Kamisama Hajimemashita?

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    Hello! I've recently been watching the anime, Kamisama Hajimemashita and I REALLY wanna do a 1x1 based on it. It would be a completely new story with OC's but the same situation (as in a human becomes a ??? Deity and gains a familiar). This can be MxF, FxF, or MxM. I would like to play the human but might be persuaded into the familiar.

    1. I'm no grammar nazi but please make it legible, I can deal with a few typos ect, nobody is perfect =)

    2. Please write at least a paragraph per post, I usually match my partners length.

    3. I find the more active my partner is, the more interested I get. So please post at least twice a week or let me know if you cant for some reason =)

    4. I like it when my partner contributes to the plot, I quickly lose interest when I'm constantly keeping the rp going by myself.

    5. Please respect my No Goes, if your unsure on one feel free to discuss it with me.

    6. Have fun & don't be afraid to chat with me!! =D
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  2. So what exactly is the plot? I don't watch much anime.
  3. Hmm, it might be hard to explain then...A rough summary is a regular human happens upon an Earth (or other) Deity disguised as a human. The Deity gives said human the gift of godhood seemingly at random and sends her to a shrine where she/he meets the familiar (basically tamed yokai) of the former Deity. To seal a contract with a familiar and bind them to your will you have to kiss them. After they pretty much have to do whatever you say if you mean it enough.

    If you would like more info you could always Wiki it =)
  4. That's enough for me. Doesn't seem too bad. Want to talk in PMs and discuss more?
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  5. Still looking =)
  6. I freaking loooooooooooove the anime/manga!!! super cute and funny XD I'll be willing to do this rp with you! :D
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  7. Yay! =D send me a PM and we can work out the details!
  8. Still looking~