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HA you Clicked me! And Now you are forced to endure my insanity... at least for a lil while. So right, this thread will be used as my hub of Ideas. Some of these will be ever - always open while others will have limits. Also check my status before attempting to create sweet role - play with me. ^.~


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or Kabyt will eat ur sol! <(o/w\o)>BWAHAHAH
Some Ideas I have

  • For a Quick Look at all of my RP Ideas without having to read over all the information within them. They are rather lengthy lol.

    •• SAO: Heartlands of Damocles: A Post Canon Sword Art Online based WAY in the future after Kirito and his gang are long dead and gone. This NEW game comes out (which is sorta an original game idea i'm splicing together from ZELDAS / FINAL FANTASY / KINGDOM HEARTS. So yeah it only has room for FOUR people but I'm also open to doing this idea 1x1.

    •• VERITAE TUERI - This is a Detailed Fantasy Modern role - play with a splash of Future / SciFi thrown in for some flavor. The world must survive within an abruptly expanded viewfinder of their old reality. What was once myth, lore legend is all coming to light as the Gates holding the Dimensions fracture and all realms begin to collapse into our own. Where will you stand when reality is redefined? Join the VT and Fight or stand aside and let them get the job done! This group can be small or large ^.^ Mr. Geist is a NPC i will play only seldomly he is an oddball character, but I will be playing an anomaly. SHOW INTEREST IN OOC





    H E A R T L A N D S O F D A M O C L E S
    -- This will be a Detailed Post / After - Canon Role – Play, based loosely on Sword Art Online, with influences from Kingdom Hearts | Final Fantasy | Zelda (Ocarina of Time / Twilight Princess / Skyward Sword ) Will have Limited positions available as this group is intended to be swift paced and localized plot and story.


    •• DRAGOON - Gun Blader
    --RACE WILL NEED TO BE HUMAN or very human to gain this Class Considered the hero Class of this story.
    LVL 1 STATS: +1 Strength +1 Speed - Star Balls ( ) in APP STATS
    Starter Abilities to Chose From::

    --DRAGONS FLAME ((Control over fire that moves like water under your control and will. This fire is special in that it is dual elemental flame. Both Fire and Ice so you can use cold and hot fire ^.^ Now this fire moves in a whip normally and cannot be projected down a weapon in its first stage, hot power shots from palm x5, and the whip lasts only 5 - can't do both simultaneously in the first level. Whats great about this fire is that the fire doesn't go out. Until your time is up then the fire will turn to normal an burn away at a normal rate))
    -- DRAKLING (( User will gain a set of horns, a dragon's tail, and claws, a boost in speed and defense too as their skin scales up a bit. Drakling is only the first stage to Dragoon Knights, they will also gain a weapon in this form that is Dragonic in some nature. May fire Dragon's Flame this form will only last 5 posts. ))

    LV2 STATS: +1 Strength +1 Defense - Star Balls ( ) in APP STATS
    Will get to Choose One for Upgrade.

    -- #1 -- ACHILLES FLAME
    ((lasts twice as long - 10 posts and now can take on more than a single form of weaponry, (so think a second form it can shift between in battle Can no Do 10 blasts from palms))
    -- #2 -- DRAGONS ROAR (( a terrible and explosive form of the Dragons flame, can now use both methods ( cold / blue and hot / red fire simultaneously as well. Abilities last for 10 posts. ))

    -- #1 --DRAKLING WINGS
    (( For ten posts you will not only gain your tail horns and talons but you will also gain your wings! These wings will move through mind through in very much the same way the fairy wings did on SAO:S2. These wings also have taloned elbow joints and their tails are prehensile. ))
    -- #2 -- DRAKLING SENSE (( Gives them the addition of a hyper sense, the ability to see in the dark, hear far away, sniff out something close by/ It's like putting their normal senses through a steroid bar. This allows for even swifter reflexes. This only lasts to 10 posts))

    •• SCOUT
    --Long Range Hunter + Assassin
    LVL 1 STATS: +1 Agility - Star Ball ( ) in APP STATS
    Starter Abilities to Chose From::

    --SNEAK THEIF ((Your character becomes not only super quiet and sneaky if they need to be, but they also get the gambles mouth with this ability, which means they can some times talk people out of killing them / suggest they do something else ( think the force from star was ... You do not want to eat this cookie! ) And people may do it! They are also able to Pick pocket while this ability is active. 5 posts active))
    -- SHADOW FOLD (( Able to not only conceal your character in shadow for up to 5 posts, but also able to use THREE Physical shadows in the form of whipping tendrils from your own shadow, (about 5 foot reach) for up to 5 posts. ))

    LV2 STATS: +1 Defense +1 Agility - Star Balls ( ) in APP STATS
    Will get to Choose One for Upgrade.

    -- #1 -- RAVENS EYES
    ((Can jump twice as far than normal and silently to. Not only that but their eye sight becomes heighten to that of a birds able to see unimaginably far away, even sometimes through solid and mystical objects. ))
    -- #2 -- TRACKER HOUND (( The ability to track thinks for up to 15 posts, this ability also allows for heightened senses during these 15 posts.))

    -- #1 --GHOST HOP
    (( For Ten posts you character may hop from Shadow to shadow, folding themselves in then vanishing to reappear in shadows elsewhere. Shadows don't have to be large your character's own shadow will grow them when you appear there for you to form. Cannot appear miles and miles away, cannot appear somewhere you cannot see ))
    -- #2 -- WEAPON MASTERY (( Gives you complete control and mastery over ONE WEAPON for 12 posts This ability means your weapon will also do triple damage and you will be able to deflect more attacks as well. ))

    --Controller of Tech or Earthen Geists
    LVL 1 STATS: +1 Strength - Star Ball ( ) in APP STATS
    Starter Abilities to Chose From::
    --HALFLING GOLEM ((Can either rock and foliage golems, or tech styled robotic golems under control of your character. At first your Golem will be small and will only last for 5 Posts In Game. Your Golem would get 3 ABILITIES though in relation to their nature (rock / nature/ tech) Keep in mind nothing fire's bullets in this world but energy or elemental shots. At first your golem will stand about half as tall as your in game character this is called a HAFLING GOLEM ( TYPE ) and is considered 1 - 5 ))
    -- MAGNETIC MOVEMENT + CONSTRUCT (( Using the magnetic field they can pull random scrap or Hunk Tech towards them to construct temporary weapons ( you will control what they construct but must wait for information on What they have for building materia from Muze. ) These weapons will last for 5 posts and will contain up to 3 ABILITIES ))
    LV2 STATS: +1 Strength - Star Ball ( ) in APP STATS
    Will get to Choose One for Upgrade.

    -- #1 -- Golem Juvenile lasts twice as long - 10 posts
    -- #2 -- Halfling Advanced gains an Additional 3 abilities / powers or a single additional Mega Fire Ability ))
    -- #1 -- Advanced Construct
    manufacturer more weapons and is not longer limited to the MATERIA that Muze provides, must construct from environment but you are now able to make nature based weapons that work just as any metal ones would. Plus an additional ability. Guns last for 10 posts.
    -- #2 -- Dual Construct also allows for nature based weaponry and no longer restricted to Muze MATERIA control. Dual weapons will not be as power as a singular weapon, but will allow for multiple targets and twice as many rounds fired per minute. Energy would be halved on bullets. Guns last 5 posts and also gain and additional dual shot = single target blast ability. ))



    The day was beautiful for the beginning of fall, even through the haze of smog that was ever present in the sky; prickles of light was trying to peek through but rain was starting to fall again and a thick fog seemed to cling to the atmosphere of the streets. As the neon signs cast their vibrant shadows like fingers across sheen of fog, screens and tech-glas alike a dance of moving color only a ghost of the image it mocked. People hurried about their feet clacking their attention devoid of their surroundings, as many held head down - tilt and smothered in their own personal tablet’s aura. Drones, ignored by the masses, were there to protect with high-powered auto pulsars, and pin prick precision, they were the Law, Judge, Jury and Executioner. Humanities golden prize of generation after generation of morbid crime and war; these were a crowning achievement to Earth’s Society today.

    The Second were the gaming industry, often time celebrated the new Virtual Realities for the season being released at the GamR-Con this very day in face. A vastly celebrated parade of gamer geeks, nerds, consumer buyers, product designers, artists, coders and Much more trod the halls of the halls of GamR – Con this year oh how she could just see it. The light projected lasers casting brilliant displace over the square like facility. Then there were demos - oh the glorious demos and game previewing. So much could be played, and witnessed in a single place. She felt perhaps it was heaven. Oh why couldn’t this type of thing go on daily!

    Suddenly her inner Web-Cast program was interrupted. The screen on her square frame black glasses went static as a voice cleared at the front of an auditorium styled room. She and 6 other young ladies and a single young man sat in this very room each held their violin aloft on softly curved wrists and cradled in the nook of their collar bone and chin. Avae Voav was to the furstest right, and closest to the window in the seating her back ridged she was wearing the normal charcoal gray, vibrant yellow and black school uniform; even though technically this WAS college! The outfit was a black blazer with a few yellow accents here and there, a charcoal gray black and yellow plaid and pleeted skirt that fell well above her knees to drap along tone thights. Her stockings (seen in image) and slip on slipper ballet style shoes were held still, with knees tucked, and toes hiding behind the leg of the chair. She was in absolute and proper position. So why was their instructor looking at her like that.

    “Mrs. Voav, As I SAID moments before you slaughtered the Voices off A Violin; I Recalled a secondary standing and asked that You Perform it. Do you remember… Page 12…” She was rather stern and Avae’s next move was sure to piss her off all the more. She didn’t even need to glance down at the book before her she already memorized the entire bloodeh thing. It was so dull Neo-Modern Classical with a hint A HINT of True Classical thrown in. She wanted to gag but before the teacher could speak Little Miss Plain and Proper was suddenly starting up the stringing motions of the requested Standings. Her fellow Violinists took up her lead simply to help her silence their teacher.

    When next Avae peeked she noticed their teacher down right Seething in her direction, her blue and green eyes swiftly shut and she would finish the lessons on perfect que. At the end she would watch as a girl with short black hair and bright purple eyes distracted their professor. Avae took no time to waste, as that was her roommate and she was giving her a blessed distraction! Avae had the next two hours free! And she just had to get back to that web cast! GamR-Con ! Oh GamR-Con !!! Why couldn’t she be there instead of here. She pouted and proceeded to her room. Dropping her bag at the door ditching her shoes along the way and falling out into her own bed in her own room adjacent to her roomates small room a Bathroom between them always made them feel like it was a Hotel instead of the glitzy glamy school it was. Avae called for the Tech-Glas to bring up the news and then nibbled on cheddar popcorn while her feet danced back and forth behind her as she lay on her stomach hypnotized as the show and Web Cast Started again.



    There were tables and venders and everything Avae had envisioned. But there was also SO much more!! People were dressed in cos-play others were just standing in shock at the things about them.But one level was completely dedicated to Alien Warfare INC. There are people guarding 4 BETA PASS CARDS to their newest creation. A Gigantic circular screen in the center of the room projects current In Game Actions of various classes, and races so many different races! And Customizations too! Plus the new classes of Dragoon and Summoner are a whole new level of wow for the fan-dms.

    But other than that things go on as they would normally the announcer would finally call, and if you were the lucky winner of a card you would be called and introduced then asked when you were going to try the game out? You could dive in on a consol there Or Run home with your new pass card and game to kick start the Net Gear and Dive in!


    Avae watched as the contestant winners were each called she glared at the screens with her dual colored eyes. She hated them at the moment. “Lucky Pricks!” She said tossing a pillow at her screen. She sighed and went to roll over in her bed. “I would give just about anything to test that game out.” Her long honey silver blonde hair cast about her head as her hand went to twirl a stray lock her fingers would find something that was not her silky tresses. Her eyes nearly widened. What was that? It felt plastic and she could feel the DIGI numbers on the front of it’s face. The surface almost felt like Tech-Glas. “No I’m dreaming…” She said before she even lifted the object to glare at it.

    Sure enough she was right! "A Frakkin Beta Pass Card…” She sat bolt up right and looked around “This is a Prank… This can’t be real…” She laughed standing and walking over to her desk where her CERBerus Net (newest link gear) head set sat. Lifting what looked like a plastic visor cut from a black mirror and nothing more she turned back to her bed hand still death locked onto the FAKE BETA PASS. “This won’t work watch I’ll prove you’re a fake!” She said defiantly. Sitting down on her bed she swiped the card close to the right ear side then dropping the card on the bed – placed the visor on and laid back Suddenly the gear started to hum as activation began! Everything went black.

    She was falling fall loosing herself in a world of darkness, it felt like forever, and then just as suddenly as she had started the fall suddenly she was moving no more. Simply standing on solid darkness, in the center of darkness. The only thing in the room a single orb of deep violet light that faded out to red on its edges. This ball of light was actually not a light but a fairy. This orb of light jingled to catch her attention and a disembodied voice suddenly echoed in the room
    “Are you Aware Yet?. . . “

    ” Hey! Are you Awake! COME ON WAKE UP HERO! What is your Calling” The Fairy waited until she walked forward her jaw agap her eyes wide she giggled with made fits “OOOh I can’t believe this… I gotta be dreaming…” The AI echoed “DREAMING is this your Calling?” Avae giggled again “No… “ She said in a stern and dominant voice. “You’re a rather smart Ai system” She said “Your Calling…” It echoed at back she smirked “Cheeky devil you… I am CALLED KAETH” She pronounced clearly.

    She was unable to see her still so moving, even standing still felt odd to her almost like she was disembodied herself. The orb jingled again “What is your Ranking?” Suddenly various Rank systems splashed up in glowing insignias each had a different set of skills but one in particular to her stood out. “I am RANKED SUMMONER” The fairy jingled a final time almost like a tremor. “Have you see your self lately? Will you be Savior of Slaughter in your Path to Damocles, Find the Keys Before It’s Too Late…!” Suddenly the fairy would fade away and a large silver mirror would appear as if moving slowly towards you. It would stop just before you. Its inky black glass reflected nothing at first but then what you TRULY WERE would appear, if you were a rocker at heart, your character would seemingly bee dressed more as one would be, if they were a girlie girl at heart, they would appear adorned in frills and maybe even angelic. But if they were DARK and filled with hate it would also show turning them demonic and dark powered.

    Avae was surprised to see her game self was a Sihde anthro of sorts it seemed. She giggled at the dark switch it was almost like looking at a mirror of herself, she looked a little older to. A cocky grin pulled her lips to the side and displayed sharpened canines on top and bottom jaw.

    She leaned forward a pawed hand lifted into her vision as she tapped the glass with a claw tip as gently as she could, even so it seemed to glass was destined to crack. Suddenly it splintered slow at first then Faster and Faster to the edges and seams of the frame then suddenly it’s pieces were spilling away inwards as if it were downward and yes suddenly gravity toppled side ways and the mirror was suddenly down then up as you fell through the frame.

    Kaeth tumbled head over paws through the sky of a barren planet below she feared she would crash but is did not instead when she reached the planet’s surface she passed through the crust until she broke through to over past the Core of the Planet an interior carving of this Enormous planet had been inhabited the gravity and conditions for living with the Core as their Sun! A small Town called Glasglow Shire had an icon navigation light up obviously the starter village, suddenly she was falling again! She couldn’t believe it she was going to play SAO: Heartlands & the Keys to Damocles!!!!

    No Matter who you were or how you got into the game at this moment in the game something would suddenly happen. Static would glitch about you and the command AI would flash a red warning this message.


    That last bit was a new one! Then suddenly your vision would return to normal and the decent fall would start again, only now… you’re character is heading Straight for a GIGANTIC forest! In this place your character will crash and quickly discover just about EVERYTHING is alive in this place, and dangerous, poisonous or trying to stomp on you, or eat you. Not only that but the Trees themselves are the size of skyscrapers on steroids! You could literall surf down on a leaf for safe landing. The roots are like tunns and channel like paths that weave about, the gorund level is more like a maze. Be careful where you go.

    Once you land the Dark Fairy is back. “Welcome to Heartlands… You need to get to Glasglow Shire!” The tiny disembodied voice squeaks at your character then vanished. Others have landed somewhere in this forest too though we may be miles apart from one another still!
    Once she reached the first branches of the forest Kaeth took a gigantic leaf down her large paw like feet spread wide on the leaf guiding her path gently to the roots that were as large as highways across!

    Landing she took a second to take a 3rd person view of her Avatar and then ‘Clicked’ back into first person satisfied with this … Catty verison of her. How cute that it reflected her Celtic Heritage! She’d kicked a good name too Mirror. Was that why she’d become a Sidhe? She was very curious about this and more, but she was more concerned with that Glitch in the system she wondered looing at the fairy as it squeaked at her. Her dual tipped tail demon spaded tail flicked irritated and dual colored (magenta pink left eye and neon glowy blue right eye) were started to turn to slides as the cat like pupils retracted. “Okay Okay so Which way to the Bloody Shire then?” She hissed a bit when she talked… Good. She waited for it’s direction given and turned in the way I floated.

    “You will need to go 250 miles north!” The fairy vanished with an echoed ~~ PRESS @Muze to get the Fairies attention!~~ Kaeth’s jaw dropped “Oh this is gonna suck…” She said having already glanced over her starter stats. “LVL 1 in a LVL15 Forest… Shit I need to find some peeps to run with!” She jumped up onto a higher root and took a gander around. She didn't want to waste time rebooting the same starter character over and over if this was a permi-glitch, so sje ould have to make friends first! Something she wasn't very at ease with doing, but she had to to get out of this forest. So where were some people she wondered.

    WORDCOUNT: 2,343 :: tag @Jacob Berry 's turn



    Our settings are a dark-neon 'Frank Miller' styled Modern - Fantasy with a twist of Sci-Fi set in the mega city of Sokyo, what was once California State. The year is 2061 and Sokyo is pretty much an epicenter for the supernatural and paranormal. Now broken away from North America it sits out in the ocean as an island of lights a prosperous city some would say. Level upon level of architecture towering with passes, and catwalk styled bridges decorate this city but the work is shoddy and quick crafted. Short cuts bad welds, strange mixture of old and new spliced together. This city was prosperous sure, but it was not exactly beautiful.

    All sorts of people could be found here walking the streets and not speaking strictly on ethnicity. Vehicles of the hovering variety and the jet-propelled smaller bikes flew about on predetermined paths made from neon orbs that hovered freely. No one building was singular in construction, in fact the interiors varied from shops to homes and apartments even bars and taverns. However this seemed to be difference for one building. Standing like a hub in the south side of the island this building sat in the octagon of open ground and shot up nearly 600 stories tall. Lit even in the breaking twilight of dawn with the bright interior blue lighting. On the front side of this building a large Yellow Holographic projected the companies name brand VT with the scripture PROTECT LIFE ALWAYS beneath it. Behind the text was a triangle with a circle in its center and 5 outside and braking into the triangles. It was very graphic styled symbol not smooth or clean really but it was a bold symbol that blazed always.

    This of course was the Vertiae Tueri Compound, and the main hub in which all other VT compounds expanded from. This building was by no means the most extreme found world over, hell their New Indianapolis branch was just about three times the size of this building. However, it still had 600 stories above ground and an additional 400 below the surface, anchoring the buildings structure Firmly in place. The basement levels used for the R&D Chief and his madness. While the first 50 levels of the basement were used for the Agent’s in house quarters. Working here was a little like the old age fire fighters. Agents all had their own home residence but various shifts were taken in which you could stay months on end working on singular assignments. You didn’t go home til the job was done. Other more …Unwilling agents or agents unable to blend with the modern day life tend remain in the compound choosing or under Watch within the compound.

    His office door slid way to admit the Chief of R&D, a man no older than 18 – 19 at MOST by appearance. However this young … Man was no man at all. He was wearing a charcoal gray hoody with black fur rim. The symbol on the front was an eye scrawled in a sketchy manner in chalky white. His pants were a pair of black skinny-legged cargos with many pocked and gathered hems shoved into the open tops of a pair of antique converse high top sneakers.

    His hair was a strange white that looked almost gray in the low light of Mr. Geist’s office. And the young man’s eyes glowed a turquoise blue from behind a curtain of that shaggy hair while a pair of headphones blue headphones wrapped about the back of his head and bulky muffs hid his lengthy ears. His name was Everytte Koel but only Geist knew his true name, all others called him POE, partially a mock on his allegiances to Geist but the two were bound in more then loyalties … they had a deal.

    “Eve so nice to see you have you figured out where our little run away has gone?” Geist’s eyes didn’t even turn to the young man as he entered the room his eyes bright and devious somehow Geist ALWAYS knew before he did. “Yeh… We got signals of the RA in the northern quadrant. Should I get a team together?” Eve’s voice was cocky and a bit sharp but he showed no sign of respect for this man with long red hair. “Well I don’t know EVE… Should you? You’re a big boy now come do as you see fit, I stand behind your decision. But please don’t bring in some scraggly Shaed we really are running out of containment areas for those flimsy things." Eve’s eyes sharpened the pupils turning into slits he just turned and walking out the door would click the side of his headphones a visor projected out and around his eye as he half sank into Virtua (internet these days is virtual reality wireless wifi sorta) His quickly logged into the security COMs of the compound and in his most announcer style cocky ass style everyone would know exactly who it was announcing, and how crazy this was about to get.

    “Calling all you Lovely VT AGENTS Out there! We got a Live one. Run-Away from last week’s hunt is setting off new honing signals! That’s right we’re headed out we need TEAMS ALPHA, LOCKE on duty please!! Meet me in the hanger in ten minutes!” He sounded angered towards the end but after that he started back for his office in the basement levels so that he to would be ready and at the hanger in ten minutes, hell he would probably still be the first there he smirked thinking Challenge Accepted and bolted down the hall.


    When those hailed would arrive at the hanger they would see this in the Hanger Floor (first 6 floors) and being brought down from the maintenance was the "Vesper Viper" Poe's vehicle of choice being boosted and ready to load up the teams. The three teams would consist of an Anomaly (those from other dimensions) or two each and several human grunts that were under their command.





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Small Groups or 1x1s. I also prefer Long Term role – play to short term. When it comes to posting range I can be anywhere from a single paragraph to 20 paragraphs. ( no seriously ) Do not worry though I try to match my partners, or at least keep up with them. Now if I get bored with the role – play my posting will show it, Spice it back up lets plot out something crazy!

[BCOLOR=#333333]The Genres I like most! Are FANTASY! (not necessarily Medieval either!) I will do just about ANY fantasy original role – play. So from Medieval to Modern then into the fun of Sci – Fi I’m in!!! I also do Fandoms, but normally stick to Non or Post Canon versions. *That is after the original cast of 'SAID' fandom have vanished or are no more.*[/BCOLOR]

No Real Life Character Portraits, sorry peeps, I don’t like playing as an actor or actress, just feels weird to me and constricts my creativity due to this crazy brain of mine. So if you have an idea requiring all in-real-life faces / or even some really; I’m out ^.^;;; -don’t hate me-

[BCOLOR=#333333]I can play as either gender, I can play as friend, family, foe, or even a fren - emy! I am flexible when it comes to character development too. Romance is cool, but don’t expect me to throw two random characters together and ‘Make them Work Out’ In other words No ROMANCE ONLY RP; I need plot, story, adventure what ever you wanna call it! If characters happen to like / fall for one another along the way awesome-sauce. ALSO Don’t get all crazy or possessive over me/my character I will break you ^.^[/BCOLOR]​

More? Iunno Maybe XD!
Where i'm RP'n



    Cynder Soltek - Lyshian (real werewolf) - Modern Fantasy - OC
    art by char LOISH | wolf art by KAYFEDEWA

  • ioFQkzE.jpg

    C.Y.N.D.E.R - S.O.L.T.E.K
    AGE: 21 - Juvenile
    Species: Lyshian
    -- A Werewolf in the purest of form having three true forms from human to anthro - morphic wolf to full lupin form in which they still retain opposable thumbs and the ability to walk on hind legs when necessary. Species of Lyshian also free to shift at will, though during full moons it is hard not to undergo change. Extreme Shift in emotional status will also cause partial changes to full changes.

    Job: Cafe Barista : With Write Ups Galore! - Plays Bass Guitar for a Shitty Garage Band
    School: Going to school for Graphic Design / Minor in Photography - She would love nothing more than to kick her Director Down a flight of stairs.

    MATE: um GR! -is opposed to being Mated! Believe's she is the one and only original Lone Wolf
    -- Flank Mate: Hunts with... ???

    -- Cynder is very agile and swift of foot to say the least. She also has excellent night vision no matter what form she is. However, this great night sight is extremely sensitive to light and so she is normally seen with sun shades on. Another thing she has that is a little better then most wolves are her tracking abilities. She can track ANYTHING if she get's the scent it's over she won't stop until she finds what she'd hunting down. Her brother thinks that she has some sorta inner compass that allows her to find her prey so easily.

    --Cynder prefers to spend her life alone, and AWAY from her pack mates. Odd for a wolf? Sure whatever, but the only thing she cares about is doing her art and retaining some semblance of normalcy in her heckish life. Sure she has a position as the second strongest member of her pack, but Cyn only appears to her brothers when they are in dire need and their calls get... annoying. She has told her brother time and time to get another to be his second in command but will he of course not. So she spends her time doing art, working her shit job and spending the little down time she has partying her ass off.

    -- Cyn understands that her home territory is under their pack's protection so when the Wolfoz start to haunt their territory the Pack must figure out what's drawing them in and fight the bastards back. (( Wolfoz = Humans turned by Lyshians or other Wolfoz do NOT have control over their wolfen form, and only change on the three nights of full moon. They are more like rabid beasts and even when in human form they have a primal need to seek out any and all Lyshians and completely rip them to shreds; sadly humans normally notice THESE beasts before they would ever spot a Lyshian. ))

    This character is Open for Group Invites and or 1x1's! Private Message Kabyt to Play with Me!!! Or Post below!




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