Kakumei totes looking for roleplaying partners.

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  1. I'm just looking for a few people to roleplay with. I generally prefer anime style roleplaying, fantasy settings, post apocalyptic, etc. I checked Intermediate, but I am generally adaptable, matching whomever I play with. I play males and females, aggressive to timid.

    Feel free to toss out a plot and setting to test me to see if you are interested or however it works here. Sorry, still a nub. xD

  2. When you post such things it helps to advertise what your content ratings are

    And if you have any particular cravings for certain pairings or fandoms, or have any ideas.
  3. Content ratings, as in regular role-playing and libertine role-playing?

    I guess I should have said I generally prefer role-plays with original characters.
  4. No such as Mature rated themes lol
  5. Isn't that Libertine? xD
  6. I don't know what libertine is, so I can't tell you
  7. Well I looked it up, and libertine does not mean what you're thinking of

    Mature content merely means 18+ themes such as intense violence, gore, language, or sex
  8. Oh, well that would be a failure on my part.

    Basically for me, I like regular role-playing. If the characters develop into a mature sexual relationship, then it happens and I am all for it. If that makes sense.
  9. It makes sense, you're saying you're okay with smut so long as it makes sense and it isn't there for the sake of it

    I agree

    Anyways, you wanna roleplay?
  10. Sure, if you have something interested in mind, I am always down.
  11. Interesting**
  12. You don't have anything you're craving to do?
  13. Beyond killing my loneliness, nothing in particular. Fantasy, adventure, survival are all things I like. Real life simulators are not one of those things. So.. yeah.
  14. Oh I hear you

    I live in the real world, why would I want to roleplay it? You're like me

    How does bodyguard x princess sound? Yes it sound cliche and generic, but I can create a decent plot for it, and you can too

    Or perhaps is there something anime related you want to do?
  15. Who is the bodyguard and who is the princess? xD

    I am interested in either, I suppose.
  16. Try not to sound so enthusiastic about it :P

    What kind of animes do you like?
  17. Sorry, I have a weird typing personality.

    As far as anime goes... Oh, thats a list. Darker than Black, Tokyo Majin, SAO, Fairy Tale, No.9 (or is it No.6? metal dyslexia or something)... It goes on and on... xD
  18. Oh gee

    Good list

    I think I'll stick with the fantasy one for the time being, I dunno, I'm kind of nervous about roleplaying an anime and I'm not sure I could do it justice
  19. Well, generally I don't do in cannon anime role-plays. I like the universe and the physics, however, I don't use the same characters or stories. But I don't mind, any work for me.
  20. I could play a prince, but I don't think I can play a princess xD
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