Kaguya's Journey Home

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  1. [​IMG]
    Have you ever wondered....
    ... if there was...​
    ... someone...​

    ... somewhere...
    ... say...​
    ...the moon?​

    There was once a Princess by the name of Kaguya. She lived in the Capital of the Moon.


    One day, a civil war broke out on the Moon between the various Lunar Races. As Princess of the Moon, her parents sealed her within a bamboo pipe-shaped sealing capsule, before sending it towards the nearest celestial body - the Earth.

    Soon afterwards, the capsule found itself within a bamboo forest. It was almost immediately unsealed, conjuring a stark naked Kaguya, equipped with nothing but her inert abilities, and left to fend for herself in the bamboo forests. She is, however, aware of a legend that could take her home. The core piece of this tale was said to reside in a bamboo forest that was described to be much like this one. As such, she chose to explore these bamboo forests for a bit.

    One day, while she is bathing by a spring waterfall at night, a hero takes a peep at her. Before he knew it, she was captured by Tengu who swooped in before the hero could halt them. With the chains of fate intertwining, our hero must now head towards the nearby Tengu Tower and save the damsel in distress.



    Hero - Must be male. He is a swordsman who has recently begun his journey. He starts off the Roleplay by peeping at a bathing Kaguya, unaware of what his actions will pull him into.

    Kaguya - Must be female. A Lunar Princess who possesses the power of light and healing magic, as well moon-themed attacks. Her power depends on the phases of the moon, a Full Moon making her strong and a New Moon giving no boost. She is from the moon and is currently trying to find a way home. Fortunately, she knows the locations of the five required pieces. Unfortunately, she can't obtain them on her own.

    Party Member - I'll allow a little more freedom for this. I'll accept two magic-oriented and two physical-oriented. ORIENTED. Which means mixed fighters are allowed.


    Rules and Notes:

    I will not be playing the stated playable roles. I'll be controlling the environment and NPCs, as well as playing a very perculiar animal mascot....
    One character per person.
    For the Hero and Kaguya, drop in a PM. I'll select applications from the various apps sent to me.
    Do not reserve. It's first come first serve.
    I may sound restrictive at times but please, I want you to have fun. Keep passive roleplaying low, and keep active roleplaying high.
    This is semi-semi-sandbox.
    The 'Items' section? Well, it's there to make it feel a little more RPG-like. It'll store Potions and whatnot, in addition to key items. Try not to let it restrict you.
    Have fun!​
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  2. Application:

    (Insert Picture Here)

    Name: Please keep it Japanese-esque. The maximum range for this is... something Oriental.
    Role in Story: Hero, Kaguya or Party Member?
    Age: For the Hero and Princess Kaguya, keep it from 13 to 17. Everyone else can be any plausible age range.
    Race: Hero must be human. Kaguya must be Lunar Hare.
    Appearance: Additional info added to the picture.
    Racial Traits: If Kaguya or human, leave this blank. Leave the option there, but put 'N/A'.
    Skills: Non-magical skills.
    Magic: Magic capabilities you possess.
    Equipment: What equipment do you possess?
    Others: Anything that doesn't fit up there?​
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  3. Current Locations:
    These are locations that have been covered in the RP so far.

    Bamboo Forest
    It looks like a regular bamboo forest, but it has been mentioned to contain one of five impossible items. It is home to some of the most peaceful and tranquil wildlife and flora.
    Dungeons present are the Tengu Tower.

    Taketori Village
    A peaceful village near the Bamboo Forest.


    The Five Impossible Items are five relics that are said to be the key to unlock the road to the moon. Placing them under a full moon while at the peak of Mt Fuji will successfully create the road to the very moon.
    Kaguya knows where they are, but does not know how to get there since she has only heard of them as legends, and thus, the party must ask for leads and directions, as well as hints.

    Cowry Shell born from Swallows - said to be in Bamboo Forest
    The core piece of the five impossible items. It resembles a Cowry shell.
    Status - unobtained

    Jeweled Branch of Hourai - said to be on Horai Island.
    Status - unobtained

    Fire Rat Robes - said to be carried by the leader of the nomadic Fire Rat Tribe.
    Status - unobtained

    Stone Begging Bowl - said to be owned by a nomadic Buddha.
    Status - unobtained

    Dragon's Jewel - said to be in the Huanglong Cavern. Maybe...
    Status - unobtained


    Moon Phases

    You all have 28 days. If you don't make it, well, you can wait another 28 days. You see, to get from one Full Moon to another, it takes 28 days. The RP starts on Day 0, which displays the Full Moon in the night sky.
    Excluding the Full Moon, there will be 7 phases for countdown, each lasting 4 days. After these 28 days have passed, the Full Moon will appear and last for four days.
    At a new day, I will state something like: Day 1, Gibbous

    The 7 phases prior to a full moon will proceed as follows:
    Gibbous > Quarter > Crescent > New > Crescent > Quarter > Gibbous


    Party Members

    No, we won't have all six members at the start. The hero and Kaguya will meet them one by one as they proceed with their journey. I will decide the starting points of these four Party Members that will be sent via PM.​
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  4. Meet the Party!
    [​IMG]Takashi Kaito
    Kyou Ryo[​IMG]
    [​IMG]Sakurai "Holly" Kiyomi
    Kagetosin Shiro[​IMG]


    Coins x500
    Fresh Water x5
    Sweets x3​
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  5. Post reserved
  6. I wouldn't mind being the hero as this is a rather intriguing concept. Should I assume this takes place in feudal Japan?
  7. Yes, the setting is akin to feudal Japan, possibly before that.

    Well, do keep updated to see when the applications are up.
  8. I will, don't worry.
  9. Aaand the applications are all good for baking. Now I just need to insert lore info.
  10. I've sent mine in.
  11. Could you elaborate a little on swordsman? Given that it's feudal Japan, swordsman alone kind of brings to mind a samurai, whereas it could also apply to most ninja, which is kind of the CS I'm working on.
  12. I would prefer the more 'warrior class' samurai as opposed to 'assassin class' ninjas.
  13. Noted.
  14. So I see questions about apps does that mean that they sent them to you or just haven't gotten around to it?
  15. One candidate application for 'Hero' was sent and other 'Hero' application will be sent soon.

    Feel free to send yours in as well.

    But really, read the rules and you'll understand.
  16. ClaireRae's Application:


    Name: Yu [???]

    Role in Story: Party Member
    Gender: Female
    Age: 12
    Race: Yurei [Ghost]
    Appearance: Somewhat transparent; translucent white
    Racial Traits: Has the ability to move through people & physical objects

    Skills: N/A
    -Has the ability to move through people & physical objects
    -Has the ability to posses living things with low intelligence (mainly animals, very few humans)*
    *This however causes pain for her to go in and out of bodies, and she will feel everything the one she possess feels, including the pain of death if they die while she is in their earthly form
    Equipment: Nothing

    History: Yu cannot remember anything from her past life, and since no one can see or hear her, she has become very lonely from the lack of social interaction. To combat that, she sometimes will possess a wild animal for a time, in order to interact with other animals and the earth. She also does this in order to feel things again, such as the feeling of hunger. However, she has recently become afraid to do this, as she once made the mistake of possessing a field mouse, who was quickly snatched up by a hawk, and she felt the pain of death once again.
    Personality: Yu is quite happy-go-lucky, but at the same time she is reserved and sometimes even shy. When deciding how to move forward, she looks to honor, beauty, morality and virtue. She is led by the purity of her intent, not the rewards and punishments. She has an strong belief that all people are inherently good, though sometimes they make the wrong choices, and this leads to her incredibly resilient attitude in the face of hardship.


    Others: If possible, I think it would be cool to have only Kaguya be able to see and hear her at first. As the story progresses, she could become easier to see and hear for everyone else, as she starts to gain memories back.
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  17. Kyou Ryo


    Kyou Ryo

    Role in Story:
    Party Member



    5'3'' height and nearly flat-chested.


    Racial Traits:

    Aside from household responsibilities she has none.

    The magic Kyou posses all has to do with enhancing her axe like staff, summoning a giant bat named Angkor, firing lasers of dark energy, and dark magic.

    Regarding Angkor: His size depends on Kyou, but he can bite and fire a laser stronger than Kyou could ever hope to conjur. Angkor is also a demon that the dark mage chose to make her contract with in order to cast the deadly arts.

    A staff.

    [I always have some elaborate back story, but for this one I'd like to have her be that side character that was so ordinary but now is getting their chance.]

    She is usually friendly unless someone touches her and then she gets hostile. It has always been apart of her for people not too touch her. Her magic causes severe mood swings of depression. Suicide is an issue.

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  18. @ClaireRae

    For Yu, I would prefer an elaborate personality section, but I think the character's intriguing enough. Just don't possess feral boss monsters that crush too hard and we're all good.
    Yeah, I can accept only Kaguya seeing her, although the 'animal mascot' I mentioned might have abilities that allow him to see her as well...

    Once you elaborate on personality we're good for rollin'.


    I can accept the lack of a history, but you might need a Personality. Also, what can Angkor do? What is its size scale? Is it just a big bat or can it do more than just have strength proportional to its size?

    On another note, the extra Appearance section was mainly put there so that I can figure out the height of your characters. Do feel free to insert your character's heights, for scale reference.
  19. I think Ryo's good for rolling. Try not to wreck too much.
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