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  1. Mellow Love: Character A and Character B are best friends and have aspired to be models. While the two were outside, an agent for a famous company approached Character B, offering him/her a job! Although Character A is disappointed, he urges Character B to take the job. A few years after, Character B is a very well-known model and is going to star in a movie. A's and B's friendship soon fades, until they bump into each other years later.

    Name: Marcus Castus
    Age: 24
    Gender: Male

    Enjoys being at the center of attention; at times, he'll act like he's hurt. He enjoys spicy foods immensely and prefers to wear sloppy clothes now.
    People who are mean and spread rumors behind people's backs. He also hates waking up in the morning and doesn't like sweet things as much.
    A highly unmotivated and lukewarm guy, Marcus really only strives towards a goal when he actually really wants to. He's more of a follower, and rarely speaks up for himself. However, he's only like this now because he was unable to achieve his goal of becoming a model. Marcus has long since given up on his past dreams. He's extremely thick-skinned and doesn't let much get to him. However, if you do manage to get him mad, phew, better watch out. He's extremely protective and possessive of the things he loves. Marcus is also a pretty sweet guy at times, always wanting the best for his loved ones.
    Bella and him were childhood friends. Both aspired to become models and become famous, and eventually the two were stuck hip to hip. Eventually, Bella left to strive for his own dreams, and Marcus took over his family's bar. Since then, Marcus has been in several on and off relationships. He doesn't really commit to any one of them, and he currently has no one he is seeing right now. He's mellowed down since high school, ever since his father was hospitalized. His mother died in a car crash when he was in middle school.
  2. [​IMG]
    Name: Bella Vern
    Age: 23
    Gender: Female
    Likes: Bella enjoys reading, listening to music, acting, and being with her friends. She also likes baby animals, as well as people who are outgoing and kind.
    Dislikes: Bella dislikes any form of laziness and anyone that acts rude without a cause. She also dislikes the dark, being alone, and bugs.
    Personality: Bella's personality is definitely one that shines. A proud girl, Bella is friendly and outgoing and she's always searching for ways to start conversations and make new friends. She can be somewhat shy when it comes to meeting new people, though she will quickly open up. Some people see Bella as"bossy," but she herself believes that she is merely a good "leader." Bella is extremely patient and even more loyal, often getting in trouble with her friends for "interfering where it's not necessary." Bella is quite trusting as well and she hates keeping a secret. Bella also loves taking risks and she can definitely hold a grudge.
    Bella can also often fly into a rage about silly little things and, while she does have a sense of humor, she is usually fairly serious. She doesn't have much regard for rules, though she does usually try to do the "proper thing." She can be slightly flirtatious around boys, though she has yet to actually "get involved" with anyone. She normally acts extremely caring towards others, often getting concerned over small things such as paper cuts or bruises, but when the time comes, she doesn't mind hurting someone to get what she needs.
    History: Bella was born in a small town and she met her future best friend, Marcus Castus, when she was very young. Both Marcus and Bella dreamed of becoming models together one day, though that dream was set aside while Bella attended school, getting fairly high grades.
    When an agent approached Bella, asking her to become a model and not asking Marcus, she wanted to say no, since she had always felt like Marcus deserved to become a model more than she did. However, Marcus pushed her to take the spot and, eventually, Bella accepted.
  3. Same old, same old.

    Marcus Castus yawned, positively bored like he always was. The bar was always empty in the mornings and afternoons while the night brought a flood of customers. So, he would have to wait a while until the party ball started rolling. A sigh escaped his lips as he absentmindedly rubbed the polished counter, sandy brown hair brushing his brows. He considered himself to be a fairly average looking guy. Five feet ten inches, broad shoulders, hazel eyes, and an okay face. Despite his 'okay' face, Marcus dressed like a complete slob at home. At work, well, he would throw on a clean shirt and jeans.

    All his designer brands were stuffed away in his closet. After all, he didn't need them anymore. Suddenly, his thoughts took a mighty turn. Bella Vern. How was she? Marcus shifted again, a deep sigh escaping his lips. He sort of missed her - he darn well wouldn't admit it but he really did miss the girl's vivacious nature. Things around this town just slowly went by. There was hardly anything worth his attention.

    Of course, that lazy attitude drove away his 'lovers'. His old-time friends just took it amusingly but hung around Marcus because he was pretty chill. In fact, Marcus was so 'chill' that he was literal ice. A cold chunk of frozen water that didn't like to change at all.

    He dug around in his pockets for a cigarette, and when he found one, he put it in his mouth and got his lighter. Before he could smoke, however, a young man burst into the store.

    "Mar-cus~" The woman threw herself on Marcus, planting a kiss on his cheek.

    "Please, girl, get out of my bar," Marcus said, totally forgetting his one-night stands name. The woman stepped back, clear outrage on her face.

    "W-why! How dare you!" She promptly smacked the ice block and stormed out. Right when the woman left, a man stepped inside, snickering when he saw the red handmark on Marcus's face

    "Ya deserved it," he drawled.

    "Yeah, I did," Marcus replied, rolling his eyes as he lit his cigarette. "Jo - What do you want?"

    John rolled his eyes, not pleased when Marcus had called him Jo. However, the news he had was far more important. He leaned near Marcus and peered at him.

    "Heard a certain model is coming back to town."

    "I have no idea what you're talking about." Marcus blew smoke at the direction of John, causing the other to cough.

    "You know who I mean. Bella!"


    "That's all?"


    John rolled his eyes again, faintly annoyed. "Whiskey, on the rocks."
  4. The town was different, but then again, Bella hadn't been here in four or five years. Surprisingly enough, there hadn't been too many reporters crowding around her when she got off her flight yesterday and she'd been able to get home fairly quickly. One thing disappointed Bella, though: her former best friend, Marcus, hadn't been at the airport to greet her yesterday. Bella hoped that he wasn't angry with her for becoming a model, something he had always wanted to do...

    "Bella! He's probably with a girl or something! You don't want to go see him! He's a bartender, for goodness' sake!" the teenage girl walking next to Bella exclaimed. Bella rolled her eyes.

    "Oh, Megan. It's not like I'm romantically interested in him or anything. He can have as many girlfriends as he wants. I just want to say hi to him, maybe catch up a bit. If he doesn't want to talk to me, that's his problem." Bella replied to her younger sister.

    The seventeen-year-old shrugged, glancing at Bella. "Well, whatever you say, Bella. Here we are. Marcus's bar."

    Bella gave the building a look-over. It wasn't the type of place she was supposed to be, nor was it the type of place Bella had expected Marcus to be. For a brief moment, a cloud of uncertainty filled Bella's mind, before she shook her head slightly to clear it. This was Marcus, her oldest friend. No matter how much he has changed, he was still Marcus!

    Bella pushed open the door and walked inside, followed by Megan. Admittedly, Bella was surprised. Marcus stood behind the counter, all of his designer fashions gone, smoking a cigarette. John, one of Marcus's old friends, sat nearby.

    Megan moved forward to stand next to her sister, leaning in to whisper, "I told you he was different now."

    Bella shrugged and continued walking until she stood right in front of the counter, staring at Marcus. "Well, it's nice to see you, Marcus."
  5. Two females; a teenager and a young woman entered the bar. Marcus turned out to greet them, before stopping. He blinked a few times before exhaling behind him, quite surprised that Bella Vern herself was here. Marcus was elated to see that she seemed to be doing well. He turned to Jo and smiled. "Wow, you were right," he mouthed. John rolled his eyes in disgust and nodded at the ladies.

    "It's nice to see you too Bella, how's life treating you?" He asked, his lips pulled up into a smile. Marcus had kept up with the media - he knew most of the things with Bella's career, but it didn't hurt to ask. However, at the same time, he wanted to run away. Here he was, completely different from several years ago. What what Bella think of him? At the same time, Marcus had to do this. There was just no way around it. Filial duty was above all.

    There was no doubt that her younger sister hated him, but he could care less about the little brat. So he ignored Megan and her little expressions of disapproval.
  6. Bella smiled, first at Marcus and then at John. "I... life has been good, I suppose. And how have you been?" she asked, looking at the bar around her. "I see you've been busy." she murmured, though there wasn't anything disapproving in her tone, just surprise. Megan scurried up to stand next to her sister again, glaring at Marcus.

    "Bella, we can't stay here for long. Mom is expecting us home soon, remember?" Megan mumbled, nudging her sister gently. It was obvious that she wanted to leave as soon as possible.

    Bella ignored her sister, still looking at Marcus. "Uh, do you have time right now? I thought we could catch up a bit... I've... missed you." she mumbled somewhat awkwardly.
  7. Before Marcus could answer, the little brat budged in and urged Bella to leave as soon as possible. But what happened next pleasantly surprised him. Bella had actually wanted to talk to him, despite the state he was in. He couldn't help but let his jaw slacken, but he saw Jo's smirk and Marcus composed himself. "Yeah, yeah I do have time," he answered, a broad smile on his face. He snuffed out the cigarette in an ashtray before replying to her earlier question.

    "I'm doing pretty well," he began. A lie. While business was doing just fine, Marcus didn't feel fine at all, trapped in this bar. "Uh, yeah, family business. Dad's been pretty sick lately so I've been taking over." Now that wasn't a lie. His eyes slid to Bella's sister and then right back to Bella. His eyebrows squished together in mad thought as he scratched his hand in nervousness. "Been pretty lonely though. I've missed you."

    Jo sniggered and budged himself into the conversation. "Yeah, Marc did truly miss you," he cooed. Marcus glared at him, opening his mouth before John continued. "He's been reading and looking at literally everything that has your name or face in it. That," Jo declared, waving his hands around, "is dedication and true l-."

    Marcus cut in, sensing what Jo was going to say. "Friendship," he finished, a light blush settling on his ears.
  8. "Oh, your father's sick? That's terrible!" Bella exclaimed, her eyes widening. "Is there anything I'd be able to do to help?" The girl's voice was filled with genuine concern. Standing next to Bella, Megan rolled her eyes.

    As she listened to the rest of Marcus's and John's words, Bella couldn't help but grin, seeming to have not noticed how Marcus had interrupted John's words or how Marcus was now blushing slightly. "Well, I'm glad to hear that I seem to have a fan here." she replied, smiling brightly. The girl sat down on one of the bar stools, leaving Megan hovering behind her sister, a sour look on her face.

    "I see, erm, that you're no longer wearing your designer fashions. Are you... uh... no longer interested in becoming a model?" Bella asked, feeling almost as if she were invading Marcus's privacy with the question.
  9. He shook his head, he was capable of managing his family's affairs, though he could use some help. Business was doing well, however, so it wasn't all that necessary. Despite Jo's interruptions, Bella took the whole thing rather calmly. Marcus smiled and nodded; he definitely was her fan.

    "Oh," he looked away before glancing at her. "You know, it get's tiring...Gotta take care of the business." He didn't say anymore, not really wanting to talk about it. He liked wearing his fashion designer clothes, but it hurt to wear them. He sighed and shook off those feelings of sadness; Bella was here! "Ahh, would you like a drink? I mean, how long are you staying?"
  10. Bella frowned when Marcus looked away, but the frown was quickly replaced with a small smile when Marcus asked her if she would like a drink and how long she was staying in town.

    "Well, I guess I'll take a Coke. I'm not really a huge fan of beer. As for how long I'm staying... well, a month or so, maybe more. It depends..." Bella replied, trailing off. Turning to her sister, she asked, "You want anything?"

    "Yeah, sure. I'll take a Coke, too, I guess..." Megan replied, seeming to have realized that Bella didn't plan on leaving anytime soon. Bella pulled out a ten-dollar bill, placing it on the counter, despite the fact that she knew it covered way more than the cost of the two Cokes.

    Bella gave Marcus a winning smile. "Two Cokes, please?"
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