Karaoke Night!!

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  1. [​IMG]
    (this banner kinda sucks >.< )

    There is another Karaoke Night! This time.... it is singles.. meaning.. any song goes; there is no set theme!
    This night is planned for Saturday, June 30 at 8pm Iwaku time.
    If this does not work for enough people... let me know.. ASAP!

    Instead of making you go to the group to post for a line up... just post it here.
    I would like to see who is interested and all that gun stuff.
    If you want.. you could even post songs you're thinking about singing ^.^

  2. What are you talking about, Celest? That banner is awesome! D:<

    I will be there~ Not entirely sure what song to sing yet, but I will be there! :D

    So.. Put me somewhere in the middle of the line up~ Just incase my timing is off again ^^;;
  3. I will try my best to be there, not sure how long my chat rp will be running.
  4. Oh darn... Should I change the night? I can do it Saturday night?
  5. Can't make it on Sunday, bro coming over then.. So yeah, changing it would be wise IMO.
  6. The chat rp shouldn't run that long but if everyone else can't seem to make it go ahead and change the date. >.< I don't wanna ruin everyone's fun.
  7. 0
    Can you make it Saturday?
  8. Saturday, yep. That I can easily.
  9. Thus far, I do not work that night, so I should be able to attend.
  10. I'm sorry guys! I know I moved karaoke quite a bit last month, but I have to move it again. A lot happened yesterday and today that I didn't expect, and I am running on empty >.< SO.. next week we shall have it. Saturday June 30.
  11. at 4 am in the morning xD definately can't make it xD are there any earlier karoke nights?
  12. Karaoke is happening in a couple hours?! Who will be there? Who wants to be there?
    If I don't have your skype name, PM it to me.
  13. Herp derp

    I shall try to attend if I can.