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  1. Uniform: Male uniform is a white shirt, red tie and black trousers. As well as a black blazer with the school logo on Female uniform is a white shirt, red tie and black skirt or trousers. As well as a black blazer with the school logo on

    school: [​IMG]

    They boy looked puzzled as he walked down the street. He was new in town, and so didn't really know his way around. However he did have a small map in his hand, and after making a few wrong turns but correcting him self he got to his destination. Karikawa school. He thought the trouble of being knew was over when he reached the school, but he was wrong. The school was giant, and the boy had to use another map just to get around.

    He didn't really fit in with the crowed, even though he was wearing school uniform there was something strange about him. It was probably the large amount of bandages that covered the boys body. Basically every visible bit of his body that wasn't covered by his clothes was then covered by his bandages, apart from his face. Even then he had a plaster across the bridge of his nose. But the boy didn't really seem to limb are look like he was in pain. There was definitely something strange about him.

    The boy made his way through the large school, there were so many class rooms he was surprised he found the right one. He placed his bandaged hand on the door and slid it open, "Umm is this class 2a?" he asked out load, his head still buried in the map he had.

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    Mina was late, the teacher was going to kill her if she didn't get into the classroom. She ran through the halls, pushing passed other people. Despite her childish looks she was quite strong and it was easy for her to push away anyone who ended up in her way. Running as quickly as she could, Mina made it to the class though as she was walking in she ended up running into the back of someone. Stepping back a bit, she looked up at the boy she had ran into. He seemed to be asking if the class he was heading into was 2A. "Yeah, this is 2A." She said in her childish voice that matched the way she looked. She took it upon herself to answer his question since it seemed no one else was going to. After all, they were all silent as they stared at the man that seemed a bit strange looking.

    Though, him being strange was just interesting to a girl like Mina. See, she was a strange girl herself just you wouldn't realize that at first by just taking a look at her unless she wasn't in the school uniform. Normally, she enjoyed wearing outfits that made her stand out from the rest. Even her personality and how she acted was a bit off but upon a first meeting someone wouldn't think anything at all. She pushed passed the new kid a bit to try and head for her desk which was by the window, letting out a huff after she took her seat and placed her things down. The teacher still didn't seem too happy that Mina was late again though, she was late quite often.
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  3. Before anyone answered his question, the boy felt something bump into his back. As he turned around to look he noticed a rather small girl. He was surprised at first, but then figured she would be one of his knew class mates. His he smiled at her, his blue eyes shining slightly. "Thank you" he said, he watched as she walked to her seat near the window.

    He stepped further into the class room, soon the teacher noticed. "Ahh you must be our new student" she said, pulling the boy to the front of the class. "Okay everyone, this boy is new here" she announced to the class. Soon pretty much everyone was watching the bandage covered boy. "What's your name?" she whispered into his ear. The boy looked at the teacher, then at the class. "Hi, my name is Kibo. Please to meet you all" he greeted to the class, a little embarrassed about it. After he was done introducing he made his way to a seat, catching the eye of the girl who just bumped into his. Kibo sat near the middle of the class, but a little closer to the window side. The boy sighed a little as he got to the chair.
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    Takara was sitting in her seat when she saw the boy and Mina. Takara was considered a cold heartless bitch. Most people stayed out of her way except for one person, mina. She had found one person that did not fear her. She watched as Mina took a seat in front of her and then at the boy who introduced himself as kibo. She took he notebook and hit Mina the head lightly. "Baka, I told that if you wanted me to. I would pick you up for school, so you could be on time."
  5. New Student, well duh Mina thought in her head. It was like the teacher thought they were stupid or something. It was obvious he was a new kid. She listened as he introduced himself and watched his movements as he went over to an empty seat. It seemed he noticed she was looking over at him. But just then she felt something hit her onto the head and while it didn't hurt at all Mina looked over at Takara with teary eyes. It was something she did normally. She would look like she was about to cry about something but then suddenly get really angry though she really didn't get angry at her friend Takara. Mina liked her too much to do that. "I had to go to the convenience store today to get lunch." She mumbled childishly, "I would have been on time but there was this meanie who was taking wayyyyy to long at the cashier." She was trying to keep her voice down so that the teacher wouldn't catch them as she sniffled though no tears were actually falling down her face.
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  6. Takara looked at her with a sigh. "If You would just ask me, I would cook lunch for you. I don't mind." She looked over at kibo and then back at mina. "Wanna hangout after school. I heard the new mall opens up today."
  7. Mina light up upon hearing that Takara would make her lunch if she asked, then even more when she questioned Mina about going out together after school. Mina wasn't one to get attention at home so any attention she got from others made her very happy. "Then I'll ask you to make me lunch for tomorrow. I want Takara's bento filled with love!" She said, almost getting too loud but the teacher didn't turn to see them. However a few other people were looking over as they heard, most of the other students didn't understand how the two could be friends. Mina then nodded, "Yeah. I want hang out. But maybe we should ask that new kid if he wants to come too, I don't think a lot others will flock to talk to him. You know how this school is when someone is just a little bit different than them." She looked over at Kibo then back to Takara with a sweet little smile and it was almost like there were flowers that popped out behind her because of it.
  8. takara giggled a little bit at mina. "ok then ill make you lunch from now on." she looked at all the people that were looking at them weirdly and they immediately looked away. "sure, but you have to invite him." thats when she heard the bell for lunch go off. she packed up her stuff and looked at mina. "nows your chance. ill be waiting in our regular spot." she made her way out of the classroom.
  9. "Okay." Mina said cheerfully and watched as Takara walked off. Mina quickly got up and headed over to Kibo's seat. "Hey, Kibo. I'm Mina." She said, giving him a cute smile and pointing at herself. "I was wondering if you wanted to hang out after school with my friend and me today? Oh and you can come and eat lunch with us too right now if you want." The other students were way too curious sometimes about other people's business because they liked to look over at what was going on but Mina just ignored that fact. "If you want to you can follow me." Mina added then started to head out of the classroom to meet up with Takara where they normally had lunch together.
  10. Kibo heard the a bell go, he guessed it was for lunch. He noticed a lot of people getting up to leave, but some also seemed to stay in the class room. Kibo pulled out a his lunch box from his bag. Before he could begin, a small girl introduced herself to him. It was the girl from before, he smiled back at her as she invited him to eat with her and someone else. The boy looked around the room for a second, everyone already looked like they were in groups of friends.

    "yeah sure" he said, picking up his stuff. He began to follow Mina out the door, he walked slightly behind her. He was looking around at the different parts of the school as he walked with her. He still hadn't had time to look around yet.
  11. takara was sitting under a tree in the court yard with a blanket laid out. she was waiting for mina and the new guy. she pulled out a bento that contained her lunch.
  12. Mina giggled hearing that Kibo was going to join them. "Let go then." She stated, heading out of the classroom and looking back ever so often to see him right behind her. She hurried her way outside to the courtyard and to the usual large tree that she saw Takara sitting down on the blanket. Mina rushed up to Takara and took a seat. "I brought the new guy!" She said full of life as she plopped down on the blanket and motioned Kibo to do so as well. She pulled out the lunch she brought from the store and began to take a bit of the food that was in it. "This is my best friend Takara." Mina then said after swallowing a mouth full.
  13. As they walked outside, he noticed a large tree as well as someone else. Kibo followed, but stayed standing for a second. He bowed his head slightly "Hi I'm Kibo" he introduced himself to the new girl. He then sat down next to both of them and pulled out his food. The food he had looked pretty bland. He had things such as brown rice, steamed broccoli and an omelet like thing. But he seemed happy to eat it. He was sitting near the edge of the blanket as he ate, concentrating on his food. It looked like he hadn't eaten in a long time.

    Kibo raised his head for a second, fiddling with the bandages on his arm "Why did you ask me to eat with you" he asked, kinda bluntly but with good intentions.
  14. Mina looked over at Kibo, finding that something seemed a bit off. Maybe he was just really hungry for that day. She then looked at him, turning her head like a confused puppy at first when he asked why he was asked to join them for lunch. She began to laugh, "Why not?" She said, "I just thought you might be interested in hanging out with someone though most people at this school are very picky who they like to talk to. Others tend to no talk to Takara and me and with the way they were silent when you asked that question I felt like they might be shy about you at first. So, might as well snatch you away first. I'd like to make another great friend."
  15. Takara looked over at kibo. She waved in between bites. "Hey there I'm takara." She continued to eat, looking at Mina as she spoke. I'm considered cold and heartless cause when I showed up beat the shit out of 2 students that tried to bully me on my first day. I used to sit here alone just staring at the grass. Until Mina came and talked to me."
  16. "Well thank you for inviting me" he smiled, his blue eyes glowing a little. He hadn't even gone a day, and he had already made friends. It looked like this school was going to be okay for him. He listened to Takara, it seemed the might have something in common. But he wouldn't bring that up just yet. After he ha listened to them talk, Kibo went back to finishing his food. It wasn't long until he cleaned out the box, he leaned back and sighed lightly.

    It was a nice day outside, and he was happy he had lunch out here. He noticed some other students walking around, but it seemed not many walked around here. He then turned back to face the girls " What lesson do we have next?" he asked them.
  17. Hearing Takara's reply made Mina happy, she suddenly hugged Takara nuzzling her face against the girl with a smile on her little face. "Oh I love you Takara." She blurted out, then let her friend go and looked back over at Kibo who was actually glad that she offered him to come join them. "No need to thank us, but you're very welcome." The girl was jut an upbeat funny child most of the time. She then thought about his next question, "I'm not sure. Maybe something with Math. I wasn't really paying attention to what the teacher was saying this morning. I get pretty distracted by other things, especially when it's talking to Takara." She let out a giggle. Takara was only of the only people so far that seemed to care about her and she grew to love the girl as a great and wonderful friend. She didn't care at all what happened on the first day, that just made Mina was to know Takara more. It was most likely going to end up the same with Kibo since he was a bit different it seemed like them too.
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    Vince had just gotten to school, having a spare at the beginning of the day gave him time to sleep. However he still wasn't cheery about having to go to this awful place. On his back was a rucksack containing mainly art supplies, his favorite pass time. Vince only had a few friends, mainly just people he respected the most. The bond was decent, but he had always wanted to actually make proper friends with them. One of these people was Takara. Vince had a lot of respect for someone who had the guts to kick the shit out of people who pissed her off. He kinda liked her a bit... Maybe... Vince walks over to the tree where she is usually sitting with her friend. He came from behind them in time to answer this weird looking kid's question. "We have math next indeed... Worst class..." He smiles to the kid. ((I hope it's cool that I kind of forcibly made friends here... You guys okay with that?))
  19. Takara looked down at Mina and then up at vince who had just arrived. She waved at him. "Hey vince how are you." She had a slight crush on him but would never admit in public. Hell she didn't even tell Mina she had a slight crush on him. "We were just talking about going to the new mall after school."
  20. "Any subject is bad" the boy said, he didn't seem surprised that a new person had walked behind him. He didn't turn around to face the guy either. Kibo sat looking at the girls in front of him. The boy fiddled with the plaster that was covering the bridge of his nose. He then pulled out a drink from his bag, it was cold green tea, he slowly sipped at it still not turning around to face the boy.