JWC: Jump-In Wrestling Co.



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1. Do NOT Godmod.

- You cannot control other characters, nor dictate their status. That is left to the player that owns that character, and if they allow you permission to do something.

- You cannot go through a fight and be the only one who doesn't take any damage. Your character is NOT immortal. Please, take a couple hits here and there. You can still dodge, block, etc, but don't make it every single post.

2. Please GOD, in character submission and RPing, DON'T make a Mary Sue!

- Speaking of which, click on the link above and make a character. Make sure you get it accepted before joining...

3. Try to post a decent length, and do your best not to be lazy!

That's all the rules for now!...

"LADIIIIIIEEEESSSS AAAAANNND GEEEEEENTLEMEN~!!" Sang a short fellow dressed like a wrestler, no doubt a former veteran. "This is Co-Host Crunk McSlam, and my good buddy, Slim Stats!"

"Thank you Crunk!, AND WELCOME TO ANOTHER SEGMENT OF JWC! THE JUMP-IN WRESTLING CO.! TONIGHT, WE'VE GOT A GREAT SHOW FOR THE FOLKS AT HOME, SOME NEW NAMES HOPPING INTO THAT MAT AS USUAL~!" Exclaimed a taller, lankier fellow in a cheap suit, colored grey, with a brown tie and blue dress shirt under the coat.

Various cheers came from a large crowd, as lights began to move all towards the ring, music playing to get people pumped for the big match!...