Karaoke Night!

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    Karaoke Night!
    When? Tomorrow night - 8:00pm forum time - whenever we get tired.
    Where? Skype - if I don't have your name and your interested PM me; I will add you!

    Everyone loves to sing! Why not sing with your friends? Most everyone will be singing; there will be no shame!
    Have a song you want to share and sing?! Post a video with lyrics here!

  2. Not that I'm going to attend, I have work to get on with. But I think it's be hilarious if two people sang the song I'll put in this post. Why two people? Listen to the song with ear/headphones. Or just pay close attention halfway through.

    I´ve lived in apartments, I´ve lived in a home
    I travelled in trailers when I used to roam
    But now in these places you won´t have me dead
    ´Cause I´m happy I live in a split-level head

    I do what I want to, no worries, no care
    If anyone bugs me I climb up my stairs
    Way up to a level where I feel no threat
    ´Cause I´m happy I live in a split-level head

    If you´re trying something, I couldn´t care less
    I don´t rush for busses and trains are a mess
    There´s no one to care for, I don´t need a bed
    ´Cause I´m happy I live in a split-level head

    I like how I´m living, I´m nobody´s slave
    My head´s above water, so don´t make a wave
    There are no doors to lock and no dogs to be fed
    ´Cause I´m happy I live in a split-level head

    Now why should I move when the neighborhood´s right?
    No taxes to pay and no landlord to fight
    Now I call this living, what´s more, like I said
    ´cause Im happy I live in a split-level head

    Now you keep your ulcers, your ills, and what, too
    You sure couldn´t have them and live like I do
    You think I have problems, but you do instead
    ´Cause I´m happy I live in a split-level head

    I live with two people, I like both of them
    He likes both of me and I like both of him
    They´re my alter-ego and to them I´m wed
    ´Cause I´m happy I live in a split-level head

    There´s no simple status in my neighborhood
    And that kind of thinking, I think it´s so good
    And I don´t take the lead when I like to be led
    ´Cause I´m happy I live in a split-level head
  3. I'll be there!
  4. I won't be home till 10pm forum time (8 pacific) but if it's still going on I'm in.
  5. I may be there.....>.>
  6. IN. Maybe. SO IN. If skype will work for me.

    My class gets out around 9ish. So, after working a bit, I'll be on. -nod.-

    Side note:

    I'm totes up for duets.

    And if Don't Stop Believin' doesn't play,
    I will cry to sleep.
  7. Oooh duets. I like.
  8. We need songs ^.^ Your favorite ones?
    I nominate this one!!
  9. I'll be at work, working.
  10. I may be around. If someone sees me on skype, toss me a hello.
  11. Let's get it on!
  12. [video=youtube;snZcn3Qt1xI]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=snZcn3Qt1xI[/video]

  13. Double yes.
  14. This one is the only video that has the lyrics keep up with the song karaoke speed. I really wish they picked a different color scheme though.


    I will edit this post as I get more suggestions as to not spam too many posts.

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  15. I'm game! As for what I'd do.. Probably this one.


    The rest....Decide upon later.

    BONUS (open)


  16. I'll try to be there. Not sure what I will be in the mood to sing, though. Will have to see.
  17. ​Weavel, if you don't sing Slam Jam, I will cry.
  18. [video=youtube;_gN8q4U_QJk]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_gN8q4U_QJk&feature=related[/video]

  19. I shall! But the question is which one...

    Candidates are....

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