Kaleido star, Persona 4, or Uta-No-Prince-Sama

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  1. Soo.. I have done a few group role plays in the past (sailor moon and Pokemon)
    I am looking to do a few more, but I don't know which ones to do. It's a bit hard actually.

    So I wanted to know what every one else thought? I don't want to do something that is over done, (Pokemon, Digimon, Sailor Moon) But I would like to do one of those three or even Harveset moon Based.

    If you have not heard of any I suggest you look them up, all three are great! and Harvest moon is awesome! :3

    Comments welcomed!
  2. i would love to do a persona 4 one
  3. Thank you for the imput.

    I was unsure of what to do, what ever it is it will be in the world just not in the same time frame as when the actually story/Game/anime took place. Know what I mean?
  4. yes and i can help i am a big fan of it
  5. Mhm, I want to see what other people think. XD But I will def keep that in mind when I go to plan.
  6. PERSONA 4 for me~!
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  7. Thank you!

    I love your Display Picture!
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  8. thanks~ well @Cry pick it for me so I must thanks to her~!
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  9. ok i will wait as long asit takes X3
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  10. Also thats a great idea! i love Kaleido star!!!! I aslo Love persona 4 and uta NO prince SAMA!

  11. PERSONA *@CRY coming as my Justice Arcana* LOL!
  12. Yes master Greedy you called me?? you wanted something?
  13. Spread the word of this rp!! Lol
  14. I'll try sir ^^;
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  15. Welp guys I am not even sure which I am going to do, but I know I will probably due two. XD and it is going to be Persona 4 and one other. :3
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