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    • Do you believe in Fairy Tales? That is the question.

      There are many kinds of Faeries

      The 'Unsealie', the ones who reject the title of 'Faerie'. They anchor themselves to our plane through Faerie Keys, possessing humans as a form of catalyst for their apparent motives.

      The 'Sealie', they are good-hearted. They seek to fight against the Unseelie, and thus have decided to fight fire with fire. By using humans as a catalyst, they can become one with the human, allowing the human and Sealie to become one.

      Faeries are only spoken of in myths, legends, folklore, but today, they will be more than that. They will not be legends, but living legends.

    • Riders

      Kamen Rider Fae - Crow
      Kamen Rider Mandrake - GreenSea
      Kamen Rider Banshee - Jet Jaguar


      King Auberon - NPC
      Dullahan - Crow

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  1. Reserving spot for character sheets, my mens.

    EDIT: I got a question; how many characters can we play, actually? I think I fancy a go at another character. An Unsealie named Fear Deang.
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  2. Seems interesting. Wouldn't mind trying out as a Cù Sìth-based Unsealie.

    Quick question: Just how will the Rider/Unsealie conflict go? It is the standard Monster-of-the-Week scenario, where once our characters are defeated, that's it?
  3. I was thinking of that. NPC Unsealie will definitely follow the old Monster-of-the-Week scenario.

    I was thinking that Player-controlled Unsealie could be more recurring, much like Medusa, Gremlin or Phoenix from Wizard. They died eventually but yeah.
  4. Hmm, while it's a bummer to have a character fated to explode in tokusatsu glory, I suppose having them higher ranked makes up for it somewhat.
  5. The fact that their time on the stage is limited makes them more meaningful. Also, chief, I have a question.

    How many characters are we allotted each?
  6. 1 Rider
    3 civilian-type/allies
    As many Kaijin as you can handle.
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  7. Just posting knowing that I'm still in.
  8. Sorry to double post~! but I want to update kamen rider mandrake and see if got an okay for it's key and driver
    Show Spoiler

    mandrake design.png
  9. Based the design off Ranger Keys? Not a bad idea.

    The designs' valid.
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  10. lol never realized that key look like a ranger key until you said so XD~! and thanks~!
  11. Let's recheck and rezect! Anyone still interested?
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  12. Can I be an unsealie?I haven't figured out a name for it yet,can you help me?

    Image of the unsealie:
  13. Can this be the look of the unsealie before they leech on to their hosts? 18-29-18-AAEAAQAAAAAAAAJ8AAAAJDM1MGVmMTNlLTBmM2ItNDcwYy1iOGE5LWVhYzQyNDBiNmJlZA.png
  14. The Unsealie looks a little mechanical, but...

    Well, what names do you have in mind?

    I have sort of decided how Unsealie keys will look like, Unsealie keys are not leeches. They function more like wind-up keys.
  15. Well...maybe the keys could look like this:
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