Kaosu No Sekai

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  1. This is the OOC for 'Kaosu No Sekai.'


    I'm gonna keep this short, sweet, and to the point.

    Our story primarily takes place at a high school in Tokyo, Japan. Where would you fit into this? Maybe you're just some local student. Maybe you lead a fairly average (by your standards) kind of life. Or, maybe you're a total geek, or a delinquent. Then again, there are a couple foreign kids in the mix.

    Maybe you need to finish the cosplay you're working on. Maybe you need to harness your ki to throw fireballs.

    We know all about what's going on, kiddies. That awkwardness whenever you're around your love interests, beating the high score at the arcades, fighting rival gangs, or practicing your Karate.

    Well guess what?


    Even if you're a western style cartoon/comic character. The rest of you are trapped here, kthxbai

    Deal with it.


    Quick Stuff-

    - No Godmodding.

    - No Mary Sue's. I will make an exception for characters that act like it, but don't actually godmod or always get their way, purely for parody purposes.

    - All characters have control of 'Ki' energy for various uses, along with weapons if they so choose.

    - Don't try to congregate all the characters into one place. Everyone is free to do their own thing in this crazy universe, especially if we have a dozen players.

    - Use real life stuff to your advantage! Cosplayers could probably make elaborate and flashy outfits as well as weapons, as an example.
  2. Er.... Jay, are these character sheets mandatory?

    They look pretty necessary to the game...

    If so, this probably doesn't fit the "Jump-In" style. It's hard to "jump" when a GM is needing character sheets.... o_O
  3. Yeah. I guess I'm putting too much structure into a Jump-In.
  4. I'll join though!
  5. *finshed reading* O-o WHAT. I don't get it? what is ki and what is kthxbai
  6. Ever watch 'Dragon Ball?'

    Ki is considered energy found in all life. In anime though, it gives you sweet powers.

    Okay, Thank you, And Goodbye.
  7. Sorry no i have not watched dragon ballz 'cuse it sucks and for an anime love it still sucks
  8. The plot for Z, especially after what's known as the 'Frieza Saga' was awful, and GT was an abomination. The only real reason I enjoy Z is because of the nostalgia factor and the ridiculous action.

    The only time Akira Toriyama had some semblance of an interesting plot was with the 'Original' Dragon Ball, before it was 'Z,' and before it was about super saiyans and all that bullshit.
  9. ok Still think it Shit but i will join the rp.
  10. I just admitted the series is weak as a story. I wasn't trying to sway you over to liking it.
  11. oh don't feak out i was planing to join anyways
  12. Freaking out?
  14. Ki: energy fro myour very god-damn soul

    Kthxbai: ok thanks bye
  15. I'll join too. Got my load of comedy relief characters that are never used.
  16. I joined, I hope that my character is acceptable. Lemme know if that won't fly. ^^
  17. Alright, so this story is going to be the first story I "Jump into", so if I don't do so well, just let me know and give me some pointers. Alright?
  18. Hats! ACTION! Mostly pointless acronyms!

    ...I love this thread. Like, already and stuff.