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  1. Karalee was resting on top of the court house, listening to the wind on another sleepless night in Slokana, as she heard the sirens. The sound peirced through her ears like knifes and almost sent her plummeting to the cement below. Covering her ears she lept off into the night, her black wings glistening in the moon light. She had heard this only once before, when she was only a child when her mother managed to sneak her in past the guarded gates of what is known as The Wall, and that was right where she was headed.

    Karalee was born August 3, 1994 in a small village on the outskirts of Slokana. There she lived, with her mother and father, and forced to work for the King. Day in and day out she would have to witness her father being whipped for his inablility to walk. The guards had broken his legs when he was young because he did not bow to the princess, and then they beat him senseless for the burden they put apon him. One day her father had been ill and could not go to work so the guards came to Karalees house and broke down the door. That is when they deemed her father useless, smashed his skull in, and raped his wife all while karalee was hiding below the floor boards. This is why her mother brought her to Slokana. And ever since that dreadful day when she was eight years old Karalee had been on her own. She needed somebody, anybody to talk to. Hopefully tonight would be the first time she met a friend.
  2. Corvo walked on the street, his sword sheathed on his side. He left his pet Rolly at home...probably sleeping right now. He'd hopefully be home soon to feed him. Even then he could get his own food. It wasn't until he looked up and noticed a winged girl in the sky. He wanted to ignore the fact that he saw it, but he had to follow. Mutant creatures. His pet was one, but this one looked more human then mutated. He made his way to the building tops and followed her, staying as hidden as possible.
  3. While she flew, wind gently caressing her, Karalee blocked out everything around her. The only thing she could think of was what could have set off the alarm after so many years of silence...
    As she came close to The Wall she perched on top of a nearby house, but couldn't seem to find the intruder. Karalee scanned the scene. Nothing was out of place, not even a peice of grass which seemed a bit peculiar. So she moved back into the shadows and waited for the guards to check it out.