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Hi friends! I’m Karo and I’m searching for an RP partner.

About me and my RP style– I’m 22 and have been RPing for 11 years. I consider myself to be a decent RPer. I can reliably bang out anywhere from 3 to 8 paragraphs, depending on what I’m given. I’m unemployed at the moment so I have more free time, but trying to get a job. Once I get a job, I’ll be able to post once or twice a week. I prefer to play female characters but am not opposed to playing male ones if necessary.

I’m looking for someone who can build a story with me. The ideas I have are just that– ideas! I am open to changing them up or doing something completely different if you have an idea of your own. All I ask is that you don’t write one-liners and reply at least once a week. If you can do that and you’re interested in writing with me, please DM me!

Note: I’m not comfortable with smut. I prefer to be very vague or just fade to black.

A Night Run
Your character is out for a run one night when they discover a young woman passed out in a pool of her own blood, missing a leg. While a normal person may call an ambulance, your character is not a normal person. That run they're on? Well, less of a pleasurable jog and more of them running from the scene of a crime. Something about this young woman pulls at them and they end up rescuing her, only to discover there is more to her than meets the eye.

My character has actually escaped from a facility testing power-giving drugs on people. She has the power of regeneration and is dead set on busting her sister out of this facility. Maybe our characters strike a deal to help each other. Or maybe other hijinks ensue. I’m open to anything!

The Royal Charade
A duke and a duchess, a tale as old as time. Except this love story isn’t so wholesome. The duke? Closeted and full of fury at his predicament, which he often takes out on his wife. The duchess? A woman with a biting tongue and a secret to hold over her the head of her “lover.” Like it or not, together they must survive the expectations of their time without killing each other in the process.​