Kalthazar: The Fall of the Dark Emperor.

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Before I actually start describing the scenario: Hi, I am Draco. I am new here, and while I have roleplayed before, I never really took it to a professional level. I dont really know how things work around here, so if I am doinganything wrong, tell me.

Now, as for the scenario itself:

In a paralell timeline, unknown by our civilization, there is the Empire( Yes, this is the actuall empire name. I am open to suggestions, by the way ), that is the greatest and oldest empire ever build by man.
In its origins, the Empire was a cruel magocracy called Illmatter, on which the non spellcasters were nothing but slaves to cruel and ambitious mages. But, once day, a massive slave rebellion, with the support of nothing less then 9 gods from different lands and unknown origins, destroyed the magocracy, and started a new government, ruled by 9 Paladin Lords, each one lord of its own main city, and chosen of its own deity. While their personalities and objectives vary, the Paladin Lords all rule wisely and fairly…
However, recently, a dark force of colossal power, self proclaimed Kalthazar, the Dark Emperor, took over Dashville, the town dedicated to Stendarr, the god of freedon and knowledgeble. Not only he single manly killed all the city guard and the town Paladin lord, as he destroyed nothing less then Stendarr hinself. Since then, he has ruled a tyrant, executing all those that dare to challenge hin, and turning its guards into… Something… He also revealed to be the son of Mortus, a death god. While, in its origins, Mortus was the god encharged of judging the dead, and keeping the balance between life and death, over time, he grew greedy. He became obsessed with being the ultimate force in this world, and started to kill other gods and stealing their powers. Wherever he went to, he left a trial of nothing but pain, death, and despair…
But his rule wasnt entirelly unchallenged. A group of rebels, leaded mainly by the old priests of Stendarr, fight against hin, sabotaging his operations and tryng to throw hin off the throne. While they were unsucessfull so far, by some reason, Kalthazar didnt unleashed his full power against then…
Addicionally, with Stendarr death, this makes Mortus technically the patron god of Dashville, what means that, theorically, Kalthazar is its rightfull ruler. The Council of the Paladin Lords is still attemping to adopt a stance on it, but so far, they are just tryng to keep the peace and minimize the damage

This roleplay is always open for signups, and while it is very flexible, there are a few things that, in case it isnt self presumed, you simply cant be/do... To begin with, this is a medieval roleplay, so any kind of advanced technology is out. Any character that is too powerfull( Althought, considering many of my characters are heavily overpowered as well, it would take effort to make a character too strong to one of my roleplays ) is also out. If the character makes any kind of assumption about the nature of the scenario, be warned that I have the right to void hin or at least ignore hin. You also cannot be Kalthazar, nor one of the Paladin Lords, nor the commander of the watch, nor... Well, any other character occupiyng a spot that I already occupied myself. As for restrictions in the actions of your characters, it is actually rather simple: Your character can do whatever the **** he wants, BUT who will interpret the results will be ME. I promisse to be realistic and impartial in such results interpretation, of course, and while you can go ahead and describe the results, I reserve the right to completely void such results descriptions.

There is no specific sheet you have to fulfill, but the more you say, the better. And, depending in how much you say( Or not ), I may have to ask a few questions, to allow a greater comprehension of your character, therefore allowing me to interpret the reaction the world would have to hin better. While I promise to use such informations only with the purpose of allowing a better interpretation, I cannot responsabilize for how would other people use such information. So, if anyone decides to decide that his character knows more then he actually knows, I am honestly sorry about that...