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That was the sound of Lelani falling through countless and countless amounts of clouds. The water vapor from the clouds slid across her arms and tugged at her white and turquoise outfit of Zestia, all the while getting her soaked in water. The water didn't affect the scream in the least so she continued to make the high pitched sound. The air whipped wildly at her jet black hair which was now drenched from the top of her head to the bottom and it wasn't even raining!

All I said was, "Not at the moment." That was all I said! And they kick me out!?

Lelani's eyes were squinched tight as she willed her wings to sprout. The coaxing was pointless because even she knew the rules: Once kicked from Zestia, you lose everything. Does that include life?, she thought as her body spun and tumbled through the atmosphere. Atmosphere!

Lelani's blue eyes snapped open and she began to make out a land looming closer and closer to her. The greens of earth and blues of water were starting to become visible in the angel's eyes. It would've been a beautiful sight....if she were not about to be killed by it!

"AAAAHHHIIEEEE!"she screamed again, back now facing the ground as she stared up into the vast sky, knowing that every second that drawled by brought her closer to death.
"GET OVER HERE YOU LITTE SHIT!" The fat old techer screamed out that kid runging from him. The kid Runs faster in his uniform becuase its lighter than his other cloths. Runing as fast as he can, this school didint teach him any thing good unless its a bad word a diffrent lang.
"Chupa you fat hog! come and catch me!" He ran to the gates of the school where he is home free. The teacher screamed at the slacker named Fanky.
Franky was at the gate screaming with his victory. He slid through the gate and his jacket got stuck in the gate. 'god dam it!' he thought in his head. He tryed to detach him self from the gate but soon realized that it was effortless becuase the fat hog brought out the school yard dogs toget him. He removed his jacket and ran to the street and yelled out.

"Your buying me a new jacket if you ruin it!" and qickly ran to a small lake neer the school.
The screaming didn't stop there. Surprisingly, she hadn't run out of breath yet. Lelani couldn't see much of anything, for she was looking into sky. All the while, she swore in her head.

ZESTIA! How could you, you angelic army of CUNTS! You take the first reason to kick someone out and kill them! You call yourself angels? You all are nothing more than MURDEROUS DEMONS!

Lelani was starting to feel the full effects of this "gravity" that she heard so much about. The gravity was only a countdown to her immediate death.

"Wings wings wings...!"she chanted, knowing nothing would happene. So, she did the only thing she could do in that situation. She screamed again, body looming closer and closer to the ground.
franky sits neer the lake and plays with his powers. water drops rise up and down from the lake and spins it in circles.

"fucking ass holes, telling me what to do." He plays with the water again practicing and he turns from the water.

'I should get home soon.....where no one waits for me'. He looks arround hearing werid noise and said aloud "Whhat the hell is that nosie?"

Lelani's back was the first thing that hit Earth, and boy did it hit hard. Thankfully, it was water and not pure ground, but that didn't make the stinging slap in her back disappear. For someone who was screaming the whole time through the free fall, Lelani was surprisingly quiet when her body drifted underwater. I'm....alive? She began sinking deeper and deeper into the debts of the lake (river? ocean? She didn't know.) The negative thing was that all of the screaming took up all of the air in her lungs.

Now, Lelani was drowning.

Great, so much for being alive, she thought as her eyes struggled to stay open. She could feel the lack of oxygen in her body, as if somoene were squeezing her throught. Lelani's body was a loose vessel that floated downward and downward. She opened her blue eyes the largest they could go (which was only a mere slit) and gazed up at the surface to see the beams of sunlight reflect off of the water.

He kept looking and BOOM! It happend right infrount of him, A huge splash of water apperd out of the lake and scared franky as he fell on his ass. He screamed out "What the fuck!" The water started to settle down and he thought he had seen a girl.

No, that was crazy. No one can survive that fall, But he could be wrong. He jumped in the water only to discover that there was a girl in the water. He swam to the girl and grabed her. He dragged her out the water and looked that the girl.

"where the hell did you come from? plus you hella hot"
The first thing that threw the angel off guard was a rough hand grabbing her by her dress and yanking her out of the tormenting water. The pure quickness of the hands had starled her enough to yelp while she was underwater, extracting a pool of bubbles. When her body was yanked from the water, the first thing Lelani did was cough loudly. Holding a hand to her throat, she sent out a series of hacking and stuttering coughs. The water had a salty tatse to it and burned her eyes."

"where the hell did you come from? plus you hella hot".

Lelani rubbed at her eyes to see a young boy in front of her, looking at her intently. What...the hell is this guy talking about? Lelani could only respond by sitting on both legs and tilting her head slightly to the left.

"Zestia. And I'm actually not hot in the slightest. That water was freezing."she said, pushing a strand of drenched hair from her eyes.

"Who are you and why did you save me?"she questioned, blue eyes boring into his.
He seen the girl quick sit up and as he stared at her she said to him while tilting her head. "Zestia. And I'm actually not hot in the slightest. That water was freezing." He face plamed his head hard from the comment she made about the water. He shoved his hands in his pokects and arched his back forward to her.

"Now can you answer my question? who the hell are you? you some kind of angel or somethin?"

He staightens his spine and turns back around walking towards the town.

"Never mind, I got my own dam problems"
"I am Lelani, and yes, I am an angel. Well...was an angel. I was kicked out!"Lelani responded, running after the boy in piqued curiosity. He hit himself in the face after she told him of her current temperature and it confused her. Is this boy insane or mentally ill? I may need to help him.

"H-Hold on! You didn't introduce yourself! In Zestia, that is an strong offense. To not address ones self is like disrespecting the person you are conversing with. They have the right to know whom there talking to." Lelani interjected when the boy said something about his problems. He seemed to be in good health, so what kind of problems could he possibly have? Lelani found him all the more interesting and trotted behind him, also not knowing where she was going in the slightest.
He stops away at the floor as the girl starts to say she was offended. "Well this isint Zestia. This is planet earth if you havent noticed ANd things work diffrent here. If you really have to know my name its alex, yes yes i know its a girls name."

They get neer the town and poeple started stareing at Leiani thinking that it was alexs new friend to slack off at school with. He gurnts to him self and turns to the angle

"So what the hell are doing now? dont you have some dam cloud the flout on or someting?"
Lelani's interest in this strange Earth boy grew every passing second. The movements, actions, and expressions were like diving into the unknown. Lelani was always a daredevil, so she dived right in.

"Cloud? No, I think you may have me mistaken for Cupid, though he is an angel too. He is the angel of love. Have you Earthians never heard of him? His story is quite popular in Zestia. Cupid, as a young boy, was not even a boy who lov--"

Lelani's sentence was cut off when she heard a high pitched scream from behind her. It sounded like a middle aged woman according to Lelani's knowledge of the Earth people. Lelani turned around, ignoring the last words that died from Alex's mouth to scrutinize the alley behind her. She could've sworn the sound resonated from within there. Her blue eyes peered into the corner of the dark alley until another loud scream was heard again. Stranger also was that the pedestrians walked idly by, ignoring the blood-curling screams of the woman. Lelani turned to look at Alex...to see him walking away also!

"Hey! What are you doing?"she asked, trotting in front of him to give him a glare. "Those screams obviously means someone is in trouble and they need help. How can you all just be ignoring this? "
alex felt fumes apper out of his head. He was starting to get annoyed with the girl as she rabbled on about cupid. As they walk a scream calls out through the alley. It was a horrific scream but people on earth knew better than to run into an alley to save some random stranger.

Lelani stoped talking about cupid and alex felt him self start to cheer up. Maybe now shell stay quite about cupid. "Hey! What are you doing?" She ran in frount of him asking this. Now alex needed to explain to this girl what is wrong with her idea.

"sigh, Allright let me tell you something about us earthians. We can trust people even if they are screaming for help. The girl might be the killer trying to get there next victum or worse the girl is working with the killer. We have to ignore it becuase you will just end up killing your self. Now why are you still following me and why are you in my way??"

Lelani was satisfied to hear the tinging sound of her hand smacking Alex across the face. She was practically exploding frustration. For an angel, she sure had a short temper, and this Alex kid was just pissing her off.

"Assumptions!"she shouted, stomping her foot down while droplets of water pelted out of her hair in response to the actions. She was still soaked from head to toe in lake water, but she could hardly tell over the burning fire in her face. Lelani clenched her hands into a fist to stop herself from striking the boy again.

"Assumptions!"she shouted once more, this time glaring at him while her eyes darted to other people around her. "You are all cowards! You don't even have the courage to go see if the poor woman is in danger or not! She could be getting murdered for all you know!"she shouted, spinning away from Alex and stomping towards the screaming alley.

"Tch...and I thought men are supposed to have balls..."
Alex herd a loud slaping noise. Then he felt a hot stinging sensation on his cheak. He had just been slaped by the girl. She yelled out assumptions and stoped her foot to the ground. She was still wet from falling in the lake. This made his have a pervert thought. Why is nouthing showing if she waering white.

She yelled the same word again and it broke his thoughts as he day dreamed. She glared at his along with the people around him. She yelled at ever one saying that the woman might be being killed. started to head twoards the alley and yelled

"Tch...and I thought men are supposed to have balls..." Alex fet his eye twitch. He turend to the alley and ran into it screaming "NO BALS? ILL SHOW YOU WHOS GOT BALLS!" He ran up to her grabing her writs and pulled her with him.
Oddly, she didn;t struggle at all when the boy yanked her by the wrists and pulled her off into the unknown alley. The screams started to die out into nothing more than whimpers of anguish. Ha, anguish. I knew it. Alex was a collage of angered expressions, stomping into the alley way when she mentioned the word balls. She hid a chortle behind a hand. These Earth boys must take their genitalia very seriously here.

"Do you have a plan of some sort...? Or are we going to just waltz in there and demand that whoever the person is to let her go. If you may know, I lost all of my powers when I was banished from Zestia. So I can honestly be of no use to you. Just...a heads up."she babbled on, looking around the walls of the derelect alley way. Lelani was intrigues with the architecture. The buildings were different than the ones in Zestia. She gazed at the ladders and gates, until the loud scream pierced the air again.
In anger and to show pride of how big his balls are he contuied to drag the girl along the alley way. In his anger he talked to him slef in his mind saying "IM fucking retarded falling for this girls god dam tricks, now i got see some dam corps or have of some screaming laddy or worse me geting killed my self."

The angel asked him a serise of questions and alex figured to answer all of them agian. "No i dont have any plans, yes were going to watever you said in there and ask the person to Kindly let go or we will kick his/her ass.....Just great so ill has to protect your ass two." After hed answerd those questions he decided not to answer any more questions.

The scream was heard again. He pulled Lelani from the hand to find a woman on the floor with a blade in her side. She was trying to pull it out but alex thought this is way to eassy. The killer or killers could have robed the girl or raped her before leaveing her. He wanted to prove he had big balls and possably get laid, he ran up to the woman. "Dont pull on it where here to help."
Sure, Lelani was slightly in confusion. Okay, she was highly confused. Alex had found a lady who was bleeding uncontrollably from her side. The cause of the blood was a large knife that was left inside her frail body. To Lelani's joy, the woman was still alive, though in an extreme amount of pain. Alex had lowered himself and spoke to the lady in a reassuring voice. Lelani almost had to rub her ears. Had he actually sounded sincere for once?!

"Are you sure that's the right way to go about it? The wound looks very fragile. I wouldn't yank it out that way."she interjected, hanging over his shoulder to inspect the wound. True enough, there was a large gaping hole in the side of her stomach. Lelani made a disgusted face before stomping her foot in annoyance. Dammit, Zestia! I could be healing this poor woman, but NO! You ass holes had to take away all of my powers! Well, congratulations. You all now have a death on your hands because of your bull shit.

That was when the angel heard a crash come from a few feet in front of her, behind a trash can. Lelani quickly shot a hand to Alex's shoulder, signaling that he shouldn't move.

"I'll check it out."she said, slowly leaving him and the woman and stalking towards the trash can. She heard another rumble from behind the trash can. Wait....what if this person has a weapon!? They might kill me! She gulped once and pulled out her staff and shouted, "IN THE NAME OF ZESTIA I DEMAN YOU TO----"

Her sentence drowned out when she saw an angel laying on her back with a disoriented look on her face. Lelani blinked once and leaned in to get another look before gasping in surprise when she caught a glimpse of red hair.

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"Pyre?! What are you doing here!"she exclaimed, pulling the red haired angel from her feet. Pyre lay a hand on her head and tried to straighten her wings out to stop herself from swaying.

"Lelani...what in Xien's name are you doing in a place like this?"she asked, looking around her. Lelani's blue eyes sparkled as she hopped up and down in excitement, completely ignoring Pyre's question.

"Pyre! Are you hear to bring me back? Oh thank goodness thank goodness thank GOODNESS!"she shouted
Ignoreing the fallen angel he cheaked on the womans wound and suddenly heard a large crash behind the three. The fallen agnel decided to take matters in her own hands. At this point alex is tired of the angel and just ignored every thing about her. Alex used his element powers and used the womans blood to stop the bleeding. It stoped bleeding but he knew if he told the woman she might get up and rip the cut more open.

Once alex turned to the angel he had seen the other angel. His jaw droped to the girl with wings. He had seen the girls bright white wings and red hair. RED HAIR, that was the type of girl alex allways wanted to try out. He didint care if she was fat skinny or bitchy. He wanted to try one out.

Alex slowly walked behing the other angel with out wings and looked at the red heads legs.
"What? No, I'm not bringing you back!"Pyre exclaimed with an disgusted look on her face. Lelani's heart dropped that same second and she gripped the side of her dress with her right hand, to stop her from letting out a string of sweat words at the red haired girl.

"No? What do you mean 'no?' Why the heavens not? I did nothing wrong!"she retorted with a darkened glare in her eyes. She had already forgotten about Alex and the fallen maiden that quickly. Her main focus was on compelling herself to launch at the pompous angle who just glided around the alley with her wings fluttering behind her. Lelani followed Pyre with her eyes, watching as she hovered in front of Alex.

"Such an adorable Earth boy, He must be this 'Alex' that saved you, correct?"she said smoothly, talking to Lelani but still looking down at Alex. Lelain's eyes lowered into a deeper glare. How the fuck DARE she ignore my question?!

"I don't have to answer anything!"she interjected, folding her hands to her chest as if to signify her victory. Pyre wasn't even looking at her. She only floated down and took a step closer to Alex, face leaning into his as she looked at him in curiosity.

"Strange little thing, this is. Why save an fallen angel? You are different."she said while Lelani's face was erupting in intense fire. She stomped her way to the two of them.

"What are you doing here, Pyre?"she asked again, this time, voice iced with jealousy and aggravation.
While watching the girls talk alex was watching the one with wings just in case her skirt moved up suddenly. While they where talking he suddenly heard his name. He shoke his head and listiend to the girls about what there saying. Lelain was angry that the red head wasint here to pick up her but insted interested in alex.

"Me? im not that specialll, Huh i saved her becuase-.....what? im not strange! Im the manleist man any one could ever meet!"
Alex boasts about himself while he Puts his hands on his hips in a heroic pose. Alex noticed that lelain is stoping her way in anger to him. While she walked to him he could tell she was a bit jealous when she asked pyre what she was doing.

In the back round the woman who was stabed stod up slowly and walked to a man in the alley hideing behind the trash can watching the events.