Justin Bieber Hasn't Heard of Germany

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  1. Now, I know little girls like the kid for reasons besides his (limited) intelligence, but wow...
  2. saw this YEARS AGO.

    or year. i forget.
  3. Aww, poor lil guy! Everyone forgets he was just a wee lil baby! ;__;

    (And the american school system sucks! *KOFF*)
  4. He also got shot on CSI.
  5. Not really surprised. A lot of people don't give a fuck about a lot of things.

    But then again, I giggled.
  6. Wow, Germany? I wouldn't be surprised if I were a less known European country... Or like, Cambodia, or something.

    Damn, damn. Bieber just climbs higher and higher on my list of idiots I hate for various reasons.

    A kid at my school is on top, by the way.


    He's pretty bad, I assure you.
  7. To be fair, he may only have never heard of the language German.
  8. So he never took history class because of his rise to fame?

    Or else he was just saying he didn't know what that particular word meant, just in an unintelligent way.
  9. The American School system may not be the best, but anyone who doesn't know that is spending too much time writing terrible music and not enough time in class.
  10. Best. Episode. Ever.
  11. I know, right? c__c

    People need to stop making fun of the kid. It's just not funny... And he's adorable. I just wanna steal him and feed him lots of goodies.

    And let's face it. He's more talented than Rebecca Black. amirite?
  12. I know! The kid was prolly nervous as balls for that interview and blanked out like a bimbo! ;___;
  13. He's more famous than Germany.

    Fuck Germany. Who gives a shit?
  14. ...............<_<..............................>_>

    Burn the witch!
  15. Isn't he Canadian?

    And who cares anyways? He's just another poor bastard in the same glass dome that we're all in.

  16. That's all I know him for.

    Oh, and that bad haircut.
  17. Wait he writes his music?
  18. No he gets people to do that for him. He was also home schooled.
  19. I got the Bieberfever!

    No wait....Beaverfever!