Juvenile Delinquent School? Hear me out

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  1. Hey!

    Okay, so, this is an idea I had like, four years ago, but I just recalled it.

    It's a pretty simple premise. Basically, you've got a utopia style country. There is a ruling sort of class/family to keep everything in check, but you know, things are pretty good. However, not everyone is perfect. There is still some crime, though not much of it. Criminals are sent to a detention center for however long their sentence is- they go through a relearning process to try and stop the criminal behaviors. They also do some community service, help keep things running.

    But criminals who are young, and still in school (18 or younger), have something of a different sentence. They get packed up and shipped off to a similar institution, also for relearning, but it's also a school. The kids are sent off to an island (because I enjoy tropical climates) to finish school, go through their relearning, and then train to be guards for that ruling class/family (so, say, until ~25, I guess, let's say) because, you know, there are other nonutopic countries or whatever that may try to pull some stuff.

    This roleplay would focus around a group of students at the school, either newcomers or students who have been there for a year or two (it would be rare for these kids to be younger than 15 or 16), who don't want to spend the rest of their lives serving the ruling family/class. Maybe they just want out of the country, maybe they think it's corrupt, who knows. But this is their story of trying to escape.

    So uh, what do you think? It's very rough, I know, and I"m totally open for suggestions on changes to make, and feel free to ask questions because that helps me with worldbuilding, but... Would you be interested in joining?
  2. I'm interested! What would the technology of this world be like? Like real life today, or more futuristic, or...?
  3. Glad to hear it! c:

    Hmm.. Futuristic to some degree. They're not exactly living like the Jetsons, and there aren't robots serving you your food (for job purposes), but things like self-driving cars would exist, for example. Does that make sense?
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  4. Yeah, totally.
  5. ohh i'm interested!
  6. this sounds interesting! ^^
  7. This sounds like it would be fun! If you made it I would definitely consider joining!
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  8. I'm surprised this got so much interest already. But I'm glad!

    Well, I've already caught four of you- should I make an ooc thread, then?
  9. totally ^^
  10. awesome! i'll hopefully get my characters up later today. got some christmas obligations to attend to :u
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