Kaiju Apocalypse, a Godzilla RP

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    (To get this off the ground, let's make it clear that I am a huge Godzilla fan! I've also noticed that there have been few Godzilla-centered RP's which have gained major attention. However, I can understand the reasons in which cause many of the others to die out fairly quickly. But if this interests any of you, I'll go off on what I've had in mind.)


    "If we do not defend ourselves from Godzilla now, what will become of us?"​

    -Hideto Ogata

    Humanity, small and pestilent, is no longer the master of Earth. Kaiju now dominate our world.

    Ever since the beginning, in 1954, monsters have driven mankind into a state of fear. Even as humanity united under a single Earth government to solve the crisis, the Kaiju are still the new kings of Earth. They have come from the stars and beneath the seas, they have descended from the skies and risen from our planet's surface. Cities are nothing more than graveyards. However, there are several organizations dedicated to ending the monsters' reign once and for all. The United Nations had realized early on that these monsters cannot be killed by conventional means. Jaegers were created as the latest in anti-Kaiju weaponry. Infighting plagued the last few Anti-Kaiju organizations and have led humanity to become divided once more on who they wish to save them from destruction. In 1965, as mankind was preoccupied with fighting the Kaiju menace, a mysterious rogue planet had arrived between Neptune and Pluto. Planet X quickly became Earth's latest disease. It's inhabitants, the Xilieans, quickly conquered over half of the Earth and even more Kaiju had arrived. It was then the United Nations developed a category system for the monsters. Every Kaiju was either an Earth Defender, a Mecha, an Alien, or a Mutant. Earth's remaining leaders could no longer hold out on this menace, and they had left the defending to the highly divided protection organizations. They all had skilled members and recruits. It was almost as if all of what remained of mankind had belonged to one of these groups. However, their skills were still no match for the monsters. Technology soon began to advance at an incredible speed, like an arms race. Masers, Mechas, Jaegers, and more became humanity's greatest achievements. The setting is 2037. You have been recruited from your safe government-made bunker into one of the five major groups dedicated to either ending the rule of the earth Kaiju, or to simply survive and thrive. You will leave your family and friends behind as you travel on your way to HQ. The greatest prize you're after is Godzilla, King of The Monsters. Any organization that can defeat him will gain dominance over the other factions. Your recruiters wish for you to pilot one of their contraptions that might save mankind from their misery. But how can one defeat a god?
  2. Very interested. As long I can be a Neko :3 Also will their be other custom races for example Neko.
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  3. Neko can be added to the list of available races, although it isn't one of the canon Godzilla races.
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    Back-story for Neko custom race
    Back on Planet X the Xilieans and Neko lived together peacefully. Until one day the Kaiju appeared on Planet X. The Xilieans saw them as living gods and worshiped them. But the cat-like Neko saw them as destructive monsters, and sought to destroy them before they become anymore of a threat. The Xilieans saw there attack and the government enslaved all of the Neko. But the Neko watched learning when the Xilieans plans will be next.

    The Neko had learned that they were going to strike Earth. For the sake of the solar system, some got away and fled to Earth to warn them. But as they got there they saw that they had slit in to factions and fought with each other. Neko now are very rare and spread out in all the factions.
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  5. A Guide to the Races of the Godzilla Universe:

    Humans: The original inhabitants of Earth, and the planet's former dominant race. It has been driven to near-extinction by the War on Kaiju, and by the subsequent alien invasions. Humans rely on Jaegers to hold up the last defenses of the Earth.

    Black Hole Planet 3 Aliens: A race of humanoid extraterrestrial apes who have set out to conquer Earth after their own planet was destroyed by a black hole. They were the original inventors of the first Mechagodzilla, and a huge threat.

    Seatopians: These people are the subterranean pacifists of the Earth. While the Seatopians dislike violence, they are not afraid to act in self defense. They will defend their home in the Earth's crust, no matter the cost, if only to please their god Megalon.

    Space Hunter Nebula-M Aliens: A bizarre insect-like race of alien who are allied with the Seatopians of Earth. They dislike humans, much like every other race of alien. However, they have supreme control over the hideous abomination known as Gigan.

    Vortaak: Experts in the craft of UFO-designing, the Vortaak can make unstoppable weapons of mass destruction. They have no exact homeworld, instead they inhabit the Mothership; a massive UFO that is as large as a human city. Spacegodzilla happens to be their favorite pawn.

    Kilaaks: Perhaps the only sentient race to have only a single gender; female. All Kilaaks are women, and coincidentally they are masters of mind-control technology. King Ghidorah is the monster they turn to when a threat arises against them.

    Xiliens: While there is great diversity in the intergalactic community, the Xiliens are the most extreme of interstellar conquerors. Quick to enslave entire solar systems, they require the DNA of other sentient creatures to survive. Xiliens are given intense strength, stamina, and intelligence due to a special compound in their body called M-Base. Monster X is their flagship Kaiju in their war on humanity.

    Neko: Among the species enslaved by the Xiliens, the Neko were once a tribal race of cat-like people who worshiped their tyrannical overlords. The Neko are native to the planet Mars. However, when the Xiliens began to consume the Neko race when the Kaiju Wars erupted, some of them managed to escape to Earth and began helping the humans in their campaign for survival. The Neko can employ the service of King Caesar, the feline Kaiju.
  6. Factions

    Monarch: A secret organization full of mystery, even more so than the other groups. They had known the existence of the Kaiju for decades ever since 1946. Led by none other than Ishiro Serizawa, they contain the most knowledge about Godzilla and a new race of creature known only as MUTO. Due to this group's secrecy, it is often seen as untrustworthy and the subject of dozens of conspiracy theories. Members of Monarch are infamous for their skills in under-cover missions. Serves the American and Japanese governments.
    -Gear/Equipment: Monarch is trapped into using only outdated weaponry from 2014. All of the jets, tanks, and vehicles from that time are Monarch's specialty. However, during the fierce arms race against the Kaiju, Monarch had invented its jewel of a weapon. The Super X. A device capable of sending almost any Kaiju into submission with the use of missile cannons and lasers. Except Godzilla, of course.
    -Jaeger: Cherno Alpha

    G-Force: The pinnacle of Earth's defense effort, G-Force was formed in 1993 after the King of Monsters himself began striking Tokyo with increasing aggression. It is primarily a Japanese gathering and funded by the United Nations. They desire for nothing but the destruction of every Kaiju on the planet and to return humanity to its former glory. Serves the United Nations.
    -Gear/Equipment: Before most of the Earth had fallen under Xiliean control, G-Force had created the most advanced super weapon ever devised at the time. They named it Mechagodzilla-2 after the original Xiliean super weapon. Dozens of cities were saved by this metallic beast. Even though it is rather SLOW[​IMG] and clunky, no other Mecha has ever held a candle to it in terms of armor or weapons.
    -Jaeger: Crimson Typhoon

    CCI: A corporation bound by the philosophy of profit over protection. Reports had claimed that this faction died in 2000 when Godzilla had killed its CEO in one of his raids. However, the surviving managers joined together and realized the inefficiency of the other government-based groups. They chose to sell their services to the population and are determined to ensure the people's safety, for a price. They use highly unethical BUSINESS[​IMG] practices to achieve their goals. However, few can match their technology as their greed led to many horrific discoveries. Serves themselves.
    -Gear/Equipment: With the knowledge that their clients would pay billions just to ensure temporary safety, the CCI created a highly sophisticated version of the Super X known simply as the Super X2. The device could deflect a Kaiju's energy beam and reuse it as a highly dangerous ray. The monsters of the world are surely in for a surprise once they go against an even more lethal version of the Super X.
    -Jaeger: Horizon Brave

    Red Bamboo: Although the United Nations had finally brought humanity under one banner, that did not eliminate the threat of terrorism. They had emerged to greet the world in 1966 after they had uncovered a method in which the Kaiju could be controlled. Unfortunately, the original tools in which that was possible were destroyed by Godzilla when he attacked their HQ on Devil's Island in the Pacific. Red Bamboo is well-known for enslaving island populations for labor. All this faction wants is vengeance against Godzilla for bringing them down to their knees. Serves themselves.
    -Gear/Equipment: Like Monarch, Red Bamboo has the burden of only using primitive tech. Despite this setback, this terrorist organization has highly sophisticated naval ships (of custom design) which in large numbers can do some damage against a Kaiju. On land, Red Bamboo can employ different types of highly destructive Maser Cannons from days-gone-bye. Masers are among the few weapons known to drive off giant monsters while causing little property damage. Since Red Bamboo could care less about safety or property damage, Masers make much better demolition tools.
    -Jaeger: Brawler Yukon

    Xilieans: An extraterrestrial race of humanoids with the most advanced tech in the entire universe. They have attempted to take over Earth on multiple occasions, though failed frequently. Their homeworld is Planet X. Many different Kaiju have originated from their world, such as Gigan or King Ghidorah. Other examples are Monster X, Space Godzilla, and Orga. Lately, their control over these great beasts have been lost and they are destroying the Xilieans' half of Earth as much as the humans' half. Godzilla and Rodan had once traveled to Planet X and caused major damage to the Xilieans' center of command decades ago, infusing their race with a deep hatred for all Earth Defenders. Loyal to Planet X.
    -Gear/Equipment: With the most advanced technology at their side, their is no limit to what the Xilieans can do. They prefer to use their mockery of the King himself with Black MechaGodzilla.
    -Jaeger: Moguera
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