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  1. Hello, I'm the one known as Justin of the midnight clan. Well I am looking for people to Rp with but keep in mind I will only do MxF or FxF. I usually write around 1-5+ Paragraphs If I am into the rp. Now here's my list

    Fandoms (OC's Only!)
    Sword Art online
    Attack on Titan
    Fairy tail
    Doctor Who
    Walking Dead

    I know not a lot but I never have time to watch things.
  2. Still looking.
  3. I am happy to do Naruto or SAO (though I have only watched season 1) or Doctor Who ^^
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  4. I'm interested in Attack on Titan, MikasaxAnnie?
  5. I'm sorry but I can't do cannons it's just not my style unless I can make an exception if it's a cannon x oc.
  6. Hey I'm interested in doing Aatack on Titan
  7. Pm me then
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.