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  1. // Ongoing rough force roleplay. One on One. Message me if you would like to participate. No foot fetishes. Other then that, don't hold back. Replies will not be as long as the starter. Must be okay with short replies.

    *Karma was laying perfectly still on the couch as the man had told her. she watched him quietly, afraid as he made phone calls and gathered a few things around the house. soon he hung up the phone and approached her, grinning horribly. she tried to move away as he sat next to her and stroked her face lightly* "You are so beautiful my dear. And now you are all mine. You will serve me and I will award you based on your bahavior." *he smiled at her and moved his hand to touch her breasts. she hit his hand away and covered her breasts with her arms. he just shook his head, then slapped her face hard* "Rule number one my dear; Do not fight me. You have nowhere else to go so you might as well get used to how things are done here." *he pushes her arms away and grabs her breasts tightly in his rough hands. he strokes them roughly, then leans down and kisses her mouth deeply, shoving his tongue inside. she closed her eyes and tried to not think about what was happening. after she had turned 18 years old, she left her home to make a life of her own. that life was taken away from her when she was drugged at a party and dragged to a house in the middle of nowhere. she had no idea where she was or what to do if she ever got out of the house. there was nothing around for miles. soon the man started to slide his hand up her skirt, between her thighs. she tried to close her legs but he just shoved them apart and ripped her panties off of her. he shoved his fingers deep inside her and chuckled as she arched her back in pain* "Don't worry my dear. I can help you with that." *she gasped out as she felt a prick in her upper inner thigh. she looked down and saw him holding a needle in her thigh. he injected her and pulled it out, smiling at her* "Just a couple minutes my dear and you will feel better." *she looked afraid as the time went by and she felt her body heating up. she grew wet and felt her body aching for him no matter how hard she tried to resist. she looked up at him as he smiled at her* "Don't worry my dear, I have plenty more where that came from. You will learn to love it." *with that he ripped off her skirt and climbed on top of her, kissing her deeply*

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  5. It is a roleplay starter and asking anyone who wants to do this roleplay with me to message me and we would do it in the messages.