Kaleido Star ~Second Wings~

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    Kaledio Star has once again is holding open auditions for there stage.

    Plot: Kaledio Star is looking for that one person to take is audience by storm, and with Sora retiring they are opening auditions for anyone far and wide. Who will the fool make an appearance to this time? Will we be able to see the legendary move once more? It's an open debate for who the next star of the stage will be, are you that person by chance? Just remember there is always something waiting just around the corner, everything is not what it seems.


    Everyone is allowed one Character (Unless other wise noted)

    Posting is to be done in some what of an order. I don't want people who have not been on too get left behind. I love the Enthusiasm but please, try and let 1-2 people post between your post.

    There is not limit to how long are detailed your post have to be we welcome everyone.

    I ask that you be able to post once a week

    If by chance it's been over a week since your last post I will PM you personally, if I get no reply in 2-3 days I will count that as a drop out and next in line will fill your spot.

    If for some reason you have to miss more than a week, just message me and I will be glad to hold your spot.

    There are no "Mary-sues" of any kind. No one is going to be perfect at everything.

    You are allowed one exponentially good area such as Swings, Tight Rope, Trampoline, ext.

    No, and I mean no, under any circumstance should there be any god-minding, unless some one drops out and we have to find a way for them to be taken out.

    This is going to be a small group Role play about 5-10 people max. (the larger the group, the harder it is) if by chance you want to join and it's full I will mark you down, and if some one drops you will be the first I contact in order to join if you still wish.

    **If I think of anything else I will address it, or if something comes up**

    Character Sheets:

    Country of Origin:

    Specialty: (Swings, Trapeze ext)
    Weakest area: (Swings, Trapeze ext)




    Above all else Have fun and Enjoy!
  2. Name: Kina sonnavo
    Country of Origin: japan
    Gender: female

    Specialty: Trapeze and high wire
    Weakest area: Swings and
    Dreams: to be able to master the art of acrobatics and bring a smiled to her mothers face again

    Personality: she's a chipper and bouncey pearson who'll jump then think about her landing. She gets in to a lot of problems this way and often needs someone to bail her out. At times she'll stare off or just tune out because the past has caught up with her and she just needs amoment to get back in to gear
    Background:Her mother had her at a young age from being raped. and raised her on her own because her grandparnts didn't want anything to do with a 'whore'. Growing up she relied on her skills to preform on the streets and festavles to bring in extra moeny to help them get by. She ;earned from watching gyminsts at the gym her mother worked at and from her school's gymastic team. Her mother rarely smiles for real and she does when Kina is on stage and is at the heigt of her preformance.
  3. thank you!
  4. Mhm, I just hope more people show interest in it!
  5. This anime was so cute. Let me refresh myself on it and maybe I will join. Save a spot for me, yeah? :)
  6. Yes! I will :3 This anime was super-cute!
  7. I'm Here I'm Here, I'm here I love this anime it was cute and awesome!
  8. [​IMG]

    Name: Isabell St.hialre
    Age: 19
    Country of Origin: Canadian
    Gender: Female

    Specialty: Swings, Trapeze, High wire, Aerial Hoop/silk, The Diabolo,
    Weakest area: everything beside her good points! she also hates water!
    Dreams: To Make people happy!

    Personality: It changes at anytime! she can be cute and happy then mean and angery then back again!
    Background: Must I say?
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  9. Please save me a spot as well. (^ ^)
  10. Oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh! Kaleido Star!

    I haven't read a thing yet of this thread, but I'm loving it already, I'll go and read it soon and if possible I'd like to join in with this :D
  11. :3 I am so happy this went as well as it did!
  12. YEAH I KNOW!!!!
  13. Give me a few days, (I have to put up my CS) and I should be able to get the thread going. :)
  14. Name: Vincent
    Age: 24
    Country of Origin: Ireland
    Gender: Male

    Specialty: Trapeze, Swings, Tight Rope
    Weakest area: Trampoline
    Dreams: To one day be as well known as his father.

    Personality: Distant, Comes off Cold, (He can be rather Sweet though), Can be very hard to work with.
    Background: Vincent was born and raised in Ireland until he was 16 when his parents brought him over to the states. He had always loved the Trapeze and even the circus but when he saw Kaledio star he had fallen in love, not only with the people but with everything. He set out to join it and at seven-teen he became part of the cast and from there he only went up. He currently is there top male star and he can get rather difficult to work with as he will only work with the best. He never means in ill harm to any one, but he refuse to work with some one who does not have that spark.


    Note: I am playing the "Yuri" Of this Role play. I will have my moments but I will be running a lot of the NPC's, the Plot and such. So I made my Character so I can interact with people. I will be playing Vincent (I worked hard on him). (Also I am going to see if either of them that I held spots for are ready to join)
  15. I'll hopefully be able to make a character this weekend ^^ likely speciality: trapeze, tightrope, aerial silk. I would have loved to add more but having more than three sounds way too over 'powered'
  16. I know what you mean, I add my all time favorite thing Trapeze and (Swings to go with it) and then tight rope. I was at first only going to play the NPC and such and not make a Character but then I just got hit with him and so I deiced (Seeing as we had no males) that I would play the "Yuri" Already up there not an overly huge person, and still be able to run the plot and such.
  17. Is there an actual limit to the amount of strengths one may have on one character? Just in case someone decides to just blurt out everything they know haha. (I'm sure you'll correct people that have too many, but maybe listing a max makes for less chances of people going overboard?)

    And I so love that you added a Yuri like character in this roleplay. Or Leon, they kinda had similar vibes going in some degree.
  18. Yeah pretty much, he is the Leon/Yuri hottie of the group. I think I got a pretty good pic for him. XD

    Hmm You do make a point. I am trying to think of all the different area's there are. XD I say no more than 3-4 though.

    Kind of with your best listed first and the worst of your best last. It's so hard when there are so many things to do.
  19. Working on the character now ^0^ Just a name... and sorry XD it's going to be a girl too...

    OH! I also would love to make a character similar to Sarah, if at all possible. Maybe someone that started in the company as a trampoline artist, but had a love for singing and kind of made a switch?
    You think that a character like that would be allowed to be played too? One that's obviously not going to be chosen by Fool but still is a nice part of the shows.