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  1. Now, every installment of the Kamen Rider Series is distinct from the others(or at least, distinct enough), so I wish to find a new motif, preferably not done before in KR canon.

    I am aware that some of you who are here watched 'Dragon Knight' which is based off 'Ryuki', but no, I'm avoiding Battle Royale or mimicking other series concepts.

    For the time being, I plan to avoid all previously used transformation methods, such as Gaiamemories and Lockseeds. I intend to come up with something new.

    So, for now, who is interested in a Kamen Rider RP?
  2. Totally interested. Is there an existing Henshin Gimmick or do we get to make ours up?
  3. I intend to generate a Henshin Gimmick based on a possible motif, not previously used ones. Feel free to drop suggestions.
  4. Let me clarify: Are we all getting one unified Henshin Gimmick, or are we getting seperate ones? I ask because I have a Rider ready to go themed around Chess, but since he uses all but one piece (And honestly I could give him that one too, it just by default went to his rival/partner), it wouldn't work as a unified theme.

    Uuuuuunless we do something like W, where there's lots of variation on the same theme.

    EDIT: Just adding this: For the gimmick, consider how cool it would be as a toy. Collectable coins/usb sticks/cards, for instance, or the inbuilt toy of the toy cars from Drive.
  5. Your idea just gave me a motif idea. It's somewhat of a unified theme, but your idea will still work.

    The main transformation device is known as the 'Roll Die'. Regular ones come as 6-sided cubes, but certain varieties can have four to ten faces. Two-faced varieties are called 'Toss Coin'. Basically, to transform, you toss your little toy in the air. When it lands, it attaches onto your [Insertnamehere] Driver, granting you the form represented by the face of the die/coin that faces outwards. (In out-of-character terms, use the Die Toss system once. In your next post, you describe your transformation sequence and take action/start fighting)

    The main motif: Traditional indoor games. Games like Chess, Checkers, Snakes & Ladders, Reversi, Old Maid, Poker, the list goes on... Your submotif must be true to your Rider attacks and Rider appearance, at least to some extent.

    Well, if it catches the interest of others, I will build on it further. I already am planning other things, like antagonists, kaijin and such.

    In cases like yours, you could use a Toss Coin to turn into either Black Pawn or White Pawn, then after killing a certain amount of enemies or something like that, could toss a Toss Die to further transform into an enhanced pawn-based Rider. Just a possible suggestion.
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  6. Hm...I like the traditional games approach (so...would the final form be Ganbaride based? ONORE DIKEIDO indeed), but I'm having a hard time envisioning the dice/coins as a toy. Like, it sounds silly but the most major recurring aesthetic of any rider is "this would make a really cool toy".
  7. I haven't really decided on Final Form transformations yet. I thought of "ROLL THE DIE! SLOT CHALLENGE! Seven. Seven Seven.", where you roll three 7-sided die and get a 777, before advancing to final form. Then I thought that this would make Final Form transformations literally impossible unless you are awfully lucky.

    I'm thinking of enhanced forms that can be accessed. First method - as easily accesible as other forms, but has some sort of risk that prevents the user from using it until a dire situation. Second method - accessed through certain conditions for temporary great power as a reward. Both methods will be used in the RP. Thinking of keeping enhanced Forms a little... simpler... As for Final Forms, I'll think of something... preferably simple as opposed to complicated. Final Forms are usually obtained only later.

    Since this isn't some war-like thing like Gaim or Ryuki, I'll limit Kamen Riders to three heroic and three antagonistic.

    I have a prototype concept of the main Kaijin - the Board Monsters. The Board Monsters will create Labyrinths, expansive dimensional distortions, where they trap and torment people in the area to play their little 'games'. Kamen Riders can access these Labyrinths with ease, so that they can deal with the Board Monsters.

    I have to name the RP after my character. That's how patterns go, and the only classic rule I refuse to break, apart from the usage of fists to deliver blows of justice.
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  8. I'm gonna be that guy and point out Hibiki wasn't about Hibiki, but it's your RP. Once there's a sheet up, I can make Match.
  9. Oh god, yes please.

    You don't have to worry about my knowledge of the series as I've seen a number of them.









    Some concepts i came up with which i will most likely add to in the future.

    Cards: Form can be enhanced by drawing from the three cards of jack, queen, or king. The power levels and types of attacks are determined by the shape of the card (diamond, spade, heart, and club) and the power is influenced by a number card. Can get a temporary boost of power by using a number card they have to draw from a deck. Weapons are determined by what type of shape you draw
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  10. I tried to avoid 52 card deck motifs since those were in Blade, but I will see if I can integrate cards into my current concept.

    If I can't, I will not halt you from making it some sort of personal weapon to fit your motif.
  11. Well I see no reason that Tabletop Games can't be the theme. Poker, Chess, Dice, etc.
  12. FINALLY A KR RP~ I'm in ((seen all of the KR series from Heisei era apart from blade, hibiki, and faiz))
  13. I don't mind either way, it was just an idea i came up with. I didn't see blade so i didn't even know it had something like that.
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