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  1. Here you are...
    Italy, the epicenter of Mafia activity and homeland to the powerful and legendary Vongola. You are a young or old Mafioso, led by your own code written by what you would consider your resolve; or your pride. Whether that be power, money, friends, or the weapons at your disposal. Let them fuel your ambition to gain fame in the Mafia World or Destroy it.
    Lead your Family or go alone.
    Master your Flame!
    Or create a New one...
    Build Allies or make Enemies...
    The choice is yours, Mafioso. What will you make of yourself in this unpredictable world? Intrigue me.

    The rules are fairly simple and goes as followed:
    1. Using the main KHR cast is not allowed, you have to have your own original character. I did mull this over and using the main KHR cast would break the flow of the Roleplay if all the characters weren't of your own origin. Your OC can be part of any family found within the Manga/Anime, but NO using the main cast as your character.
    2. This regards the Sky Flame. Within the series it is known as a "rare" Flame. Meaning every single OC should not have a Sky Flame. Unless you are the Boss of a specific Famiglia you cannot use a Sky Flame if there's a number of people using it already. One character is reserved for the Sky Flame. Going back to the Famiglia Boss exception, you have to have a fully fleshed out family. Guardians with(and no less): Flames, a name, an appearance, Base location. If you're within a Famiglia known in the series than the location is an exception as your Base location is already known among the fans.
    3. NO GODMODDING. Should you encounter a battle, play it out fairly. Consider the abilities and skills of your opponent and yours and weigh out how your OC will take the blow of an incoming attack. This also means NO OVERPOWERED SKILLS. Hyper Dying Will Mode is allowed, but Ultimate Dying Will Mode is forbidden. Not only was it barely explained, the true capabilities of the form is still in question.
    4. Be respectful. I should not have to explain this.
    5. Be creative. If you make an OC don't just give him a Flame and gloves and say "ok dun lulz". Flesh him/her out. Give them a bit of back story. Give them a reason why they're doing the things they do in this Roleplay. If you plan on crafting your OC's story with this Roleplay, that's okay too. But don't leave me with an OC that's just skin and bone. Give em' some life.
    6. Have some fuckin' fun.

    What is a Mafioso without his flame? The burning spirit of the Mafia fueled by resolve and burned by pride. Here's the Flames you may use... Or you can create your own:

    The Dying Will Flames of Sky:

    The Dying Will Flames of Earth:
    The last flame is Unknown

    The Dying Will Flames of Mind(My custom Flames):
    If you wish to use any of these custom Flames, PM me about their attributes.

    You can make your own set of Flames as well.

    A Mafioso needs a place to call his/her Base. The Provinces of Italy and Japan are the most popular venues that Famiglias chose. But if you live outside those provinces, make your mark on the map.
    The locations in this Roleplay will depend on where your Mafioso lives or is stationed. Include your OC's Base location/Homeland in their OC Sheet and I will add that location to the list of area's in the Roleplay. If you apply and have a more secluded spot on the map but do not post within a week of applying after the RP starts your area will be deleted until you are able to be active. You can place your Mafioso's location under the"Extra's" tab.

    You don't need to go at your journey alone. Bring your Guardians or your friends along. Don't forget what your roots are. You can control more than one OC if you so chose. If you wish to make a pairing, a posse, or a full blown family.

    Even Vongola started out barefoot, walking down the hard stone path to leading up to their fame and power. The Shimon walked along aside Vongola, forming their inseparable bond and reaching the Promised Land. If you start your own Family they don't need to be more powerful, or just as powerful as the Vongola or any other major Family within the series. Building up your Families is all part of the fun. Don't be a overpowered hoarder and make some Super Outer Space Hyper Mafia Family that can throw planets and aim the Space Colony ARK's Eclipse Cannon down to Earth and eradicate all of the Mafia in a single go. No. Make a reasonably sized Family and build yourself from the ground up. If you're part of the Vongola or any other major family, don't abuse your connections. If you're in a battle with another Family you don't need to call the CEDEF or the Varia for every single fight. Duke it out yourselves. This also means that EVERYONE should NOT be part of the Vongola. If one too many OC's are then I will close the choosing for the Vongola Family. If someone is claimed to be generation Boss, you can be their Guardian. But Bosses for major families are first come first serve.
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  2. I must say, I'm rather glad to see one of these pop up. It's been ages since I've seen the show/read the manga and I haven't finished it either, but I know I remember plenty.. I actually had an RP similar made within IMVU years ago but that's long been gone.. Before I put in my two cents for my own OC's, I got a few questions, one being are we limited to one particular flame for an OC? Just a curiosity since there were some characters IIRC, such as Gokudera (?) ... And another. Say I want to put in 3 characters, would I be able to still have my own 'Family' despite the lack of guardians? Or perhaps go with letting it grow over time if possible (which is something I'd rather like). And I guess I gotta think about a real location now don't I?.. Hrm..
  3. Having more than one flame is totally fine. It wouldn't be fair to not allow more than one, as a friend who's OC has two flames is going to join the RP. Also, you have total freedom over your family. Whether you want to play all three characters or have other players take role in your family is completely up to you! And my OC's family isn't even really complete when it comes to members so hey. You can even call your family something else if you don't find it fit for Mafia standards. Little gangs and vigilante groups are allowed as well. Everything is your call, bud. Also, sorry for the late reply. I was a bit unwell and was asleep the whole day.
  4. It's all good. And now that that's settled, I'll put up my char info. More like a copy-paste of my old info but I'll obviously polish it up :P ... And I hope you don't mind if I send a large wall for a bio. I was rather glad of how much I really put into it in the end. And back then, my characters were part of the Vongola, but here, definitely will change that, heh.

    And I apologize for this being quite large. Also at the time, it wasn't a real city, so if I need to fix all that, I can too.

    Name: Church Bennett 'Rosenthal'

    Age: 20

    Title: 3rd head of the Rosenthal Family

    Height: 6'2"

    Weight: 180 lbs.

    Hair: Blue

    Eyes: Gold

    Weapons: a pistol, and his personal favorites: a bo-staff, martial arts, and the Flames of Wrath.

    Flame: Sky


    Warning! You are about to read a very long Bio. I did not mean to make it so long in the past, and you do not need to read it all, but I'd appreciate it if you did. Thank you.

    Bio: It has been nearly two decades since the Rosenthal family had an heir to take over

    after the 2nd head had passed. The family had nearly disintegrated entirely over

    the years, but few of the most loyal had stayed and kept it alive but under low-profile,

    researching medical records, birth documents, and all the such, for a small hint of

    worthy blood for the heir, for such requirements are extremely tough to come by; Only the

    blood that carries the Sky flame can be worthy of leadership. Church Bennett was found

    at the age of 18, after he had left his home town of Sarthenon. He was a secluded young man,

    who was always interested in his books, but, as much as a book-worm people had thought he'd be,

    he enlisted himself in several martial arts institutions and trained for years since he

    was 7. It wasn't Rosenthal that had found him, but he, that had found Rosenthal. Church was

    unaware of his secret power from within, and so was the rest of the world. The Rosenthal

    family may have kept a low profile, but, it did not mean they were safe. Many other

    groups, nearly as efficient, or just as more, were wanting to crush the remaining traces

    of Rosenthal from history. When Church was 14, he decided to move to Daten City, where he

    heard many people have made a great success out of their lives. At first, he was amazed

    at how the city flourished, he quickly fit in. But he slowly discovered the city's true

    nature once the sun had gone down. The streets were deathtraps to any unlucky enough to

    stay outside, for crimes were everywhere. Robberies, murders, you name it, it was most

    likely there. Watching it all, lights off and blinds closed, Church was horrified, he

    thought that he'd have to get out of the city as soon as possible. But even that, seemed

    more impossible than living through a night like that. as terrified as he was, he made a vow he would endure it

    and make the best out of what he had. It was through his immense fear, that his power had begin to show promise.

    Three years later, when he was 17, one night on another sleepless night, he felt something inside of him, growing,

    he could feel something surging within his body, his blood, his mind. He looked at his

    hands, carefully, and he could begin to see something bizarre to him, within his body..

    An orange flame. At that moment however, he realized it had all gone quiet outside of his

    apartment, he stood up and peaked through the window, no one in the streets. He doesn't

    understand what was going on, for all the gunfights and robberies had suddenly halted as

    soon as he saw the flame within him.. But then he realized.. He was not alone. He

    instantly started packing and he then heard knocks on his door. He stayed still and

    silent, stiffer than a dead man, colder than a dead man. He realized that most of those

    people outside had entered his apartment, but another thing had seized him, he could not

    only see his flame, but he could see other colored flames scattered behind his door in

    the apartments hallways. Purple, blue, green, red, yellow, indigo.. Many of them were in

    the hallways, but one had concerned him the most.. Another Orange flame, but to his

    curiosity, it did not look as intense as his. Just as he had wondered, still in fear, the

    door was broken down and five men, including the man that had an orange flame within him,

    had entered the room, some were armed. In alarm, Church had backed into the windows.

    The man where he could see have the orange flame approached him, most likely the leader of the group.

    The man looked Church over and laughed with a greedy look in his eye, asking him

    with a hint of malice, "Where are you from, boy?"

    Church hesitated, "W-west from h-here.."

    "How west?" asked the man, the men behind him sharing his greedy look.

    Church responded, "At-atleast eight-hundred miles."

    The man sneered and his lackies snickered behind their breathe, their guns aimed sharply at Church.

    "What is a young man like you hanging around here so far from home? Hm? It's awfully dangerous here."

    "I-I came here from h-hearing so much about this city.. How so many people are successful in their careers."

    "Really now? You've never heard of why they were successful then, I bet."

    "N-no, I h-haven't," The man grinned widely from hearing this, he grabbed Church by the collar.

    "This city's run from the underground kid.. People with a lot of power, and things you'll never understand."

    "But what does this have anything to do with me? Why crowd to my roo-", At that moment, Church was terrified.

    Could the flames have something to do with their presence? What did it all mean? What WERE these flames?

    The man laughed coarsely and tightened his grip around Church's shirt collar.

    "Tell me... Why ARE you here? Hm? Do you work for someone? We're not fond of newcomers, especially of your kind.."

    "Wh-what are you talking about? I'm all alone." "Liar!," The man slams Church against the window.

    "Who do you work for!" "Just stop, I don't know what you want!" "Who do you work for!"

    As Church tries to struggle, the flame within him intensifies, the man tightens his grip even more.

    "Leave me alone, I don't know what you want with me!," The man lifts Church up off of his feet and becomes furious,

    "Then WHY are you here! You do not belong here! This city belongs to me, and it has no room for the likes of you!"

    "I said.. Leave me alone!," He grabs the mans wrists and tries to wriggle free, an orange flame begins to glow over his forehead,

    an aura permeates from Church's hands and the man suddenly retracts and yells in pain, his wrists burned and slightly petrified,

    he looks back and starts to shout to his men, but finds the men inside the room have been petrified.

    Church, stunned at what just happened, he stares at his hands before noticing that the men are slowly going back to normal.

    He hesitates and jumps through the window with his suitcase; a two-story drop, he hits and rolls off a car,

    groaning in pain as his left shoulder is banged up. He continues and runs off, the man looking through the broken window, he shouts to all his men to go after him.

    And so, Church is being chased by a marauding mob of gangsters and the like, he runs through streets, alleyways and parking lots,

    until he finds himself in front of a large shopping mall, which apparently it was still open, but no sign of crime anywhere.

    He hurries in, the mob slowly catching up to him in the distance, he continues to run.

    As the people who are chasing him enter the building, Church quickly rushes into the nearest store he can get to, he enters

    a small sit-in café and stumbles against some chairs and falls in front of someone.

    Out of breath and in pain, he can't bring himself to get up. The man in front of him kneels down and offers his hand to help.

    The man had white hair and red eyes, roughly a little older than Church was,

    the young man offers his hand and asks, "Are you alright?" Church looks up and slowly takes his hand but retracts, he sees a red flame,

    feeling hesitant. The young man sees his hesitation and reassures him, "Don't worry.. I'm a friend, I won't hurt you."

    After some thought, Church takes the man's hand and gets up, "Th-.. Thanks..."

    At that moment, Church could hear the shouting of the mob get closer, "Oh damn it, they're still after me.. I can't keep running..."

    The young man looks at him for a while, he sees Church has an orange flame and smiles brightly, "Well then, why not fight back?"

    "What??.. How? There's too many after me, and I don't know why.. It's not safe here, we have to go."

    The young man spoke calmly, "Do not worry.. You're in good hands now, I will deal with your problem."

    At that, the man briskly walked out of the café and stands in front of the approaching mob, calmly he speaks,

    "I am afraid you are trespassing, you should leave before things turn bad."

    One of the men from the group shouts back to him, "Get in our way and you'll regret it, move so we can get that man in there."

    "I'm sorry, but I can't let you do that.." -the young man takes his hand out of his pocket and brings it near his chest,

    a ring around his finger begins to glow an intense red, "I will ask you once more..." his tone darkens at his last word, "Leave."

    Intimidated by what they've realized, the group backs away, the men talking to each other in confusion and fear, one of the men falls backward and stammers,

    "It's, it's him! Rosenthal's Crimson Blade! Run, F*cking run!" At that, the group became hysterical and scrambled away, clearing the building.

    The young man re-entered the café approaching Church, "Well, I see that I haven't scared you off either.. Good."

    Church eyes him with curiosity, "How... How did you do that?.."

    "If you are willing to know more, then come with me.. I am sure you want to keep living as well, for if you leave here alone, they'll be back."

    Church swallows his tension and quickly responds, "Where to?"

    The young man gently laughs, "Rosenthal.. And by the way, my name is James. James Whitacre."

    "Church... Bennett.." A short silence, "I want to know more. More about these flames.."

    "Very well, I can tell you when we are safe, come with me."

    And so, Church and James left the building and traveled to the Rosenthal Family's hideout, hidden within a mansion in the suburbs of the city.

    There, James revealed to Church about the flames he had questioned so much about... They are the Dying Will Flames.

    There are seven: Sky, Storm, Cloud, Mist, Lightning, Rain, and Sun.

    James also reveals, through extensive research, that Church, as random as they're encounter was,

    was the next heir to the family, the 2nd head's lost son. At first, Church was bewildered and refused,

    but after some time, he realized that coming to Daten City, was a one-way trip, and Rosenthal was his ticket to keep on going.

    And so, he took the role as Rosenthal's leader, learning everything he possibly could from James for the past three years and defended his new family.

    Church is 20 now, and in such short time, he's shown great promise as James had thought, a friendship formed between the two.

    It's become a time now, where as a leader, he can't do it alone for long, for greater troubles are growing within the city and beyond, the world.


    Name: James Whitacre
    Age: 22
    Title: Rosenthal Adviser; "The Crimson Blade"
    Height: 5'11"
    Weight: 165 lbs.
    Hair: White
    Eyes: Red
    Weapons: Appears to be none, but he keeps a dagger and a small pistol hidden.
    Flame: Mist, Storm
    Bio: He was raised under the Rosenthal family's influence, his father was a loyal member of the family until when James was 16 when his father was killed by a man hired from a rival group. James took over his father's position as an adviser, should an heir ever be found. Ever since Church has filled the role, he has been ever so loyal as a best friend could be. He watches over Church with undying friendship and loyalty.
    Name: Seras Sinclaire
    Age: 19
    Title: Head Housemaiden; Church's personal maid, guardian and friend; Holds authority over the other staff.
    Height: 5'10"
    Weight: 110 Lbs.
    Hair: Grayish-purple
    Eyes: Purple
    Weapons: Katana and two pistols, martial arts, and a bo-staff.
    Flame: Storm, Rain
    Bio: Church's favorite person in the Rosenthal Family, she is just as loyal, -maybe even more loyal than- James. She feels very close to him and tries her best to please him anyway she can. Out of all the maids, she's the most lively.

    ((More of a background character but I feel I should still involve it, my main attention is with the above three))
    Name: Desmond Burnam
    Age: 52
    Weight: 220 Lbs.
    Height: 5'11"
    Title: "Puppeteer"
    Hair: Black, graying in some areas
    Eyes: brown
    Weapons: Hand-to-hand combat, garrote wire
    Flame: Cloud, Mist
    Bio: Desmond has been in the Rosenthal family for the longest time that has still lived. He is in charge of the family's security and stability. He keeps a close eye on every guest precariously, as if he wasn't there to begin with.
    ((These are more background characters, but I still feel like including them too if you don't mind.))

    Name(s): (from left to right) Hanako, Bella, Sernia, Hannah, Mary
    Age(s): (left to right) 20, 21, 18, 19, 20
    Title: Rosenthal Maidens
    Weight: 135, 130, 120, 120, 115 Lbs.
    Height: 6'2", 5'7", 5'5", 5'2", 5'8"
    Hair: Purple, blonde, white, blue, black
    Eyes: Purple, light blue, brown, blue, gray
    Weapons: I'll just say, an array of weapons... Hey, it's a Mafia, they should be able to protect themselves too, right?
    Flames: Cloud, Lightning, Mist, Rain, Sun
    Bio: Housekeepers of the Rosenthal Home, Church cares for them like they were sisters.
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  5. [​IMG]
    Name: Enzo Ferrari
    Age: 17
    Mafia: Vongola
    Rank: 11th Generation Boss​
    Height: 5'11
    Defining Marks: Multiple slash scars on the mid-section, Scars around right wrist.​

    When you first see Enzo, you'll think he's the emotionless type. This was caused by the poisoned Flame of the Moon. Once you get to know him, his emotionless behavior will eventually fade, and you'll see a kind-hearted kid on the inside. He values friends and peace over chaos and violence, which was one of the reasons he was chosen by the 10th.

    Get him angry, however, and he will change into an entirely different person, with the help of his poisoned flame.

    Hyper Dying Will Mode Stage 1
    When activated, the Hyper Dying Will Mode will unlock a person's true potential, and can heighten the users senses up to three times it's normal effectiveness.
    A flame will appear on the forehead and hands of the user. All contain extreme heat.
    Hyper Dying Will Mode Stage 2
    Rumored to be the continuation of the original Hyper Dying Will Mode, this stage
    removes the forehead flame and adds a smaller flame covering the right eye.
    This stage is uncontrollable, and very dangerous. It's known that
    Enzo has only used this stage once in his life.
    As far as abilities go, this stage rages the flame stored in the user's body,
    making flame projection much stronger.
    Flame Absorption
    With the aid of the Flame of the Moon, the user is able to change to a defensive
    posture for a short time. A large, ghostly blue ball of flame would appear in the
    hands of the wielder. If a flame of any kind were to make contact with this
    sphere, it would be sucked in. From there, the user is able to copy
    the captured flame and use it. The duration depends on how much of the
    flame was taken.

    Flame of the Sky
    The Flame of the Sky is a rare and exclusive flame that exists only within
    the bloodline of the Vongola bosses. It is a perfect balance between it's
    neighboring flames, and it also the strongest flame known. Those who
    possess the flame, knows what leadership is.
    Flame of the Moon
    Originally thought of as a curse, The Flame of the Moon is the strongest
    of the series of the night. How many flames there are in the group is unknown.
    The only two known flames are Moon and Stars.
    The Moon flame itself appears as a faded blue, and burns slowly. It feeds off of
    negative emotions and anger. The more it feeds, the stronger it will become.
    When the Hyper Dying Will is activated with this flame, the user
    becomes engulfed in anger and rage. It is controllable, but it will always
    bring out the worst in whoever is using it.

    Ebony Gloves
    When the Hyper Dying Will Mode is activated, a pair of padded, finger-less gloves
    appear on Enzo's hands. They are just as hard as the original X-gloves.
    When used with Cambio Forma, the gloves become spiked at the knuckles,
    and more armor is added.

    Edged Chains
    When Cambio forma is activated, A 25 foot, black chain will appear wrapped around Enzo's arm. The chain is covered in Moon flames, and has a sharp blade on each end.
    | WIP |​
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  6. [​IMG]
    Phoebe Leva
    Mafia family:
    Phoebe is a small girl, standing at 5'2 and weighing just over 100 pounds. She has long, silvery hair, and deep golden eyes. With her slightly babyish face, people often think she is much younger than she is, which irritates her. She'll never be found wearing revealing clothing, and often dresses in whatever she finds cute. This could mean anything, really. Though, normally a plain skirt with a nice blouse is what you will find her in.​
    Phoebe usually comes across as a fairly normal girl; polite, not too noisy or obnoxious, doesn't talk too much, etc. However, once she's comfortable with you, that's an entirely different story. When she's comfortable with you, you'll notice a few things about her. She's clingy, sort of judgmental, and doesn't know when to stop. She has troubles establishing boundaries with others, and doesn't know her own limits very well. Some may call her fearless, others may call her stupid. It all depends on your point of view. Nevertheless, she is a good ally, and an even greater friend. If someone were to harm one of her friends in someway, they would not go without punishment directly from her.​
    Her weapon of choice is a long staff, something she's almost always carrying on her back in case she needs it. She is skilled with it, but by no means a master. In reality, she has little to no idea what she's doing with it, but it's seemed to work out with her so far. It can fold up into fourths for convenience carrying it, as well, and for this reason, she always has it on her in her backpack. As far as abilities go, she's an illusionist. Her mist flames allow her to play the best pranks on people, but unfortunately she doesn't know much beyond how to trick people. She's still learning about her abilities, as well as herself.​
    Phoebe has been living with her grandmother for all of her life, helping her where she could, or doing whatever her grandmother asked of her. Her parents died while she was still a baby, so she has no memories of them at all. The only person who's ever been there for her 100% is her grandmother, and Phoebe is beyond thankful to her for it. Fortunately for Phoebe, she's never had to suffer any major losses of any sort. Her friends and family are all still alive and healthy, (with the exception of her parents,) and won't be leaving anytime soon. Her life has been fairly good to her in that way. She figures she's probably just lucky, and everyone knows that luck runs out at some point.​
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  7. Now that there's a good number of people on the roster, I should explain how the world works. For starters, you are free to travel from Italy or Japan. Though, you are not limited to only that. You can travel to the other mafia bases found throughout the series. (Gesso Base, Simon Island, Vindice Prison, Mafia Land, ect.) You are also free to travel to any land your character is familiar with/has come from. To make for clarity, if you're about to travel to a new land you must wait for at least one to two RP days to go by before you can post in your new location. Helps with time allocation and things of the sort. You also have to leave a little tid-bit at the end of your posts on where you are. So to say you're currently in Italy you'd have to put this at the end of your post:
    Location: Italy, (Mafia Base, Area, Township/Province)
    So it is best if you all decide on where you want your characters to start out, for a heads up my guy will be in Italy. But for any real interaction it's best that at least two of you are in the same continent. If there's any other quarrels then we would have to await more players so there can be better chances of player interaction.
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  8. Well I am curious about the location of my characters. I didn't see anything about made-up places. If so, I can of course fix that.
  9. Yeah, sorry I failed to mention that in the actual forum post... I tend to forget things like that. But like I said, the theme of this RP is freedom of action. So there's nothing you really need to fix. As long as your location fits the style of the world. What I mean by that is you're not in some Arcane oasis with floating stalactites, and flame wisps all over. To be perfectly honest I find your OC's to be just fine, I also admire how many you have considering you're only one person.
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  10. Alright then, and yeah, although I have several posted, my main focus is on the first three, maybe four. The other five packed together are 'background.' Like I mentioned (I believe I did), I tried running my own for a little while on IMVU's Forums when the one I joined flunked out after a good half year. Diversity and multitasking is good to have when you have multiple characters.. Plus it gives me more to think about :P
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  11. I can agree with you there. Even still, I haven't seen anyone have such an extensive character roster. I tip my hat.
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  12. Quick question.. Glazing over ideas on where my location truly is but if I do go with the place in my bio currently, would the idea of a man-made island be out of the question? Sounds a tad tacky but it's something. I was thinking possibly right between the sole of Italy's "Boot"
  13. It's not something I'd disagree with. It also doesn't sound like something you wouldn't see in KHR either. Go for it my friend. :U (Sorry for the late response.)
  14. Not a problem with the timing, but thanks. Glad to see I can go with it, and yeah thinking back it is something that'd be seen. Speaking of, I really feel like wanting to watch KHR again to refresh myself on it among enjoying it a 2nd time, hehe.
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  15. Sorry if I'm not posting. Rather wanting to pace myself so no one gets left behind if at all ^^"
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  16. No, that's all good. I'm waiting for Enzo.
  17. If it's alright, I'm going to do some small edits on my profiles. Nothing big, but considering how I have my characters, I may want to make a small change and fix to James.. Oh and one thing I forgot to ask about. I didn't see it (clearly enough if it is there somewhere) say anything about Rings. True, that was mostly in the Future Arc of the manga/anime but just curious about it. And on that note.. What's your take about the Hell Rings (That's what they were, right? Can't remember too clearly and haven't reached that point yet in re-watching the show on my part.)
  18. Alright... So, I've been away because number one horribad writers block. Number two I've been jamming on ideas for the RP. So forgive my awful absence. (If you can help it.) So, after consulting with Enzo we've come up with some decent ideas to get shit rolling again. So yeah... He'll be posting soon and so will I.
  19. Great to know, I'm still interested in this and hopefully so is silverline :P

    But yeah, onto my question half a month ago. May I do that edit? I can send you a conversation about what is being edited or just say it here.
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