一人かくれんぼ [Solitary Hide and Seek] 2

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  1. Play at your own risk.

    The game is pretty simple. But you have to play it alone. Absolutely no one else must be present in the house where you play.

    This is a game between you and a spirit.

    There are rules and these are certainly things you must never break. You must not forget any of the items and rituals needed.

    Or else, the spirit could go beyond the game.

    Instructions (open)

    Do not skip any step.

    First, prepare your doll. Use one that isn't important to you. Replace the stuffing with rice grains. Add some clippings of your nails. Sew up the opening with red thread then bind the doll with the same thread. Prepare a cup of salt and fill a bathtub with water. If there is no bathtub, use a basin. Name your doll, don't use a familiar name.

    Next, begin the ritual.

    You are the first It. Tell your doll by name that you are the it.

    "______, I am the It."

    Drop the doll in the tub and look for a place to hide, preferably where there is a TV you can leave on. Switch off all the lights. All this must be done in ten counts. When you're done, go back to the bathroom, spit out thesalt water on the doll and stab it. You won, tell the doll.

    "_______, I won." Repeat thrice.

    It's the doll's turn to be the it, please be mentally prepared at this point. And please be vigilant. Do not lose.

    "_______, you are it." Repeat thrice.

    If you have someone you would like to be your companion during the game, use your phone but keep it in silent. Make sure it will not create noise.

    Have salt water in your mouth again. This protects you from the spirit. Go to your hiding spot and remain calm and quiet. It is imperative that you keep quiet, specially when the TV starts to malfunction. That means the spirit has entered the room. When that happens, do not leave your hiding spot yet. Leave when the TV goes back to normal, look for the doll.It is most likely not in the bathroom and make sure you search fast. Spit the water at the doll and stab it again.

    You must burn every single bit of the doll to conclude your game.

    If someone walks in on you while the game is ongoing, there are two different possibilities. That person would be found in your place or the spirit will take that person's body.

    If you live with someone, make sure they stay in their room, lock their door and line the doorway with salt.

    I can't guarantee that the game will end well for you.

    I can't guarantee that the spirit will leave your house.

    I can't guarantee your safety.

    I can guarantee if you lose, you'll regret it.
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  2. Kiriko carefully slid under her bed, all set to wait for her most despised doll to look for her. She texted her friends "OK!! ヽ(゚Д゚)ノ" to let them know that her game has begun.

    She loved the thrills of paranormal things. She's no expert but she likes to mess around despite several warnings. She didn't believe in ghosts and things like that, but she liked the experience of a rush of adrenaline.

    Some think she's downright insane, probably her best friend Akima does and her little sister Yukina who is the only other person in the house. Their parents had gone to visit their sick grandmother, leaving the girls overnight. Despite Yukina's protests, Kiriko laid out the game anyway.

    After all, nothing bad's going to happen in a make believe haunting game.

    [[jump right in as Kiriko's friend!]]
  3. Squeezing herself in the tightest part of her closet, her back against the wall, her being pushed behind a stack of clothes that she hoped would shroud her being. Why was she doing this, Amika wondered, her small frame shaking as she clutched onto her cellphone, her knuckles nearly turning white under the force that she was pushing them together. This was so stupid! What if something bad really did happen. What if her parents walked in during the middle of this? What if the dog that was chained up outside broke from his chain and came running in the house? What would that mean for her? What would that mean for them?

    She was beginning to regret listening to Kiriko, though it's not like that was a first. Amika was definitely not a leader, and though she hated being pushed into situation that she would rather not be in, such as this one, she couldn't help but follow along most of the time. Call it her having a weak will, she wasn't sure, but she did know she was gullible. And probably stupid for doing this.

    Checking her phone after taking a deep breath to calm herself, which didn't work, she read the text that she had received from Kiriko and nodded her head despite knowing that no one would see her. "Me too," she responded back, her fingers trembling as she typed out the words. "I can't believe you got me to do this! How long is this supposed to last again?" She added
  4. Manami frantically pulled on a lock of her hair. She sat in a large, empty cabinet in the living room. Her fingers trembled as she tried to write a text.

    "Guys, I'm scared... I don't like being in the dark! >_<"
  5. Okusho Imani was an unorthodox man of the ages. He looked at the texts on his computer. He sat in his sister's study, where all kinds of books lay across the wooden floor. Okusho brushed his wavy hair to his ears as the glasses he wore got greasy from the strands. Okusho looked at the time. "12:30 AM" the electronic clock flashed. The study appeared dusty and overwhelmingly foreboding.

    He replied to Manami with "Tis fine, my lady; we must stay strong."
  6. Manami looked at her phone, hands still shaking. She gulped.

    "I guess... If I can just sit here quietly, it will all be over before I know it, right?"

    She pushed her glasses back, and tried to rest her head a bit. All this tension was making her neck cramp.
  7. Okusho sighed as he read Manami's text message. He forced a smile as he began typing his own text. It said, "The fingernail clippings would be hard.... I already have small nails that can't grow, but otherwise... there is nothing to worry about."
  8. Kiriko (open)

    The TV continued to play a CD she burned by herself. Her phone constantly buzzed, recieving mail after mail from her friends. She mentally thanked them for indulging her and peeked. Realizing she had completely forgotten she was still the it, she slid out, taking in a mouthful of saltwater from a bottle she had prepared with her.

    She found her doll in their tub, unmoved and to her, still despicable as ever. It was a pretty doll, sure. But it was from her mom's boyfriend and she had always been a daddy's girl.

    She spat the water, "Zero-tsuu, I won, I won, I won. Bitch." She said, feeling pretty cool that she swore at a supposedly haunted doll.

    She felt a chill down her spine; it excited her. Bring it on.

    "Off to hide! Doll's it!" She mailed the others. She looked at the doll, pretty hyped that she gets to stab it later.

    "Zero-tsuu, you're it, you're it, you're it." she told the doll. Then she tossed it nonchalantly back in the tub, running and quietly giggling to her hiding place where the song Mirai Chizu by STARISH was still playing aloud.

    Yukina (open)


    Yukina stirred awake, registering the sounds of her sister's footsteps and the distant muffled STARISH song. She scratched her head, frustrated at Kiriko's immature ideas. Yukina is the responsible one, as she liked to think and hated to realize, whenever her sister's doing bizarre supernatural stuff.

    She hoped the spirit of the glass thing would be the last straw, Kiriko really freaked her out when the glass moved a little. Yukina was glad she threw it right out the window even if that freaked Kiriko out in turn.

    Unlike Kiriko, Yukina hated ghosts. Not because she didn't believe, quite the opposite.

    She can see them.

    Feel them.

    Kiribaka what have you done this time-

    She ran and swung the door open, her heart beating wildly. There was a strange chill, an eerie feeling. But there was nothing. This happened quite often in the house, so she hesitated about whether to tell her sister.

    Just to be sure.

    She turned, leaving the door open. She didn't notice that she had scattered the salt line on her doorway.

    Kiriko's doll stood omniously before Yukina.
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  9. "Your doll is just now seeking you?!" Amika texted back quickly, her teeth clenching as she clutched the phone closer to her being. She had been waiting for the chance where he doll would seek her, something that obviously worried the girl a great deal, but still had yet to have anything happen to her.

    'Great, just great,' she thought, pulling her knees closer to her as she listened to the barking of the dog outside. Heavily did she pour salt on all the doors that would lead to the outside world before the game even started, her own paranoia getting the best of her at that time, so she figured she had nothing to worry about. Still she shook under the mere thought of this actually happening. She would flinch when she heard the dog, but it wasn't until she heard the crackling noise coming from the tv o her room. Her body froze, her eyes widening before she quickly looked back at the phone. "I think something is happening,' she sent to all the participants of the game. "I'm scared."
  10. Manami, who had finished her own preparations and was now back in the cabinet looked at her cellphone and her heart began to race again.

    "You're lying, right!? Nothing's actually supposed to happen, RIHGT!?"
  11. Mayu cursed, looking down at her phone, realizing her friends had started without her. In a panicked state and attempting to catch up with them, she scrambled to her bathroom, gabbing the butt-ugly doll she had just finished making and a pin to stab it with. slightly out of breath, she placed the doll on the counter before texting her friends as she left the bathroom to turn on the TV.

    "Goodness gracious, that doll took long to make >M< Oh well, that's what I get for hand sewing it! I'm starting now~ \(^o^)/"

    She then returned to the restroom, turning off all the lights along the way. Now the only light that was on was the one in the restroom, just for her to be able to see what she was doing. Now ready, Mayu grabbed the doll and grinned at it.

    "Hiito, I'm it, I'm it, I'm it." she chirped before tossing the doll in the tub where the water had already gone cold. She then ran out of the restroom and wiggled her way behind the couch in the family room. She had already set up a blanket on top of it, and pillows on either side of her for a triple blockade.

  12. Kiriko was giddy with excitement, bobbing her head to the looped song on her player. She looked almost comical with her cheeks puffed, filled with the protective salt water.

    Then she felt it, the sensation that someone was watching. The chill in the air became less exciting. When did I even adjust the heater? I never did!

    She heard a distant door creak open and instinctively looked at the door in the room she was in. It was a sliding door, it wouldn't make that hinge creak noise.

    Wait, that sounded like Yuki's door-


    The song suddenly looped at what was supposed to be a line filled with love and encouragement.

    Hitori ja nai ka-hitori ja nai-hitori ja nai-

    Kiriko turned sharply to the TV that was blinking, repeating the line one last time before warped into weird distorted noises. She glanced up the door-when did it open? How?

    Hitori ja nai, you are not alone, the song was telling her.

    All she managed was a salt water-choked scream.