K Project RP?

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Pretty much anything
There are seven kings.
The 1st and silver king
The 2nd and gold king
The 3rd and red king
The 4th and blue king
The 5th and green king
The 6th and black king
and the 7th and colorless king (Me)
These are main and important parts but there will be more parts depending on how many people join.
It's basically a new generation of kings for those of you who know the show.
I decided to include the 6th king even know we don't know the true color of him/her.
You can choose to be a clansmen of any king if you don't want to be a king.
I will accept character sheets before saying you are that king.
If anyone else has other ideas it would be much appreciated if you'd tell me.
Let me know if you wanna join and I can get an ooc up.​
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