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The year is 2040. Fifteen years ago, the last great Kaiju War was fought on Infant Island. Three groups were involved in what many outsiders believed to be a total massacre.

The Kaiju who fought valiantly to protect Earth: Mothra, Godzilla, King Caesar, Anguirus, Rodan, King Kong, Titanosaurus, Ebirah.

The Kaiju from beyond the stars, or made by man who sought to subjugate it: Gigan, Megalon, King Ghidorah, Orga, Space Godzilla, Destoroyah, Biollante, Hedorah.

And the mecha pilots and mutants of the G-force, caught in the middle. The pilots of Moguera, Kiryuu and the legendary Jet Jaguar all stood at that final battle.

At 2PM on August 15th, 2025, observers on both sides of the pacific ocean witnessed a blue flash that filled the sky. After checking for radiation and other fallout, armies from Japan, China, Russia and America converged on Infant Island, to find...nothing. No island. No kaiju. And no sign that anything had happened at all.

Two members of G-force, a mutant soldier from the Gotengo Battleship named Kilian Kingston, and a pilot of Moguera, Tanimoto Sakura, were the only ones coherent enough to explain what happened.. The story they told was unbelievable. They had witnessed Destoroyah puncture Godzilla's flesh with the oxygen destroyer weapon in its body. Neither one could agree on the exact details, but they both agreed that a humanoid figure in light appeared over the battlefield, spreading wings that radiated with every color known to man. When the light faded, the kaiju were simply gone. Even the ones who were neutral in the conflict, such as Kumonga and Baragon had vanished.

The governments of the world saw it as a sign that the age of the Kaiju was officially over. What they didn't know, was that the kaiju had been reborn, as humans.

In that month, families in Japan, America, Hong Kong and Australia that previously had been unable to have children, were suddenly cured of whatever ailments they had and nine months later, they gave birth to children. As if compelled by some unknown force, these families all moved to a coastal California town, named Little Twins River. And now, those children, the reborn kaiju, are about to enter school together. Will they regain their memories and ignite the Kaiju War again? Or will their new life prevail for the good of all? Only time will tell.

Character Sheets:

Everyone who is interested must lay claim to a kaiju child as follows.

Kaiju Name:
Human Name:
Sexual Preference:
Physical Description:
Faceclaim: (If you have one)
Character Skills: (Each player character can choose three skills from the list below)
Character's Goals:
(What drives the character)
Character's Fears: (What the character dreads, or the nightmares they have about themselves)
Developing Superpower:
Character Memories:
Wound Count: (Starts at 5, explained below)
Sanity Count (Starts at 5)

For Developing Superpower, this would be treated as a mutant power in the X-men universe. Your first mutation is likely to be the power that the kaiju is most known for. Godzilla, for example, would have radioactive breath, but not sustained.

For Character Memories, there are three options:
Option 1 is No Memory; The kaiju child doesn't remember anything about their past life.
Option 2 is Flashbacks; They have brief glimpses of the fighting in the last Kaiju War
Option 3 is Vague Recollections; They don't have memories of themselves, but they do recognize their classmates as if they've met before.

Through play, the kaiju kids will encounter scenarios that give them memories of who they are.

Here are the Kaiju you can choose from:
King Caesar
King Kong
Jet Jaguar
Space Godzilla
Space Godzilla

Skills List:
First Aid

Rules for Combat: In order to keep an element of fairness, if two players choose to get involved in combat, they will have to use The Dice Roller, placing their roll on a D10 in parentheses after the action. Players must take the first roll that comes up. If possible, they should also post a screenshot of the roll.

If one player manages to beat the other's roll for an attack, the loser of that round takes a Wound. Taking a Wound will add +1 to your next roll, but this bonus does not stack.

If one player rolls higher on defense than the other's attack, they take no damage.

If a player loses all five of their wounds without being healed, their character dies.

Sanity Points are used to represent the character's overall mental health as their memories come back. In order to keep their sanity from going down, when players are confronted with a scene that could cause their characters to have flashbacks, they have to roll 2d10 and subtract the smaller number from the larger number. If the total is under five, they suffer no ill effects. If the total is over five, they lose one Sanity Point and have a +1 penalty for the next Sanity roll.

If a player character loses all 5 Sanity points without taking the time to heal(by listening to music, going to a concert, spending time with friends,) they revert to their bestial selves and begin rampaging.

Extra wounds and Sanity points can be gained during play.

Rules for Skill use: Outside of combat, if a player wants their character to use a skill, it still needs to be rolled. If the skill is one that the player has chosen, the player rolls a D10. Any roll over 6 is a success. If they are attemping something that involved a skill they have not taken, it requires a roll over 8 to succeed. If the player rolls 10 it is considered an automatic success with style.

When we have enough players, I'll start the In-character thread for the first day of school.
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