Karaoke Night!

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    When? Friday! August 31st
    Time? 8:00pm server time!
    Where? Skype!
    Theme? Anything goes.. again!

    Real life has gotten in the way so I haven't hosted a karaoke night for a little over a month. I think it is about time I host one! Since this is over Skype, if you want to attend you need to PM me your Skype name ^.^ If I don't have your name, you aren't attending.

    There will be NO recording this night.

  2. Yay~ *goes song hunting*
  3. Always on the days I can't. *shakes fist*
  4. Because of some last minute things that happened. Iliana is now the host! Karaoke Night has been pushed back to 9:00 Server time!

  5. if we're on this do we have to sing, or can we just spectate?
  6. Spectators are always welcome! :D
  7. *tries to convert Server Time to Mountain Time, so she's not late...again*
  8. hmmm.... has yet to receive friend invites on skype despite PM' Illiana my skype info

    Big props to Excesmyr for going like, what? 3,000 times?! XD We all enjoyed your confidence! Also, I'd like to think you for bringing along your friend Axel and Johnathon!

    And now, thanking the people who showed up! LuluRS, Malkuthe Highwind, Rokku Hizori, Juku and, surprisingly enough, CoffeeCakeSadist! :D

    It was alot of fun, you guys! We'll do it again soon! :D
  10. wha, this happened? And I was on?
    -shakes fist at sky-
    - w- next time, I'll listen in.
  11. Sounds like it was a nice bit of time. Wish I could have been there. Yet, I'll probably end up joining in on the next one as my time seems to be freeing up again this next month.
  12. You can usually count on me to be in these karaoke nights from now on. It was tons of fun and I didn't even get to sing all I wanted :D
  13. That night was really fun!!! (Hehe~! This is Axel or Axyll) I'm still shy to sing though... XD
  14. Just poke me when the next one is~ Will be there :3

  15. YOU. You're the one who claimed to make me deaf.

    Trolled. Trolled. Trolled!