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  1. Name: Xavier
    Age: 15
    Gender: man
    Sexuality: straight
    Personality: Xavier is clingy towards his friends, and is shy around new people and prefers not to interact with people he doesn't know. He is very friendly with pokemon though, he want to really caught them all, sometimes making impulse catches without thinking if this pokemon would make a good fit for his team.
    Appearance: (I will post a picture eventually) he has brown hair, brown eyes, and is average height
    Nickname: Angelo
    Species: togepi
    Gender: male
    Level: 10
    Moves: metronome
    Sweet kiss

    Nickname: Grace
    Species: scatterbug
    Gender: female
    Level: 7
    Moves: poison powder
    Stun spore
    String shot
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  2. Name: Greyson Smith
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Demisexual
    Personality: Quite level headed and head strong, never letting anything get him down. He will protect people and pokemon with his life and will not hesitate to sacrifice something for someone else.
    Appearance: Average height and weight, dark brown hair, blue eyes, and tanned skin. Wears jeans, a Xerneas printed t-shirt, a denim jacket, and lastly a messenger bag with pokeballs on the strap.

    Species: Riolu
    Gender: Female
    Level: 12
    Moves: Quick Attack/Feint/Cross Chop/Bullet Punch

    I assume you're making the first post?
  3. Xavier stepped I to the forest Greyson next to him. Angelo was on his shoulder and cried out "pri pri" as the trees covered them. He was excited that he and Greyson were going to start their journey together, they had both been waiting a long time for this!
  4. A very long time, in fact. Too long, in Greyson's eyes.
    This is exciting, isn't it?" Greyson asked, keeping watch for any wild pokemon. His Riolu followed behind, stopping every once in a while to play with a rock or to smell a flower. "The two of us on an adventure. Wonder what kind of pokemon we'll meet? What if we meet a legendary? Dude, that'd be amazing! Like, the two of us in a cave and then bam! Diancie!"
  5. "It would be pretty cool.....but let's face it Greyson we are just two regular trainers that wouldn't happen" Xavier said being the voice of reason. "Okay so should we catch some pokemon?" Xavier said excitedly to his friend looking down at Angelo smiling.
  6. "Hey, I've heard old stories of regular, ordinary trainers meeting Legendaries so who's to say that we won't meet Latios or catch a glimpse of Celebii one day?" He huffed. Xavier's question made him smile and pull out a pokeball. "I was wondering when you'd suggest that..! Wonder what types of pokemon we'll see? Rin, c'mon! We're going to catch a pal for you!"
  7. Xavier being the too realist person he was just shrugged it off, knowing that there was a very small chance the two best friends would wonder into a legendary pokemon. Xavier pulled a pokeball out of his backpack and raced after Greyson. Angelo had jumped down was running to keep up. Finally the two boys came into a clearing with two pokemon both scatterbug.
  8. "I call the one on the left!" Greyson said, Rin jumping in front of him ready to fight. "Alright Rin, use Cross Chop!" The small blue pokemon nodded and dashed towards the small bug. It didn't have time to register what was happening before it got hit and was thrown back a few feet. "Alight, let it get up! If it fights we'll fight, got it Rin?"
    "Your turn, Xav!"
  9. "Okay Angelo use metronome!" Xavier shouted feeling the rush of being in a pokemon battle. Angelo waved his hands left and right until leaves appeared in the air and shot at the scatterbug knocking it into the air. The small but-type used string shot to pull itself onto a branch while in the air.
  10. The Scatterbug that Greyson targeted reared up and used Stun Spore. Unfortunately it hit Rin dead on, leaving the little Riolu with paralysis.
    "Rin! Uhh, crap...Quick Attack!"
    Despite the decrease in speed and the status condition, Rin ran full speed and landed the attack.
    "One more hit should do it..!"
  11. The scatterbug gracefully swung down to the ground and used string shot. "Angelo dodge and use metronome" Xavier called to his pokemon. The small pokemon rolled out of the way and used metronome. This time the togepi used rollout. Angelo curled up into a ball and started rolling towards the scatterbug knocking it into the tree. It fell to the ground and struggled to get up. Pulling out a pokeball he got ready to throw it.​
  12. "Quick attack!" Greyson yelled. Rin tried to move but the paralysis kept her still, which allowed the Scatterbug to land a Tackle on her. "C'mon, Rin! You can do this! Quick Attack!" This time Rin was able to move and managed to hit the enemy.
    "Alright, Rin fall back! I'm going to catch 'em..!" With that, he threw the small pokeball in his hand.
  13. Half a second after Greyson threw his pokeball Xavier threw his. The ball hit the scatterbug in the head and a red light shown as the bug pokemon was captured. The ball shook once.....,twice.......three times before it came to rest. Xavier rushed over and picked up the pokeball, holding it in the air he shouted "I just caught my first pokemon!"
  14. (Making it a male)
    "Aaaaand..." Greyson said, egarly awaiting the result. The pokeball caught the Scatterbug no problem, but the bit of hesitance before the third shake nearly gave him a heart attack. "..I caught it too! Awesome!" Walking over, he picked up the small ball and released the new pokemon. "Alright little guy, time to give you a name..! Hm...you're...male, right?"
    "Alright...how about Kingston?"
    Kingston nodded and Greyson grinned. "Great! This is so exciting, isn't Xav? Our first pokemon capture..! And look at the cute little pokemon we got!"
  15. Xavier let out the scatterbug and squatted down, pulling out his pokedex he scanned his new pokemon. The pokedex told him that Scatterbug was level 7, moves of poison powder, stun spore, tackle, and string shot, and that is was a female. Xavier remembered how the young female had moved through the air with such grace......."how about we name you Grace?" Xavier asked the small pokemon. Grace nodded her head in agreement and Xavier was pretty sure he had seen her smiling. Standing back up with Grace on his right shoulder and Angelo on his left he turned towards Greyson "yeah Greyson this is awesome, what do you want to do now? I think we should get moving it could take us a while and if we get lost I don't want to be stuck out here at night."
  16. "Yeah. I think it'd be good if we can get to the nearest town or a Poke Center at the very least..." Putting Kingston back into the pokeball and picking up Rin. "Geez...don't have a paralyze heal on you or something? Hate to leave Rin like this for long..."
    "Rio Ri.."
    "I don't care if you say you're fine I want you healed up."
  17. Xavier put Grace away, the young pokemon was clearly tired from her earlier battle, pulling out a Cheri berry he tossed it to Greyson. "Have her eat that...it's a Cheri berry, it cures paralysis." Xavier said remembering the berries unit from pokemon school.
  18. "Ah dude, thanks!" He grabbed the berry and gave it to Rin, who happily ate it. "You feeling good now?"
    "Great! Let's head off!"
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  19. "Yeah let's go!" Xavier said running into the forest. Angelo was on his shoulder. It was so great to be on an adventure with his best friend. Who knew what kind of pokemon they would meet.

    ( that's okay)
  20. Greyson put Rin down before chasing after Xavier. "Hey! Wait up!" He yelled. "Last thing we need is to get separated before we reach town! That'd suck!"