Kane's Hellguard; A Battletech Mercenaries RP (3060)

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  1. The year is 3060.​

    This is the world of Battletech, an RP about giant mechs duelling it out! If you're not familiar with Battletech I would recommend fixing that! But I do expect some familiarity with the universe for this RP, apologies if this is inconvenient, but it's also fairly important.


    The figure walks into the room and takes his place behind the lectern of the briefing room. He is tall, muscular and has an impressive beard for a man with Mechwarrior patches. His eyes gleam with mirth.

    "The Inner Sphere has been in a state of turmoil since the Clan Invasions, and let's be honest ladies and gentlemen... this is great for business." He begins leaning back on the board. "You've all come to the Hellguard for various reasons, C-bills, more C-Bills, the occasional fight, some more C-bills, and by the damnable gods you've been hand picked by me." He grinned at them.

    He tapped the board. "Well we have three lances and a couple ASFs as well as the Dropship 'Last Mistake', and we've been accepted by the Mercenary Review and Bonding Commission as a legitimate unit and we've got a number of offers for work already. As such we have three mech lances and two aerospace fighters and you ladies and gentlemen are the select few who get to pilot them.

    Now despite what some of the Astechs around here will tell you i'm not some sort of Draconian tyrant. So, here are the offers we have on the table. Let's pick one and go get paid!"


    Contractor: Local Government
    World: Landfall
    Duty: Bandit Suppression
    Begin Date: March 4th, 3060
    End Date: April 1st, 3060
    Maximum Pay: 15'000'000 C-Bills + Bounty and Bonus
    Minimum Pay: Bounty
    Salvage Rights: Medium.

    Contractor: Federated Commonwealth
    World: Benfield
    Duty: Raiding - Sabotage
    Begin Date: March 11th, 3060
    End Date: March 22nd, 3060
    Maximum Pay: 20'000'000 C-Bills + Bounty and Bonus
    Minimum Pay: Bounty
    Salvage Rights: Low.

    Contractor: Draconis March
    World: Bryceland
    Duty: Security Patrol
    Begin Date: March 9th, 3060
    End Date: April 14th, 3060
    Maximum Pay: 12'000'000 C-Bills + Bounty and Bonus
    Minimum Pay: Bounty
    Salvage Rights: Good.


    "Last Mistake" Union Class; Captained by Captain Ocelia Renraeu

    Hellion Lance:
    Heavy Mech: Marauder MAD-5S; Company Commander Killian Kane. - Kadaeux
    Medium Mech:
    Medium Mech:
    Light Mech: Wolfhound WLF-2; Gregory Church. Rax Rosetta

    Hellknight Lance:
    Heavy Mech:
    Medium Mech:
    Medium Mech:
    Light Mech:

    Hellsword Lance:
    Heavy Mech:
    Medium Mech:
    Medium Mech:
    Light Mech:

    Aerospace Lance: (Max 65 tons each!)
    Aerospace Fighter:
    Aerospace Fighter:

    Appearance: (Picture or description is acceptable.)
    Statistics: *10 points to spend* Lance Commanders get an extra 4 points to spend.
    Mech: Please include your mech here. Also make sure it's a link back to the Sarna page for said mech!

    *Note: Your choice of mech must be 3059 or earlier. Also bear in mind the available spaces in the Lance.
    *Note2: Replace this with Aerospace if you want to be one of the 2 Aerospace Fighters.
    *Note3: You must use basic models of Mechs or Aerospace at this time. Customisation is possible later.

    Main Page
    Category:Heavy BattleMechs
    Category:Medium BattleMechs
    Category:Light BattleMechs
    Category:Medium Aerospace Fighter classes
    Category:Light Aerospace Fighter classes

    Combat is managed in a story fashion, the GM (myself) will handle responses to actions. So while there IS a degree of randomness and the like in battle, it's all metaphorically rolled off-board behind the scenes.

    Note: As you SHOULD expect. If you do something stupid it will bite you in the ass. For example. If you take a Locust and run up to a Clan Ghost Bear Kodiak, stop and go "Neener neener!" It's going to smash your ass in so hard you'll never wake up.

    Additionally, no god-modding or controlling (or even implying control) over another player or NPCs. (Though you can probably boss around your mechs astech crew a little :p) Doing this will have consequences. Dire Consequences :p

    If you are going to be absent (expectedly) just let us know and, at worst, i'll GM your mech until you return. If you don't post without warning for 2 'turns' (so to speak) then ... well we'll see ;)

    No Auto-hits! As the first paragraph said, you basically just declare intent and see how it pans out. This will be dealt with in the same way as god-modding.
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  2. Name: Killian Kane
    Age: 37
    Bio: Killian has been a pilot since he was a young bloke fighting with the Kell Hounds for his apprenticeship and managed to survive the Clan Invasion, a sarcastic son of a bitch with a dark sense of humour mated onto a strong loyalty to his people. Having cashiered out after the Clan Invasion he has worked to put up the capital to found Kane's Hellguard into the unit is in now. And now, untried and untested having passed the requirements of the MRBC he is prepared to take his people out and begin to recoup the expenses involved in putting together the company. And maybe build something more.

    Piloting: 5
    Gunnery: 5
    Endurance: 4​

    Mech: "Hellstorm"
    Marauder; MAD-5S
  3. A BT RP!

    Huge fan of the setting (thanks to hand me down copies of the games from my family), tragically, I also have a distinct aversion to the setting once Clan tech and mechs show up, so I'll sadly have to pass.

    Still, best of luck and go free thread bump!
  4. Well, how could I pass up a BT RP? I'll draw up a CS and figure out what Mech I want to utilize. Which typically takes the most time for me.
  5. Name: Gregory Church
    Age: 41
    Bio: Church is a born and raised FedCom pilot, both parents having been part of the Commonwealth prior to having their only son. Church would spend his years prior to going mercenary piloting his now beloved model of 'Mech, the Wolfhound, for the glory of the Commonwealth. Better known as defending her against the numerous Clan threats that she faced. More than once both allies, luck, and the design of his 'Mech of choice saved his ass, so he would eventually part ways with the Commonwealth rather than keep making next to nothing and getting little recognition. He signed on with an untested group, since most of the openings he came across wanted far more in the experience catagory in freelance work. But he still had his Wolfhound, and his training with the Commonwealth, so he sold those to Killian Kane and prepared to move out and show just why the Wolfhound was the workhorse of the Commonwealth.
    Piloting: 4
    Gunnery: 3
    Endurance: 3
    Mech: "Ranger"
    Wolfhound : WLF-2
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  6. Accepted mate. And nice choice of traditional mech.
  7. Thanks, I liked the looks of it, so I rolled with it. Besides, laser boats are a nice thing to have, less upkeep cost in ammo.
  8. .

    Too true, though they tend to pay for it in heat i've always had a fondness for energy weapon mechs. (Though I tend to prefer PPCs :p)
  9. Well, ten double heat sinks helps when firing one to four lasers, tops, at a time. At least on the stock model, eh? PPC's are nice, too, far more impact than your average laser.
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