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  1. I've whizzed through various ideas involving Faeries - manors, this thing, that thing, until I finally realized I haven't used this idea - a Tokusatsu Roleplay.

    This will specifically be a Kamen Rider Roleplay about - you guessed it - Faeries.

    My titular character takes the identity of Kamen Rider Fae. Secondary Riders will be awaited. I'll at most want like 1 or 2. This isn't Super Sentai, so not too many please.

    The main Riders are known as Faeries (妖精 Yosei), and rarely refer to themselves as Kamen Riders. Think of how Wizard hasn't called himself a Kamen Rider unless in crossover situations.

    The Kamen Riders of this Roleplay use Fae keys to transform. This might be subject to change.

    The Kaijin in this Roleplay are known as Unseelie. They are lead by the Unseelie King Auberon. The Kaijin, too, are based off various Faerie races, mostly Unseelie. That's a good deal of name-sharing with the Phantoms from Wizard.

    How does it sound?
  2. Kamen rider Mandrake seems legit, always in for some tokusatsu action
  3. I'm glad to hear signs of interest.
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  4. wait so we'll wait for another one~? or more?
  5. Yeah, more, we'll need a lot more. Maybe Civilian-type allies and a good deal of Unseelie Warriors, 4 to 6 Player Character Unseelie.

    I haven't actually decided the method in which the Riders acquire their Fae Driver/Mandrake Driver or their keys.
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  6. Ahh it's still in development stage~?

    Ohh I see~
  7. Do you have any friends who might take interest in this Roleplay?
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  8. Aha, Kamen Rider Banshee sounds nice as well. Dullahan, too, but that's more likely going to turn out to be an Unseelie.
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  9. Sadly none I think..
  10. Actually, Dullahan is planned to be my Unseelie character. However, if you plan to play a Dullahan, I do have certain plans for him, so I could PM you said plans for the character if the OoC kicks off.
  11. I'm down to join
  12. This Interest Check got more attention than I thought it would. Very well, I will start the OoC if we manage to get one more person interested.
  13. That's alright. I think I'll stick with Banshee and see what angst-riddled fun I can get her into. Probably motorcycle combat. Lots of motorcycle combats. But you're welcome to send me the plans anyway, since I'm always up for some delicious plot.
  14. So any updates~? wait so our morpher will be a key?
  15. Yeah, keys, much like the GoKaiger's Ranger Keys. The design of the keys, however, is up to you. The keys I have planned flip like switchblades.

    Unseelie keys look more like keys on clockwork toys. When an Unseelie key drops from a dead Unseelie, it is not a good idea to insert the key into your Driver, because there is a big chance that the Unseelie Key will take full control of you.

    Your Fae Keys are sentient, but are dormant until you insert them into your Driver and transform.

    Equipment will occasionally have a key motif, much like how a good deal of equipment from Ghost are inspired by eye and eye-related objects such as sunglasses and eye droppers. That's optional though.

    I've went through a few possible methods of gaining our belts but each seem too similiar to a few Neo-Heisei methods.

    Maybe you have some possibilities, such as your character being a researcher on Faeries.
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  16. Okay" thanks~
  17. Sweet, already got a solid foundation for Banshee. Is it mandatory that the characters receive the keys during the storyline, though?
  18. It's not mandatory. In fact, you can start and end with the same few keys, usually one to four. Any more and you might have to gain more over the story.

    I've planned to have four keys - Sylpheed, Undine, Salamander and Gnome. I'll start with one and gain the other three shortly.
  19. Hmm, does that mean my cutie can be Banshee and yet have different named keys as well? Using your Fae as an example, wouldn't they have 5 keys in total? The four you mentioned plus Fae?
  20. Fae won't have five Keys. It'll be Fae Sylpheed Form, Fae Undine Form, Fae Gnome form, Fae Salamander form. That's four.

    Like how W doesn't have a W memory, but instead six memories that fit the motif of his name, but Skull has a Skull Memory and Accel has an Accel Memory.

    Fae won't have some sort of 'base' form, but your character can if you wish to.
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