Kandices swing

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    "I dont know. Maybe im just not feeling it."
    she pulled her hair back as she stared blankly at the piece of paper in front of her. She was suppose to be writing a historic story but what that actually turned into was a whole lot of nothing. Her mind wandered every where except the place it needed to be. Her brain hurt she grabbed her blonde hair on either side and pulled it till it hurt. Her blue eyes watered as she held back a scream of irritation. It felt as if she couldnt do anything right. She sighed pushing the piece of paper away from her. It was time for a break any way. She stood from where she was seated and looked around. The apartment was empty. She looked out the window and saw a few dogs playing around otside with their owner and some other people walking around, none that she knew but she decided to go for a walk. Anything else to get her mind off that paper, plus it was a rather nice day out.
    Getting her keys and locking the door she started down the street in her short shorts and pink tank top. Her long blonde hair was back down and blowing in the wind as she walked. It seemed like a walk with a purpose but thats just how she walked. Like she had some place to be. It wasnt as exaggerated as some of those walks though. She focused on how she was walking and told herself that people thought she was weird when she walked fast. She slowed it down.
    As she walked she thought about many things, but not really anything in particular. She thought about how its be nice to have another room mate. The other one had bailed on her and she was stuck paying a bill that was almost too much for her by herself. She shook her head and shrugged, she passed a few playgrounds before she actually stopped at one and began to swing. Kandice loved the swings ever since she was a little girl and all the boys would watch her jump off the swings in a dress. She didnt know that they were actually looking at her cute little Lion King undies until she figured it out one day much later. That day she smiled to herself and shook her head. As her thoughts became less and less she swung higher and higher. The clouds above were beautiful and the warmth from the sun felt really good.
  2. The sound of children laughing echoed in the air. However, among the laughter was the soft whimper of a young girl. "Shut up! you don't know what you're talking about!" her small voice waled as she shoved her way out from the circle and ran from the crowd with tears in her eyes. Laughter and eyes followed but no physical person did. Still, the words hurt and the little girl just wanted to get away. The little girl's name was Amy. She had shoulder length brown hair, and a blue bucket hat with the brim flipped up so she could see. A red shirt and overalls with a pink flower on the front pocket that completed her outfit. The other kids were making fun of Amy because she was different. She knew she was, but all she wanted to do was fit in and have some friends. It wasn't her fault she was like she was, and if she could change things she would.

    Wiping the tears from her eyes she eventually found herself in a park nearby. Kindergarten class was out so it didn't matter that she left, but surely someone would wonder where she'd gone? With snot dripping slightly from her nose and puffy pink eyes from crying she found herself by the old swing-set. There was an older girl on the swings lost in her own world it seemed. Amy stopped and held on to the thick leg of one side of the swing set as if it were there to keep her grounded. Her eyes followed the back and forth movements of the girl quietly as she watched curiously. What was an older person doing here? The wind blew gently and pollen found its way to her nose as Amy gave a sudden sneeze.