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  1. If we approve of their cruelly irrational system, then our future won’t exist.
    {This is an alternate universe in which the characters from the Kagepro series are secret agents working for spy organizations. Essentially, it’s a battle to the death between two rivaling agencies.}

    ABOUT S.N.A.K.E (Special Network Association of Kindling an Eternity) –
    Originally founded by the Medusa Azami, the goal of S.N.A.K.E is to create a new world order through the use of their master plan named “Daze”. They recognize that pain and corruption are caused through the fear of death and loss and seek to remove it by promoting a utopia of happiness, in which the days August 14th and 15th are relived in an endless loop. Azami tested this world she created by throwing pairs of people into it, but something always went wrong, and instead of experiencing joy, these victims relived death and destruction. Some were able to escape, and as a side effect, they developed cornea-related mutations that caused them to gain unique powers, which are dubbed “eye powers”. When she threw Kenjirou and Ayaka in, Kenjirou was able to escape but was distraught at the loss of his wife; he sought revenge and overthrew Azami, declaring himself the new head of S.N.A.K.E.

    Members by Ranking:
    • Newbies: Ren Nakamori, Riko Inoue
    • Researchers:
    • Field Agents: Shuuya Kano (double agent also working for the Mekakushi Dan)
    • Department Leaders: Kuroha (A separate person from Konoha)
    • Head: Kenjirou Tateyama

    ABOUT THE MEKAKUSHI DAN (Blindfold Organization) –
    The Mekakushi Dan is so named because it believes that S.N.A.K.E has been blinded by their ignorance and that without pain, there can be no happiness. It was founded by the daughter of a S.N.A.K.E member, Ayano Tateyama when she realized that her father had planned to slaughter her siblings in order to carry out his portion of the “Daze” plan. As a result of her plan to save her siblings, which she named “Ayano’s Theory of Happiness”, she created the Mekakushi Dan and recruited her siblings as well as a descendant of S.N.A.K.E’s original founder. Eventually, in a showdown on the roof of a high school, Ayano realized that her new organization would be completely annihilated if she didn’t surrender to her father, so she faked her death and went into hiding, therefore passing temporary leadership down to her sister, Tsubomi Kido. Under Kido, the Mekakushi Dan works to destroy S.N.A.K.E and end the “Daze” plan once and for all.

    Members by Ranking:
    • Newbies: Hibiya Amamiya, Saori Aida
    • Researchers: Shintaro Kisaragi
    • Field Agents: Momo Kisaragi, Takane “Ene” Enomoto, Haruka “Konoha” Kokonose
    • Department Leaders: Shuuya Kano (double agent also working for S.N.A.K.E), Kousuke Seto, Marry Kozakura
    • Head: Ayano Tateyama, Tsubomi Kido (temporary Head)

    Both organizations use this ranking system. An agent’s rank determines which kinds of missions they are allowed to take and what kinds of weapons, technology, and information they have access to. In order to progress to the next rank, agents must fulfil a certain set of requirements.
    1. Newbies – All OCs must start here. They spend the majority of their time in training. In order to progress to “Researcher”, you must actively participate in roleplay for three days.
    2. Researchers – They do research to provide information for field agents. This also allows them to gain a larger amount of knowledge to prepare themselves for the next ranking. In order to progress to “Field Agent”, you must complete one mission with the accompaniment of one or more Field Agents.
    3. Field Agents – They are the ones getting their hands dirty with all sorts of missions. Agents are the most likely to die after reaching this ranking. In order to progress to “Department Leader”, you must complete five missions and one special mission.
    4. Department Leaders – They serve as the underlings for the Head, enforce the rules, determine punishments, and lead missions. In order to progress to “Head”, you must be chosen by the current head to succeed him/her when he/she dies.
    5. Head – They are the omniscient leaders of their organizations, and Department Leaders and all others are entirely under their command.

    Available missions are listed below in white. Missions in green are currently underway and those in red have been completed. These missions can be taken in any order. Those marked by an M are for Mekakushi Dan agents only, S is for S.N.A.K.E agents, and M/S missions can be taken by either.
    • 001 | M/S | Available for Researchers, Field Agents, Department Leaders, Head
    An enemy base has been discovered off the shore of a supposedly abandoned island. Sneak in without the notice of the guards and steal any of their technological advancements that you can get your hands on.
    • 002 | M/S | Available for Researchers, Field Agents, Department Leaders, Head
    When the enemy starts to get too powerful, sabotage them! Shoot down their planes, cut off their food supply, hack into their systems, whatever you want. Just don’t get caught.
    • 003 | M/S | Available for Researchers, Field Agents, Department Leaders, Head
    Your Researchers have learned that the enemy plans to attack! Find their agents before they reach your organization’s headquarters and eliminate them.
    • [SPECIAL MISSION] 004 | M | Available for Field Agents, Department Leaders, Head
    You have learned that a certain member of S.N.A.K.E plans to decimate the entirety of the Mekakushi Dan. Infiltrate their base and take a Department Leader hostage. Whether he/she is dead or alive remains up to you.
    • [SPECIAL MISSION] 005 | S | Available for Field Agents, Department Leaders, Head
    You need to not only get pick off the Mekakushi Dan’s authority figures, but you also need more test subjects for the “Daze”. Why not kill two birds with one stone? Kidnap two of their agents of the ranking Department Leader or higher and successfully prevent their escape from the “Daze”.
    • [SPECIAL MISSION] 006 | M | Available for Department Leaders, Head
    Upon snooping around the Mekakushi Dan database, a Department Leader discovered an awfully suspicious location on the map of bases. When he tried to access more information on this base, everything was under a password lock. Gather all of the Department Leaders and the Head and go check out this base!

    • Follow Iwaku Rules.
    • Please follow the content guides! No R-18 material is allowed in this roleplay.
    • Do not create Mary Sue/Gary Stu characters, godmod, or powerplay. Your OC’s eye power cannot extremely op. Giving your characters flaws is half the fun!
    • Unless your character has directly interacted with Ayano Tateyama since her “death”, only Marry can know that she is alive. She is presumed dead by everyone else (even Kido).
    • No one is perfect! Your character cannot always successfully complete every mission unscathed. They are bound to fail once or twice or at least come close to it.
    • Character Death is to be expected, but please ask someone before you kill their character.

    • Reveries In Red – Ayano Tateyama, Marry Kozakura, Riko Inoue
    • Hipster Rin – Tsubomi Kido,
    • KitsuneRen Nakamori,
    • RareSecret – Saori Aida, Takane "Ene" Enomoto

    Character Name:
    Personality: (Please don’t copy this from somewhere else. The point is to make sure that you understand this character’s quirks, motivations, etc so that he/she acts in character)

    OC FORM:
    Character Name:
    Organization: (S.N.A.K.E or the Mekakushi Dan?)
    Description: (Personality, Appearance, etc)
    Eye Power: (Yes or no? If yes, add the name and description; you’re welcome to come up with one that’s totally unique or a twist on a preexisting power)
    Additional Notes:

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  2. Oh look, a wild Rin appeared.

    Character Name: Tsubomi Kido
    Personality: Manry but mommy but also good cook. Secretly tsundere. Uses Kano as a punching bag. Tsubomi Kido is the eldest of the "Mekakushi Trio" and is probably the most responsible of the three. Generally calm and collected, with a deadpan sense of humor, Kido can be counted on to stay level headed, and while she isn't the smartest (or dumbest) member of the 'dan, she's capable of keeping (most) of the members in line. Except Kano because he's an asshat. While she's able to stay calm during stressful situations, she gets spooked easily, and can be considered very superstitious. Has a blunt demeanor and way of speaking. Likes animals and music. Hates crowds.
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  3. You're in (of course)! ^^
  4. Some things I wanted to ask, if that's okay.

    -Does SNAKE as an organization see the Mekakushi Dan as an enemy or a threat [as in high-priority targets] or just a pesky fly [as in some annoying bunch they brush off once in a while]?
    -If a SNAKE member was to do, say, Mission Board 001; would they assume it was a base for the Mekakushi Dan or is there a different enemy they're dealing with [or are their aim more for capturing more 'test subjects'] ?
    -If the Mekakushi Dan captures a non-spy SNAKE member, are they executed?
  5. Hi! Yeah, it's fine! Thank you for your interest!

    - The Mekakushi Dan is S.N.A.K.E's biggest threat, and vice versa. They are rivalling organizations of equal power, just different sets of morals (which usually allows S.N.A.K.E agents to be more aggressive, but not necessarily).
    - Yes, if it's an M/S mission, then assume that you are attacking your rival. So, if S.N.A.K.E was to take Mission 001, then they'd be infiltrating a Mekakushi Dan base. If a Mekakushi Dan agent chose that mission, then the assumption would be that they're invading a S.N.A.K.E base.
    - It would depend on the situation. I would imagine that the Mekakushi Dan would be at least a little merciful and simply lock up/interrogate the S.N.A.K.E agent, but if the agent was a big enough threat or had a tracker on them that would give away the location of the Mekakushi Dan's headquarters per se (there are of course, many other scenarios), they could potentially be executed. It would be Kido's call though, since she's the Head.

    Does that help clear things up at all? ^^'
  6. [​IMG]
    Character Name:
    Ren Nakamori


    16 years old


    Ren isn't that much of an interesting character. He's pretty boring, to be honest. He tries his best to avoid other human beings, not one for socializing unless it's absolutely necessary. He's also very quiet, communicating through looks rather than actually opening his mouth and producing words. He prefers to be on the sidelines and observe everything. The young male also has a knack for sarcasm, but not overly so. He is very calm and it takes a while for him to become angered. That being said, he likes to stay far away from anything that could jack up his simple, little world in a significant manner. Only the people closet to him, which happens to be scarce, sees a somewhat interesting Ren, consisting of being a bit talkative, giggly, and just overall full of emotion.

    ~Appearance Details~
    -Stands at a height of 5'5
    -Has chestnut brown hair
    -Is smaller/petite than most
    -Soft features
    -Has olive skin
    -Isn't at all muscular

    Eye Power:
    :Timing Eyes:
    This eye ability allows Ren to be able to stop time around him. For it to activate, he has to be around a clock and he has to look at it for a brief amount of time. One of the drawbacks is that he can only stop time for a few seconds. Ten at the maximum. Also, he can only stop time for the area that he is in. Say that he's in a home, but only in one room. If he were to use his eye ability, only the time in that room will be stopped. Everything else would continue without interruption. Another drawback is that, if he were to leave the room mentioned earlier, time would resume. Time will only stand still as long as he stays in that area.

    Additional Notes:
    *Seems to like animals more than humans
    *Is a huge bookworm
    *Loves movies
    *Sometimes mistaken for a girl because of his soft features [see above in ~Appearance Details~]
    *Doesn't really hate the Mekakushi Dan (Shhh! Don't tell the rest of the organization.)
    *Ranking = Newbie​
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  7. Thank you so much for joining! I love your character~ Feel free to start roleplaying on the other thread; I'm currently in the process of making another S.N.A.K.E agent for Ren to interact with :)
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  8. [​IMG]

    Character Name: Shinji Yoshiko

    Gender: Male

    Age: 17

    Organization: Mekakushi Dan

    Shinji - or Shin - has raven-black hair and teal eyes that glimmer with a---

    Eye Power: ???
    Additional Notes: ???​
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  9. I forgot to mention that his Ranking was a Newbie. I edited my CS so it was added in the 'Additional Notes' section. I also mentioned it in my post on the IC thread~

    Just wanted to let you, @Reveries In Red , and everyone else know. :3


    I just re-read the very first post with all of the information and noticed that all OCs start as Newbies anyway, hehe....he

    Ignore my above, above message ;~;
  10. It's alright, no need to rush! ^^

    And, Happy New Year! :D
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  11. No worries! I'll make it more obvious since now that I look at it, it could easily be glossed over. ^^'
  12. [​IMG]
    Character Name: Riko Inoue
    Gender: Female
    Age: 17
    Organization: S.N.A.K.E
    Description: Riko has an energetic and talkative personality, which causes her to also come off as opinionated, prideful, or insensitive to others. She also tends to point out the flaws in most things and loves a good debate but will admit defeat if her opponent has an argument sounder than hers. Her slightly wavy black hair falls just past her shoulders, and her amber colored eyes are usually found either glaring or shining in excitement. Riko stands at about 5'3".
    Eye Power: N/A
    Additional Notes: Riko is very much into Sci-Fi and is a huge sucker for romance (in real life of course, since she has a firm belief that romance novels are absolute cliché garbage).​
  13. Oh and by the way, @PandaChu and @Kitsune, feel free to claim canon characters if you want them! I just realized that my form for them is probably kind of intimidating ^^'
  14. imagesZD3FJ9N1.jpg
    Character Name:
    Saori Aida

    Gender: Female

    Age: 17

    Mekakushi Dan

    Description: Saori is about 5'3" and she keeps her hair in low twin tails. She is usually found in her light green hoodie zipped up with a pair of blue jeans along with white sneakers. When it comes to her personality, she is absent minded and has a habit of spacing out. She still manages to get her job done despite being loopy. When she isn't spacing out, she has the nature of a small dog so she tends to try to help everybody out, no matter the trouble she is causing, and is very curious.

    Forgetting Eyes~ By looking at a person in the eyes within five minute period after the event has finished. The event that has occurred that the owner of the eyes wanted to be forgotten, will be. The event could not be longer than two hours.

    Ex: A fire has occurred and she wants the police officer that helped to forget about it. She would look the police officer in the eyes within the five minutes and he would forget about the fire and everything that happened with it, if the fire and it's events went on for 2 hours or less.

    Additional Notes:
    -Into fortune telling even though she is bad at it
    - Goes by her last name, Aida
    -The sound of a clock ticking usually snaps her out of her daze
    QUESTION WITH SPOILERS! For Ene, does she have her body of Takene back like in the anime or is she still in the phone?​
  15. Hello, thank you for joining! You may begin to roleplay whenever!

    And to answer your question:
    Show Spoiler
    I'm leaning more towards the anime. Takane has a human body but can go back and forth between Ene's body and her own, but when she uses her eye power, her physical body is unconscious.
  16. Cool! I'll do Ene's CS later.
  17. untitled.png
    Character Name:
    Takane “Ene” Enomoto
    Personality: Takene Enomoto, aka Ene, is a very loud, cheery, and energetic person. She loves to play around, play pranks, and tease people, especially Shintaro Kisagari who she calls Master. She is a lot more fun compared to when she gained the ability of opening eyes. Back then, she was crabby and mean.​
  18. Ene is yours! ^^
  19. I lay claim on Seto and Momo because I have like twenty forms to fill out.

    yay forms go here.
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  20. Character WIP! :DDDDDD

    Character Name: Haruka "Konoha" Kokonose
    Personality: Konoha, originally Haruka, is curious, clueless, and unpredictable. Despite his strong body, his mental capacity needs some work. He is an airhead who cares deeply for his friends and food. Konoha is never seen without food and does not have table manners. As Haruka, he was very artistic and loved to draw. This transferred over into the fluffy cyborg that we know today.
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