purchase. Indigenous accents filled the atmosphere creating a lively, homely sort of feeling as people entered through the architecturally captivating Verona arch. A peace kept like this would make any kind of person happy. Of course I'm going somewhere with this... Who would be happier than a man who strives to keep this sort of peace? The same young man who just left out of a restaurant with an egg and ham sandwich. Sinking his teeth into the lightly toasted croissant, he bit off a good chunk with a pleased look on his face. He took in the bliss of a perfectly crafted breakfast sandwich with the crisp breeze caressing his filled cheeks and wafting his wavy locks. His name was Angelo, an ex. Mafia boss who also was in possession of a special flame. Despite his leave of action he was still in contact with his affiliates, wanting to keep the bond alive. His own family had dispersed after the events of facing the Veyron, Verona's recent threat. Wanting to enjoy the liveliness of this beautiful morning he took a seat in front of his breakfast shop. Reclining back on his stylized seating, he chomped on. Humming a blissful tune as he chewed. He felt today was going to be an okay day. "I hope my old family is enjoying their morning as well.." He said with a tone of longing in his voice.
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  2. Location: Namimori, Japan.
    Date: November 7th, 2013
    Weather: Slight winds, heavy rain.
    Time: 8PM
    The rain pelted heavily on the tinted windows of the black limousine as it sped down a desolate road. Inside, was Vongola's most important asset; Vongola 11th. He traveled alone on this occasion. despite the warnings given by his fellow companions. Vongola's funds were dangerously low, similar to the age of the Endine family, yet this time, the problem wasn't another family, it came from within.
    Hooded eyes watched the passing landscape as they drove up a hill neighboring Namimori. Vongola 11th, also known as Enzo, kept his gaze out the window as the vehicle came to a stop at what looks to be a power plant. "Here we are, boss." sounded the driver. "Good, wait for me."
    Enzo grabbed a black, extendable umbrella that was neatly placed for pure convenience and stepped out, to use it. The loud flap of the umbrella opening and the shutting of the car door meant Enzo really was going in alone.
    He walked up a set of chairs to the front entrance, and twisted the knob, not even bothering to knock as he knew what awaited him inside. The umbrella slid back into it's compact form and was being held in the boss's hand, and he kicked his feet into motion.
    A few corners and corridors later, Enzo walked into a meeting room, uncommon for a power plant, but then again, not for those that owned it. The room itself looked more like a lounge. Lush red chairs and carpet, along with the prestigious gold framing a lot of the furniture had. Across the room was a spinning armchair, facing the opposite direction. "We have to talk." Enzo said, his brows angled in a disapproving manner. The chair spun around, revealing that famous man in the chair.
    "Damn right we do."
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  3. Location: Daten City, (Will edit when appropriate)
    Date: November 7, 2013.
    Weather: Cloudy, light rain.
    Time: Noon.
    It was a quiet day in the city for once, despite the rain. It's rather calming in some ways or another. Here, we start at a manor, close to the city streets and bordering the neighborhood it resides within. Nothing was too grand about it or too simple, but it was certainly something for those to desire like any usual middle-class. A sleek, black Lincoln Continental would enter the pathway, pulling up by the manor's door, two figures exit the vehicle, the driver and the passenger in the back. The driver looks a bit aged under his brimmed hat, adjusting his glasses with a white glove. The man quickly accompanies the other, who has blue hair as he dons a lengthy coat. Approaching the door, it would open and a woman would stand, ready to greet the pair with a pleasant smile, "Welcome home, Church." The man would smile back and nods, heading inside as the older man would sigh to himself, "You know that's not how to address those you serve, Seras." Church stops the man with a hand up and shakes his head with a gentle laugh, "Ease up, Desmond.. It's alright, besides I don't really enjoy going by such titles. 'Master' and all that.. It's just not my thing really. But if you still insist on it yourself, feel free to continue. But I guess boss is just fine but then again, that too." With a nod, Desmond argues no further as he removes Church's coat, following with his own, soon departing elsewhere into the manor, "It's also good to see you so early, Seras. You're always there to give me a smile." Smiling a little wider, Seras would nod with an appeased 'hm.' "Now if you'll excuse me, I will be in the manor's library. You can come in anytime if you'd like, I'll just be enjoying another good book. I hope Hannah and Sernia are cooking up something nice for lunch." Seras nods with a light bow, "Alright, would you like me to get you something to drink? And yes, they're planning something more simple today for lunch, but dinner's a different story. Knowing you, that's just fine for you, isn't it?" "Sounds good. And I'll just have a small glass of water, thank you. See you around." He'd say smiling, walking off down the hall towards the library.
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  4. Location: Namimori, Japan
    Date: November 7th, 2013
    Weather: Heavy Rain
    Time: 8pm

    On her way home, just as a certain young girl was thinking how thankful she was for her upper half still being dry, poor little Phoebe Leva was soaked by a strange black limo driving through a puddle right next to her. The black umbrella she was carrying with her was now practically useless, as the heavy rain continued to soak poor Phoebe to the bones.The only thing that was still dry at this point was her hair, which was kept up inside a hood and directly underneath the umbrella. Her walk home was certainly a long one, and she had gotten used to it by now. However, she didn't think she would ever get used to rude people who did things like that, paying no mind to others. Normally she might have done something in response to the splash; Yelled, chased after it, thrown something, (only if she were VERY angry,) but for now, she was too tired to deal with it. It was getting late, and her grandmother was probably worried by now. She wanted to get home so she could dry off, and maybe even take a warm shower.

    After a few minutes of fast walking, she finally made it home. "Grandma?" She called out, expecting a warm response. "Ah, there you are, Phoebe.. I was worried sick! Why didn't you call? Where were you anyways? You weren't off with some boy, were you? I mean, when I was your age..." Ah, yes. There she goes again. Grandma and one of her famous rants about youth today and how different she was when she was this age. Phoebe stood there, staring blankly at her grandmother before turning to head up the stairs to her room. "..Oh, Phoebe?" She stopped mid stride. "Yes, Grandma?"

    "I just wanted to make sure. Are you feeling alright?"

    Was she feeling alright? Why was she asking? Did Phoebe look sick? "I'm fine, why?" "...Just a grandmother worried about her precious granddaughter, is all." Phoebe turned to go back down the stairs and straight to her grandmother, giving her a long, tight hug. "I'm okay. Thank you for asking. I'm going to bed early tonight. I'm very tired. Good night, Grandma." Once she finished speaking, she quickly bolted up the stairs and straight into her room, not giving her grandmother a chance to reply. She closed the door behind her, immediately taking off her clothes and staring at her damp, petite body in the mirror for a short moment. Quickly, she put on dry clothes and laid down in her bed, turning the lights off. She was tired, but she didn't want to sleep just yet. Phoebe stared at her ceiling, thoughts rushing through her head. Thoughts of many different sorts, sad thoughts, happy thoughts, angry thoughts, everything in between... Something had been bothering her lately, but she couldn't quite place what it was. As of late, she'd felt a certain loneliness that not even her friends could ease. The poor girl didn't know what to do or how to fix it, so instead she took her feelings out through training, at least, that's what she called it. In reality, it was going out late at night and beating up random thugs she found on the street. But because none of them ever had any actual skill, it was quite easy for her to beat them. For some reason, that seemed to help. Yet at the same time, it only made her yearn for something more. But she just couldn't figure out what it was.

    After a few minutes of thought, Phoebe decided it was time for her to go out again. She grabbed her bag, locked her bedroom door, and snuck out through the window, making her way down to the streets. Looking back and forth, she picked a random direction and started walking, hoping to find something of interest.
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  5. Location: Verona, Italy
    Time: 11:30am
    Gulping down the last bit of breakfast sandwich, Angelo untwisted his ankles and pushed his body upward from his iron weaved seat. As far as the rest of his morning went, he hadn't a clue what to do. His famig- friends, were no longer present to keep him some company as they all left to carry out a new life, more tranquil life. As started his walk down from the breakfast shop he began to reflect on what his options were now that he was free of the Mafia's life. His thoughts narrowed down ideas like a authors typewriter, a new scheme jotted down and the sentence ending with a *ding*. He could take up a local job, places were hiring. Maybe something that would tailor towards his skills? But who would want someone who could mode-switch into some flaming, super-powered, martial artist? The police force maybe? He shook his head, nothing would require a sort of extreme like that... At least he hoped not. He almost like his life in the battle against Veyron. Even though he's appeased with his services done for the innocence of Verona he wasn't willing to step into a gamble with death over and over. "Perhaps I could start a self-defense class." He continued to ponder. But suddenly, something stung him in the back of the head. "Oh that's right... I have the Vongola to assist here and there. I guess I'm not out of hot water yet." He blew out an elongated huff, slightly regretting his decision to aid the Vongola, but the protectors need protecting as well too. Upon thinking about it again, he felt that his aid may be called upon soon. A sort of gut feeling.

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  6. Location: Rosenthal Manor, Daten City, Italy​
    Date: Nov. 7, 2013​

    It was only a few hours later into the afternoon, after lunch was done and over with, Church would again be within the library, sitting by a small chimney fire enjoying a book. Seras would enter the room and grins lightly, carrying over a small tray with her, "I brought you a drink, Church. Reading your family's book again, huh?" Placing the tray down on the side table beside the chair, she folds her hands together as Church looks up to her, "Yeah.. Well, there's still plenty for me to learn about my family's past and the events that had gone on through this book. My father and my grandfather had written their lives involving this family into this book, and everything inbetween. Soon enough I'll be doing just that too it seems.. Desmond and James really helped me shape up to be the head of the family where I needed it for the past three years. And it's been nearly as long since you've arrived into the family as well as some of the others, hasn't it?" Church laughs lightly as he shakes his head, closing the book and placing it on his lap, "Hanako sure wasn't happy back then that you ended up becoming the head of staff over her so quickly since she was already here along with Desmond. But I'm glad everyone gets along... You can stay if you'd like, I doubt anyone's in a rush right now and I'd like to enjoy your company for once." He grins, bringing a hand towards the glass as he takes a small drink, placing it back down. Seras nods with a happy smile and walks around the chair, motioning to sit on the arm beside him. Looking to her, he grins as well but would blush a little as his gaze shifts down to normal, looking away from the height difference. Seras would only blink and tilts her head a bit, not really sure what that was about as she'd sit there, the two of them looking on at the book, "How do you think James is doing on his trip? I'd say it must be his.. Third day there by now considering flight time.." "Mrm, yeah-.. I'm sure he's enjoying himself down in Japan. His name may sound pretty english but he was fond of living there when he did with his parents. I was told they traveled alot but decided to stay in Japan. Something about its culture and people appealed to them. Anyhow, James said there were some things he wanted to investigate there.. Some little town ways off from where he lived..... Remind me when dinner's over for me to help you all out with the dishes, alright? Desmond will be on me about it again but I don't care. I never was a rich man or even moderately so now, and I'm not about to turn into the stereotype now. Hehe.." Seras chuckles quietly as she places a hand on Church's shoulder for a moment, "Sure, but you better not slack either in that case. Just because I serve you doesn't mean I'll cut you any slack." She'd smirk, Church shakes his head and looks to her, then to the hand on his shoulder with a quirked brow. Seras blinks again and notices it and blushes herself, pulling away, "I know how to do something as simple as washing dishes, Seras. Don't worry about a thing." "Y-yeah.. I know.."

    Location: Namimori, Japan
    Date: November 7th, 2013
    Weather: Heavy Rain​
    Time: 8:26 PM (relative time-zone)​
    Wearing a gray trenchcoat and a hat over his white-haired head, James walks down the streets with an umbrella closely down. Stopping by one of the lights, he looks around with crimson eyes and smiles, "Almost missed the rain here in Japan.. Always a different air to it compared to Italy.. Nicer here too. Neighborhoods tended to be friendlier too, this town's no exception. For now."
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  7. "Fifteen million dollars was recorded being transferred into the Varia's account - without permission." Enzo kept a stern tone and glance at Xanxus as he spoke, their eye contact unbreakable. "Fifteen million." "As if you were going to use that money. Varia has a better plan for it all." "We DID have a plan for the money. Do you have any idea how much it costs to keep the Namimori police department off our backs? Countless thousands to bribe the news networks to throw up stories about 'accidental power plant explosions' and 'power outages'. What the hell is the Varia up to?" "None of your god damn business, that's what."

    Enzo's fist clenched in barely caged anger. He wasn't one for arguing, or getting upset in the first place, but ever since he obtained the Moon flame, his temper has had some odd spikes at times. "I would have at least given that trash Tsuna a hint, but you don't even deserve that from me, now get out of my building." Through it all, Xanxus kept an uninterested, but pestered face as he spoke. Enzo had no choice but to ease his tension and leave. He spun around on his heels and made his way to the door, casting a glare at Xanxus before leaving.

    Enzo left back through the entrance he came from, only to see an estimated 15 vehicles parked around the entrance, with men aiming guns at the building. Enzo raised his left hand to his ear, pushing down on an earpiece within. "This is the 11th speaking, stand down."

    Surprised, the men exchanged glances before lowering their weapons. "Wh-..what do you suggest we do?" A familiar voice sounded on the radio. "We're closing the Varia's account."
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  8. As Phoebe wandered the streets, she found herself stopping at a light not too far away from her home. The light was abnormally long, and she ended up letting her mind wander, which isn't always a good thing. As she thought about various things, the small girl found herself staring at something, a figure across the street from her dressed in a trenchcoat, with an umbrella covering their face. She frowned, staring at him more to figure out if he was suspicious or not. Normally she didn't see people covering their face like that. Was there something wrong with that person? Perhaps they were tired and spacing out, and ended up letting their umbrella droop. Or maybe he was actually hiding something. Inside her head, part of her was going on about how paranoid she was being. But a small girl like her on the streets at a time like this has to be paranoid about everyone around her, even if she could take care of herself.

    Of course, there was the part of her that was looking for a fight, and a suspicious person would be perfect for that. She hoped. She continued to stare blankly at him, waiting for the light to change. Maybe he would notice and say something about it.
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  9. Namimori​
    James sighs lightly as he looks to his watch, humming, ~Looks like they're running late for pickup.. No matter..~ Shifting the umbrella up a bit, holding it down originally to keep the wind from pulling away too hard, he looks about and notices a girl, staring at him infact. Blinking a few times, he gives out a "Huh.." Looking left and right down the street, his eyes would meet with the girls', clearing his throat a little, "I'm sorry there.. Is something wrong?" A few moments pass before it sinks in that he spoke in english, putting a hand up to his mouth for a moment and trying again, repeating his words this time in a more fluent Japanese.
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  10. Narrowing her eyes a bit as he spoke in English, she walked over to him, changing her expression to a more innocent one. She looked up to him, her golden eyes blank as she spoke. "Sorry, I haven't seen you around. I was trying to see if I could recognize you." Well, he seemed friendly enough, which was sort of a disappointment. You win some, you lose some.

    "Are you visiting a friend, or do you live here?" she asked, tilting her head to the side a bit.
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  11. Grinning politely, James pulls his hat off and responds, "I'm afraid it's neither. I'm here for a friend's and my own reasons.. It's a rather nice town from what I could tell." Nodding his head faintly, he moves to offer his hand but decides against it quickly, "I'm James. James Whitacre. It's nice to meet you, miss."
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  12. Phoebe's blank face slowly changed into a more relaxed expression, the corners of her mouth even turning up a bit. He was nice, Phoebe liked him so far. But she wasn't gonna tell him that. She quickly turned her head, pushing some hair behind her shoulders, and crossed her arms. "I'm.. Phoebe. Phoebe Leva. Nice to meet you too, I guess. Are you lost or anything?" she asked, putting her hands behind her back and looking up at him. It was probably a good thing that she ran into him, rather than some creep who might have tried something by now. Phoebe needed new friends, anyways.
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  13. "Oh, no not at all. I'm rather expecting a pickup nearby soon but they've been running late. My hotel room's halfway across the town from here, hehe.." Looking up to the rain, he'd idly toss his hat around in his hand, grinning calmly, "I don't mean to be rude in asking but.. What brings you out here at this time? Especially in this weather no less. Not that I have much right to question that anyways."
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  14. Phoebe shifted her weight between her legs awkwardly at the question. How should she answer? It's not exactly something a small girl like her would want to be seen doing around here. What if he was some super secret agent of some sort, and to him she was just another hooligan on the streets?

    "Oh, um.. Well. I went out on a walk.. For training.. Er, training, as in, thinking and stuff," she spoke, her tone getting quieter with each word she said. Phoebe wrinkled her nose and sighed, shaking her head. "I suppose you're going to say it's dangerous for me to be out all alone like this? A small girl like me?" Sure, that's what everyone else said. Only she usually proved them wrong not too long after they dared to speak those words to her.
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  15. Laughing a little, James shakes his head in response, "Not at all." He looks down the street and would see a set of headlights, the vehicle coming to a stop across from them, "It would seem my ride's arrived. Here, why don't you take my umbrella for the rain, I won't need it for the rest of the way. I enjoyed our little chat. Perhaps I'll run into you again, maybe, maybe not." He moves to place his hat back onto his head, tipping it towards her as he slowly makes his way to the car, a man in a suit exiting to open the door for him. James looks back as he reaches the door, "And if you're curious why I said that, it was your eyes. I mean no offense, but they don't match the rest of how you seem to be portrayed. No sign of frailty, confident.. Well, I must be going now."
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  16. Phoebe slowly took the umbrella from him as she watched him walk away, holding it above her head with a slight blush on her face. She wasn't sure what else to say at this point, so she remained silent, almost turning to leave until he spoke up again.

    "...it was your eyes." She couldn't help but blush more at his comment. Her eyes gave her away? Was she that obvious, or was he just good at recognizing that sort of thing? Why was he looking at her eyes like that? Or maybe it was just that they were so bright, much like his crimson eyes. Perhaps they were just hard to look away from. Despite such thoughts running through her head, she stared at him as he walked to the car, hesitating for a moment. Finally, while looking down, she spoke.

    "I'll have to see you again, I have to return your umbrella." Phoebe fidgeted with the handle in her hands as she turned slightly, facing the direction she was to walk as soon as James got in the car and left. "..That's all there is to it," she added with a nod.
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  17. Enzo's tired, damp body dropped onto the backseat of the limo. With the loud shut of the door, it began to roll, accompanied by other black vehicles that had come for assistance. "Shut down the Varia's account? But, 11th-.." "It's fine, the Varia won't openly retaliate. The most I can see them doing is ravaging their own things out of rage." "So-.. Are we disbanding the Varia entirely? They won't be able to operate without any funds." "No, not disband," Enzo dragged his sight to the window as they drove back toward the populated Namimori, passing by a girl and an unknown vehicle in the process. "we're just putting them on punishment."

    It wasn't long before Enzo was dropped off at his normal estate, a two floor house with a front yard and gate. It's where everything started, and where he choose to stay. The black car convoy departed, returning to whatever HQ the Vongola had set up.

    Enzo shot his eyes to the sky with a hand out. He hadn't noticed it but it actually had stopped raining. What was left was renegade drops of water here and there. A visible sigh escaped him and ascended into the air; nothing was easy being the one to manage one of the biggest Mafia families in the world, but no matter how prestigious it was, he always enjoyed coming back to a regular life, attending Namimori high, and the like.

    Now that the rain had stopped, Enzo felt incomplete, so he shoved his hands into his pant's pockets, and walked down the block. All the while, he admired the night sky, as well as the glowing moon that illuminated the darkest parts of Namimori.


    Enzo's body froze at the sound of a gun cocking behind him. He didn't see it, but he could feel the threatening aura it posed behind him. "J-Just give me your wallet and you won't get hurt..!"
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  18. James' gaze shifts over to the number of black cars going down the street, grinning faintly as he just watches them pass by. Looking up to the sky and blinking a few times, James gives off a curious "Huh.." as he stands at the open car door, "Well what do you know... Rain stopped.." Bringing out his wrist to his face, he looks at his watch and hums to himself, before looking back up to Phoebe with a gentle smile, "You know what.. If you'd like, I can take you up on that now. Why don't I accompany you on a walk? I could still learn about the town and what better than with a nice, young woman." The driver of the car would stammer, looking back to James, "But, Mr. Whitacre, you're to call the 3rd Head of Rosenth-" Calmly looking over his shoulder to the driver, he'd speak rather uninterested, "I advise you to contain yourself.. Church is fine with me making my own decisions, I can call at a later time. Go on and meet with the other men back at the hotel and take the time off." The driver would gently sigh and nods, "Understood, sir." Shutting the door behind him, James looks back to Phoebe, "And who knows.. Rain could start up again. Oh and don't worry, I'm not planning anything if that's crossing your mind." He'd calmly say, giving off a laugh.
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  19. Phoebe looked back at him again as he spoke, peeking out under the umbrella to see that it has, in fact, stopped raining. She closed the umbrella and stood there as he offered to walk with her, calling her a nice, young woman. Woman, she repeated in her mind. He recognized her as a woman, and not just another small girl. She couldn't help but blush again. He started speaking to his driver, and as he did, she took this as an opportunity to observe her surroundings a bit more. She hadn't realized, but while she was speaking to him, she had completely forgotten about paying attention to what was around her. How foolish of her. It could have been an ambush and she wouldn't have ever seen it coming. She shook her head as she thought to herself, scolding herself internally as he spoke to her again.

    "..I'm not planning anything if that's crossing your mind."

    Well, it hadn't before, but it probably should have, she thought to herself. Again with slipping up on something. She was having an off night, it seemed. Phoebe crossed her arms as he laughed, smiling a little and shaking her head. "Even if you were, it wouldn't matter. I could handle it," she stated, confidence clear in her quiet voice. "A walk sounds nice, I suppose."
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  20. Grinning a little more after she accepts, James knocks lightly against the car and the driver slowly pulls out and drives off, he looks to Phoebe, "So, Miss Leva.. Any ideas on where we can head off to? Tonight seems like a good night now that the rain's over. It's getting late too, but I suppose that's fine if we're not alone." ~Might be a good chance to see if this town's colors turn around at night too.. I guess we'll just have to see.~ James thought, bringing his hat back over his head.
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