Kal and Roses~ A Royals Tale

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    Reginald Ronan
  2. want me to start or you?

    Setting: When the princess comes to the palace :3
  3. You can start, I'm a little bad with starts :s
  4. Sofia was heading to this palace. Her father told her that she was being helped with this problem that she has. She was wearing a nice dress, which was a corset styled dress . She also had matching shoes that were the same pink. She tilted her head softly as she ran her hand through her hair, in which was curled.. She glanced over at her father who nodded. It was coming into place. She saw it, this was a ball dance, which is interesting. She was so scared and nervous.
  5. Reginald was waiting for the princess he was told to take care off, his parents told him it was important to make her be happy because it was important for the kingdom, he hoped she wouldn't be weird or crazy, he had to take care many times of other girls to show the kingdoms concern and oh so often they fell for him. In the distance he saw her approaching, he was in a military uniform, but a rather less specialized one as it also served as a suit. He looked at the princess coming closer and took a deep breath to not mess up his manners as soon as she got close enough to see him.
  6. Sofia didn't want to do this, she wanted to go back home, but there was people after her ad everything. She glanced around beore seeing the male in auniform. She closed her eyes and said, " Mom why cant we go back?" She asked. She tilted her head thinking. She didn't know what to do. She gulped nervously. She then went to get out of the carriage as soon as they stopped and her father got out to help her out. She looked over at the guy and she smiled lightly. She blinked her eyes as she went to the male, " hello, I'm Princess Sofia." She said softly. She curtseyed as she waited, she then looked back up and smiled lightly at him.
  7. As she approached him he was surprised by her beautiful dress and her as well. He went on his knees kissing her hand as he got up with a gentle smile. "I'm prince Reginals, it is an honor to meet you." Reginald tried to focus on her as he saw her parents, he was hoping they wouldn't look after them all day. "Shall we go in M'Lady?" He spoke in a gentle voice as he offered her his hand.
  8. Sofia smiled lightly as she looked at him. She felt her hand kissed. She blushed and then nodded. She didn't know what to think, she tilted her head and wrapped her arm around his, like they do formally and properly. She looked at him and smiled and said, " We shall." She said softly. She tilted her head to the side. She was happy. She didn't know what to think about all of this, though.
  9. Reginald gave a last assuring look to her parents and brought her inside, it was already crowded and he was annoyed by it, he was aazy person and he hated being all formal. "Is there anything you want to see my princess?" He smiled gently, he wanted to make her feel comfortable, if she spoke good about him it would be good for the kingdom. "Or do you want to dance?"
  10. Sofia looked back at her parents, nervously. She looked around the place as she was told te options, and she was shown who was at the palace already. She blinked her eyes and then said, " Oh um... well I would like to see more, sir." She smiled lightly at him, she tried to get out of the room because she saw the people who were after her, which she didn't know why he was there. She glanced at the prince and smiled.
  11. He left the crowded place as he smiled at her. "You may call me Reginald, I don't think you need to be so formal towards me unless you insist." Reginald brought her to the garden and showed her the palace. "I take you aren't a great party person?" He asked as he led her through the halls of the palace.
  12. Sofia smiled softly. " are you sure?" She simile at how pretty everything was. She glanced at him " well I am it just appears that people that are after me are in that room " she smiled lightly. She tilted her head as she thought. She gulped nervously. She smiled lightly. She kept walking with him. She smiled and said " are you a party person?"
  13. As she asked he wondered if he could trust her, she might just want to make him look bad. "I think they are not exactly a bad thing, but I have other interests. What do you usually do in your tome where you don't have to be a princess? Oh and yes I am sure don't worry." He sat down on a bench in the rose garden.
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