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Mix of Fantasy or Magical. Or even just a grand open world with a mix of odd styles.
By kickass, I really mean somewhat decent art for a fairly decent price... Only for Iwakian's. (Thats a thing, right? Iwakian?)

Most of my art tends to be forward facing characters drawn in a fairly high resolution that looks great on a computer monitor or phone. While I draw these and add my signature and date to them, these purchases make the art YOURS so that you can take them and post them anyplace you would like or do anything you would like with them. I only ask that you credit me or source me from DA or Storm-Artists.

Timing- I usually complete full drawings within a few days, however if things come up or I get busy, they should be done no longer than a 7-day week.

Note- My drawings are done in MY anime style. I know that doesn't appeal to everyone and thats fine if you don't want to buy from my shop. However, if you do, GREAT! Keep in mind that not everything is within my capability or skill level to do. I am also limited to what my art program is capable of, but you will be provided examples of what I can do!

I have different levels of goods that I provide, which dictate cost.

Basic Sketches- Usually just a 1USD each.
Inked Art- Basically, line art. No colors. Comes with or without transparent background. usually 3USD.​
Colored Art- Line art, but with colors and a basic background. 6 to 8 USD, depending on resolution and the complexity of the piece I am trying to do. Usually will be just 6 dollars though.

Each drawing will just have one character on it. I can do multiple characters on a single page, but I may have to chalk on a couple extra dollars. Sketches may not be subject to this, though I am not sure yet.

Payment method- Paypal. The paypal email address is x.saberfox.x@gmail.com . When making a payment, please explain exactly how you want your drawing to look and all details you want added to the character.

If you aren't sure about something, contact me via PM with any questions before making a payment!

Cost Note- If you buy a sketch and wish to see it turned into an Inked drawing, I will do it and discount you for what you paid for the sketch im drawing from. If you wish for your inked drawing to be colored, I will again knock down the price of what you paid previously. I may not always do this, but for now I will.

Source Note: This is my DeviantART account. Source me to it please?

ShirouSaberfox on DeviantArt

Examples of Sketches

Examples of Inked (Line) Art

Examples of Colored Art

Please note, these examples I have provided are my drawings. With the exception of the drawing of Raven, these characters are MINE! They are NOT up for use and taking them without permission will bring swift and painful JUSTICE.

Also, my artist name tends to change. Just deal with it.

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